Sunday, August 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Bryce!!

15!!! Holy Moly!! Where does the time go? Every time he stands next to me, I can't believe I have to look up at him! Every time he talks, I can't believe that his voice sounds like Richard and not me!! I am so proud of the man he is becoming, and as much as I want to keep him "little" forever...I can't wait to see the amazing things he does with his life!!!

What a birthday weekend! To be honest, the past few years, Bryce has only had small family birthday parties. Boy did we make up for that this weekend! We started last night with a group of his friends coming over for pizza and cake. (The girl 2nd from the right is his sweet girlfriend :) Don't tell him I told you ;) lol..


We kept the party going all day long today with a Sea Cadet Family Day at our house! It was a coincidence that it fell on Bryce's birthday, but it was awesome to be able to celebrate his birthday with this group of friends!
Sea Cadet Family Day (5 of 26)

The man speaking to the group is an active duty Navy Seal. He just got in from Iraq, and had some amazing things to share with us.
Sea Cadet Family Day (8 of 26)

You should have seen my house! This is AFTER the group of Harley motorcycles left! I am sure we had the golf course talking today. So funny! This is a restored Army jeep they brought for the occassion.
Sea Cadet Family Day (19 of 26)

This big 'ole thing sat in front of my house all day :) I love it!! As they drove off for a ride around the neighborhood, I couldn't help but think of the little birthday parties we had when Bryce was younger. One was a little train that rode up and down the street taking the kids for rides. Boy have times changed!!
Sea Cadet Family Day (4 of 11)

I was so excited about this cake! I kept it from everyone until the big reveal.
Sea Cadet Family Day (8 of 11)

Bryce was very surprised and impressed.
Sea Cadet Family Day (9 of 11)

Sea Cadet Family Day (10 of 11)

It was so hot today, and these little sisters were such good sports. I let them take a break in my room to watch Cinderella. Wesleigh was in heaven with all these girls around. I did get the report, though, that she is not a "good sharer"...yep...we have our work cut out for us!
Sea Cadet Family Day (11 of 11)

And...Mama had to have a little fun too!
Sea Cadet Family Day (21 of 26)

So...I'm up late tonight waiting for a glimpse of Di with Emme!! She should have her...I'm just waiting for proof!!!! SO EXCITING!!!


Football and Fried Rice said...

I'm waiting up too to see Di with Emme Jade :) She has had 2.5 what's she waiting on?!? Lol!

What an awesome birthday weekend for Bryce! I cant wait to see what's in store for him! Does he plan on joining the navy? How did he get involved in sea cadets?

Occasionally i do my research on the military academies imagining one of my kids wanting to go :) it will probably end up being one of my girls!

Looking forward to Friday for you!

sweet momma luv u said...

What a great BD weekend for your son! Love the truck!!! Yes, his girl friend is adorable. What a great cake to boot!

Staying up here in the PNW to see Emme and Di together. It is so hard to wait!!!

OM goodness you leave Friday! What excitement! Are you going to stay at The Dolton? We really enjoyed it there. I would love it if you could pick up something from there for me for Jon Jon.
Let me know.

Christina said...

Looks like y'all had a great time!
LOVE that cake - did you do it yourself? It looks perfect!

Paige said...

Awesome birthday weekend, looks so fun!!

3 Peanuts said...

Okay, I fell asleep! I feel like such a failure. I tried as hard as I could. So, next week, when I am at the beach all sunburned and tired and waiting with huge anticipation to hear from you about Gracie---- remember how we were waiting and e-mail us right away!!!! LOL! I'm mostly kidding...I know y'all communicate as soon as you can.

Happy Birthday to Bryce. The celebrations look like tons of fun!!!! His little girlfriend is so cute too!!!

snekcip said...

Me: (as your "make believe next door neighbor) ABNER!!!! Come Quick!! The Doughty's got a HUGE ARMY truck out front w/lots of KIDS waving guns and artillery!!

Abner:(in his exasperated voice dripping w/sarcasm) "Sureeee Glady' Army truck out front" Getttt out the window Glady's!!

Me: But...but...Abner!!!

Bwahahahahahaha!!! Sending Bryce a belated birthday greeting!! Looks like a pretty awesome birthday!! Gotta know...just WHAT were you standing on to get that AERIAL VIEW? Please don't say an ARMY TRUCK!!

Me: ABNER!!! COME QUICK, Mrs Doughty is now standing on top of the ARMY TRUCK!!!!

Abner: Sure she is Glady's.... I guess she is out front waving and taking pictures standing on it too!


Sharon Ankerich said...

What a wonderful birthday!!! LOVE reading about the boy stuff!!! and LOVED the cake too! I couldn't wait to see Emme either and she is a precious doll just like Gracie will be!!! Yay! XO

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