Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Gracie is SIX!!

I cannot lie...this child absolutely takes my breath away. She is so full of joy at all times.  It is amazing! 
April 2014-9987 edit

I love this set of images because she was literally doing cartwheels all over the yard 30 seconds before.  I threw the tutu on over her shorts and stuck a headband in her hair!  Her hair is stringy because it was not combed...and I love it.  This is Gracie...a natural beauty.
April 2014-9994 edit

April 2014-9990 edit

April 2014-9979 edit

April 2014-9985 edit

April 2014-9978 edit

I won't lie about the other side of Gracie either...maddening!!  lol... There are times that I want to sit on her to get her to stay still!! 

This morning we all went into the girls room and woke them up singing "Happy Birthday" to Gracie.  She sleeps completely covered with her blankets, so as she emerged, it took her about half the song to wake up enough to understand what we were doing.  When it hit her, she got the biggest smile on her face I have ever seen.  It doesn't take much to make her happy... in fact, it doesn't really take anything.  She just is....happy.  She opened a few gifts from us and said "This is the best birthday party...ever!"  We are going to have a party for her, but honestly, I wouldn't have to. 

I pray, somehow, her birthmom knows that she is healthy, thriving, and happy!  I wish, somehow, I could thank her for choosing life for Gracie six years ago.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Senior Prom!

Yes...I have been absent from the Bloggy world for a little while now.  I have had good intentions...and lots to post, but just haven't made myself do it.  Oh well...I'll try to catch up this week.  Yesterday was such a big day, though, that it pulled me right out of my blog funk.

Yesterday was Bryce's SENIOR prom!!  I cannot believe it!  Now graduation is really just around the corner!!  I am so excited for him and so proud of him that it's hard to be sad for myself (although, I am just a little).  He has plans to attend LSU in the fall and live in a dorm on campus.  That is something I never got to experience so I'm excited for him (and maybe living a little vicariously through him :)  He is also planning to try out for the LSU marching band.. I can't wait!

It was supposed to be raining during picture time and I was already stressing.  We lucked out though and the rain held off!  We were able to use my front porch because of the overcast skies, so it was perfect! 
April 2014-0006

Bryce and Ally
April 2014-0145

Bryce and Christian.  These two have been in school together since 1st grade!!!  Hard to believe it!  Christian's mom is actually Wesleigh's teacher this year.  I love that they have grown up together!
April 2014-0127

April 2014-0120

The group.  One of the girls didn't have a date, so she brought her own :)  Darth was pretty funny.
April 2014-0067

I love this of the two of them :) April 2014-0018

Christian and Emily April 2014-0136

Josh and Anna. Anna is a new friend of Bryce's this year. She was a complete God-send for him this year!
April 2014-0043

I will try to get moving on this blog!  Gracie's birthday is Tuesday, so I will definitely have a post for that :)
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