Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursday Morning

Well, we have almost finished our time in Changsha! This morning started out pretty rough for me. I was really missing my 4 kiddos at home and not looking forward to another slow day here in Changsha. Our guide took us to a museum this morning and in order to get through the door, they made me spit out my gum and put blue booties over my flip-flops because I was wearing "slippers". It was all I could do to not spread a little "southern charm" with them!! After the museum, though, we went to an embroidery "museum" (aka...showroom where they want you to buy lots!). It was amazing! There were some things in there that were absolutely stunning...and they were all available, if the price is right :) I got Gracie a hankerchief for her to use on her wedding day.

Changsha Thursday (2 of 5)blog

She is watching herself dance in the mirror :)
Changsha Thursday (1 of 5)blog

Changsha Thursday (3 of 5)blog

Changsha Thursday (4 of 5)blog

Changsha Thursday (5 of 5)blog

After nap, my new friend Gayley took us on another adventure. She knew where they sold embroidery for much cheaper than I had seen in the morning. We had a great time exploring another marketplace and I got a piece of art for Gracie's room :) I haven't downloaded those pics yet.

Today was a better day. Gracie showed us a very gentle, sweet side with Gayley's new baby. Clara doesn't have one arm. Gracie was very concerned about it but would gently hold her arm and even kiss her. It was great to see that side of her. She was much better today and we are really enjoying her. Not that I didn't have to full out run after her through the lobby once!!!

Alright...there's a fireworks show to watch out the 30th floor window!! Gotta go!!!


Serving the King said...

ooooo, hang in there my friend! That momma heart is something to be reckoned with especially when she is missing her babies! You're almost there! You're almost there! You're almost there! Definitely on the downslide and almost to GZ! Love hearing the stories of little Miss Spunk! Guess you can cancel your gym membership as it appears you now have your own personal trainer! :)

Shannon said...

Sounds like Gracie is giving yall a "run" for your money. Just think of all the exercise you will get because of her. LOL

Are you just loving her head full of hair? Love her braids!

Adorable that she watches herself dance in the mirror. Too cute.

Paige said...

I know it has to be hard missing your other babies!! I'm sure you are counting the days!
I just sent Madeline off to JK in the exact same outfit Gracie has on today:) We sure do love some MJ don't we haha! I love Gracie's hair, it is really thick just like Madelines:)
Praying for sweet passage of days for you, so happy to hear that you all got to see Gracie's sweet spirit today, she is so very precious!!

snekcip said...

That Gracie Joy is a mess!! LOL!! Oh boy, I think you have a true MOVER and "SHAKER" on your hands!

Counting down the days along with you until you can be reunited with the rest of your family!

Martha said...

got to love fireworks! love her dancing photo, sweet

Linda said...

Every day we spend here in Louisiana with these amazing FOUR young people who will welcome Gracie home, my confidence in how this adjustment will go once you get home skyrockets! These are four amazing "resources" who God will use to touch Gracie's heart. The boys are working so hard to help us hold down the fort!! I thought I knew them well, but, I'm really impressed. And Miss Wesleigh (and Braden) supply all the affection I need. It is awe-inspiring to see how much God has done in Wesleigh's little heart in a year and a half that she can handle this separation with security and peace. Her mama's with her in her little heart, for sure. Thanks to Candace and Kiva for all their help and for the delicious roast that the boys DEVOURED last night - we do have some leftovers though). Gracie Joy, we can't wait to see you dance! MawMaw

Jennifer said...

She is such a cutie!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I just love looking at pictures of your beautiful, joyful girl. What a wonderful addition Gracie is to your family... like icing on the cake! Your mom's note made me teary... so glad things are going well at home. Time will go quickly now and soon you'll be home! ~Lindy

Anonymous said...

Hi Jennifer...I have really enjoyed following your blog! Gracie is just precious!! Enjoy the remainder of your trip.

Heather Wells

PS...I had no idea Gracie and Carla and from the same province! We were in China with Gayley for our oldest girls. I have been following her blog as well. Please say hi to my sweet friend!

Anonymous said...

That smile gets me's a doll. And she dances too!!
Lynette in Laf.

sweet momma luv u said...

Hang in there Jennifer! It is tough being away from the kids. I was so ready to go home at this point too. I did not even want to go to GZ. It is just a long drawn out trip but so worth it!!!

I so loved the fireworks shows that would go off all the time in Changsha. The perfect floor for viewing them from too!

Gracie is adorable and I love all of her energy. Her hair is precious with the bows and flowers.

Just remeber how special you are too! Not only does she have to adjust to us... we have to also adjust to them. It is a process as you well know.

Sending you big hugs!!

Jennifer said...

I can only imagine how much you're missing your family! 2 weeks is a LONG time, but you'll be home before you know it!
How sweet that you got Grace a handkerchief for her wedding. She'll be so glad to have that one day!
By the way, I'm loving your daily posts! I get so excited when I see a new update! I hope to be as good as you about updating when I'm there! :)

Kim said...

It is so wonderful to see Gracie dancing in the mirror! We are so happy to see her happy and flourishing!! God is so GOOD!

3 Peanuts said...

Hey girl! I love seeing your little hurricane race around the room. And Kate is sleeping but I KNOW she will love the photos of that elaborate hairdo!!! It is so funny that she dances around looking at herself. I just snapped shots of Kate doing the same thing tonight in a store:)

That MIss Gracie is full of pep and I think she is going to keep your house bathed in laughter and JOY!

You crack me up with your "Southern charm!" I cannot wait to read tomorrow's post:)


Football and Fried Rice said...

I am sorry - I might not have exercised such restraint on those people :)

I know you are missing your kids - just remember they are probably having a fabulous time! How is your Mom?

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