Sunday, August 23, 2009

Over Too Soon

I truly wish I wasn't writing this post just quite yet! I was NOT ready to leave the coast and head home. I was willing to let the boys miss school tomorrow, but Richard has some work stuff he has to take care of tomorrow, we are. We had the most perfect, incredible weekend EVER!!!! The weather ended up being absolutely beautiful. August in South Louisiana is always awful, but we lucked out this weekend. There was an awesome breeze the whole time and no humidity! We drove home and went straight to the back porch to soak in some more. We know it will be scorching hot again very soon!

I had so much fun with my new camera, but halfway through the trip it started messing up. I had uploaded pics from the morning and then put the card back in the camera. When we went out again, the camera would let me shoot a pic but then flash "err". It would reset when I took the battery out, but do it all over again. I was NOT happy, can I tell you? I was pretty sure it wasn't anything major, but there were so many pictures I wanted to be taking. I am trying to not be too upset about it. When we got home, I put another memory card in and it worked fine. I then put the old memory card back in and it works now...I don't know if that makes it better or worse!!! Frustrating!!!!!!! I guess I'll be heading to the camera shop tomorrow.

I did get some great shots, though. Get ready, I'm loading alot! These all came straight out of the camera.
I don't usually enjoy waking up before the sun is up. When it looks like this, though, it's definitely worth getting out of the bed!

It's going to look like I totally ignored Bryce, but we had a guide take us out and he and Richard were on a different boat. Had my camera worked the WHOLE trip...there would be more of Bryce and Richard.
This is pure joy...he was so excited he could hardly contain himself!

Bryce, Richard and Richard's dad.

This boy could do this ALL day long! He cried when it was time to leave.

How about that?!?! Prissy girl can fish!!! I even bait my own hooks!

Not bad for a morning out!!

All the boys: Richard's brother Christopher, Richard's dad, Richard and our boys.

Dad and his shadow. Braden wants to be involved in everything. Monkey see...monkey do! That's awesome. He'll have to take his brothers when dad gets too old ;)

My old camera is on ebay, and the auction ends tonight. I'm hoping there are lots of people waiting to fight for it!! I'll be a nervous wreck!

I'm subbing this week for the computer teacher that replaced me. She has the FLU! I can't believe we are starting with that already. I hope we don't get it!! I am not looking forward to being up there, but I did call the secretary Friday afternoon and told her I couldn't be there first thing Monday morning. Thank God!!

Have a great week!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Another Great Weekend Ahead!

Years ago, before Richard and I had the boys, we spent many weekends at his dad's fishing camp. His dad has a great house on the coast of La, close to Grand Isle. It is truly one of my favorite things to do...go down there and fish out of the boat. For one reason or another, we haven't been down there in years, but that's about to change. We are headed to the coast tomorrow! The boys are so incredibly excited, and to be honest, so am I!! It also gives me a great opportunity to try out my new camera somewhere "new". I'm sure I'll have plenty of pictures to share when we get back!

I have a picture in my mind of this really cute photo of Richard and I at the camp before we were married, but I have no idea if that picture even exists anymore, after the fire. I wish I could put my hands on it to add to the post but...oh well.

That brings me to another subject: Does anyone have a negative reader that changes their old negatives into digital pics on the computer? I am definitely in the market, but want to make sure I get a really good one. I have lots of negatives that made it through the fire, but didn't want to take them all to get them printed...too many. It will be like Christmas seeing all those pics again!!

Have a great weekend!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

What a Weekend!

We had such a blast!! These are some of the moms that I have spent hours upon hours in the hot sun cheering for each other's boys while they played ball. This weekend was such an awesome treat for us to be able to visit and giggle hours at a time in the hot sun on the beach! I feel so blessed to have women like these in my life.
I was really dragging this morning. I didn't go to be before 3:00am all weekend! Mondays are always hard for me, but this morning was tough!! I was laying on the couch dreading climbing up those stairs to wake Braden up when he came walking down in his uniform. I said, "You just made my day not making me walk up those stairs!". His response: "How 'bout you make my day by not making me go to school". So cute... but not cute enough!! No deal. When I got back from dropping them off at school, I climbed back in the bed. I feel much better now! The weekend was so worth it, though!!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Oh Happy Day!!

I have fretted over my camera decision for a couple of weeks now. I was able to sell everything I put on Eb@y for a great price, and am now hooked on that. I have been cleaning out my closet and the boys'. You wouldn't believe the stuff I'm pulling out to sell!! I actually went to the camera shop Saturday because it was a tax-free weekend. I decided to go on and buy the camera I wanted, even if I didn't have ALL the money yet ;) I went in wanting either a Canon or a Nikon. When the lady saw that I had a Pentax, she talked me into getting a brand new body that just came out (K7) I let her talk me into it and paid for it, even though it wouldn't be in until this week. I have fretted over that decision for days! I dream about it, toss and turn, wake up thinking about it. Finally, I decided that I was not at peace with the decision I had made, and I wanted to change my mind. I went today and walked out with a Nikon D90. I am tickled pink!! What a difference a couple of years makes in digital cameras!! Of course, I'll have to add all my accessories later, but that's ok...I have a closet full of stuff to sell!!!!

Here are a few pictures I took this evening about 7:00. My old camera would never have been able to find enough light to make these come out. I LOVE it!!!

By the way, see the deer in the yard? Guess what time of the year it's about to be ;)

Can you tell he's trying to elbow Cade in the chest? Cade doesn't care, he's a beast!
I know you're all going to feel real sorry for me, but I'm off to the beach again tomorrow! This time with some other moms from Braden's baseball team! NO KIDS ALLOWED!!!! We cheered and bused them all season long, and now it's our turn to relax!! I'm dropping the boys off at school and taking off!!! My number one reason I'm so excited is that I'll be able to start another book in the series I'm addicted to:
I have read 1-4 in a matter of a couple of weeks and can't wait to start #5!! I already have a hold on 7 &8 at the library!!!
Have a great weekend!!!!
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Oh Yeah, He's Something!

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Friday, August 7, 2009

My Baby Is a Teenager!!!!

And on the first day of school, no less! I can't believe he is already 13! Seems like just yesterday... I am so prould of the person he is becoming. He is excited about this school year, especially since it's his last year of jr. high, so I am hoping it will be a great one!!
They all started school today. My body is in shock from getting up so early, and the house is SO quiet. I will have to get used to this again. Shouldn't take too long ;)

Braden's first day of 5th grade, Cade's first day of 3rd grade!

(They wear the exact same size in clothes. Cade is just a little shorter, but weighs more ;)

Monday, August 3, 2009

Soaking Up Every Drop We Can!

We are still at the beach! The boys start school on Friday, and we're not coming home until Thursday!!! We're getting in as much as we can! The boys and I are here with a friend of mine and her two boys, so we are definitely outnumbered! Most of the time, that's ok, but I'd be lying if I said we didn't have our moments!

We have had great weather, and are having lots of fun. We met a family that has 12 kids with them (cousins). The boys have been having a blast pestering the older boys of that group. In this first pic, Cade has interjected himself in their volleyball game. Before it was over, all the boys were playing.

Our 5 boys

Boogie boarding with their new friends.

Our condo backs up to the bay, and the boys LOVE it! They have spent hours fishing on the piers.

Best Buds.

Cade fishing on the pier.

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By the way...I didn't have to list any of the purses I showed you in the previous post!! You bought them all!!! I did list some other things I wanted to sell, so we'll see how that goes. The auction ends Sunday. It won't be long before I'm using my new camera. Still trying to decide which one to get, though!

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