Thursday, July 31, 2008

What Are You Reading?

I never used to be much of a reader, but lately, I have really been enjoying it. I just finished a book that I LOVED! Have you heard about it?

There seems to be alot of controversy surrounding this book. It is a very faith-based novel, and I guess that makes alot of people uncomfortable. In fact, I almost didn't post about it because you never know, but I thought it was the best book I've ever read and I wanted you to know about it. There were a couple of tear-jerker parts (more like sobbing), but mainly, you leave the book knowing how much God loves you and wanting a closer relationship with Him.

So, what are you reading? Any good books to share?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Best Gift

I am late posting this, but wanted to make sure it got on here. My birthday was a few months ago and Cade is real big on making birthday gifts for us. They are so sweet and heartfelt. This has to be the best gift I have ever received. It is a necklace and the letters are made from tape! I couldn't wear it because it would never stay together, so I am going to frame it. He is such a sweetie. Thank you Cade!

And, since we're on the subject of Cade and his creativity, and because I wouldn't want you to think that he was always a sweet and loving child, here's a picture of his invention at Camp Invention this year:

Can you read what it is? It's the "C-Man - he beats up brothers". Classic.

Monday, July 28, 2008


My little brother decided to run for Metro Council in our city. I can't even believe it because he's just my little brother to me. I must be getting really old!!

Bryce and I went with a group of people Saturday morning to campaign. We were assigned a couple of streets to go and knock on their doors. I can't tell you how much I was dreading doing this. Richard couldn't come because he had somewhere else to be with the other boys. I hate it when people come and knock on my door like that, so I was not looking forward to it. A bird even pooped on my shoulder before I made it to the 2nd house! (If it had been the hair, I would have been done!) But to my surprise, I really liked it! I met some really neat people. One lady had just become a US citizen! I think the most impressive was an 80 year old woman who got rid of a wasps nest by her door with her bare hands! Bryce and I were very impressed (as we were running away!!) She said, "Honey, when you raise 5 kids, you learn to do what has to be done." How sweet is that? I will definitely be more open to others when they come to my door now.

I wish I had a picture of me and Bryce. Next time, I'll make sure to do that!

Lucy is with her forever family! Dawn and her husband are in China now, and got their little girl while we were sleeping last night! Congratulations Dawn!!

There is a huge golf tournament today, so Braden made sure we woke him up early so he could start selling. They are so cute out there. I guess I'm the lemonade maker again today!

Friday, July 25, 2008

My Little Entrepreneurs

Well, I've told you about the "laking" for golf balls. The boys began to sell the golf balls this week. It has been hysterical. Monday morning, Braden and our neighbor got up early and went out to sell. They only sold a couple of $5 cartons. Everyone would pass and say they were hoping they were selling lemonade. Well, after a number of those comments, Braden was having none of that. He talked me into going to the store and buying what they need to sell lemonade. Since then, they are raking in the money! I don't know if the lemonade is the trick but they are selling both golf balls and lemonade like crazy. Bryce and Cade help a little bit, but Braden makes me wake him up early so he won't miss any golfers! He is so much like his dad I can hardly stand it.

My friend came to town with her 3 kids, and her little girl jumped right in there with Braden. They sat out there the whole day in the heat selling lemonade. I think between the golf balls and the lemonade, they have brought in about $400 so far!! Can you believe that? I let him pocket whatever lemonade money he makes when he's out there, but they will have to split the golf ball money because that has been a lot of work getting to this point.

Here are a few pictures of them this week:
Braden and Evan - Monday morning

Wednesday morning - armed with lemonade

Caitlin and Braden - it was hot! (which is why they sold so much lemonade)
Tonight, I was in the front flowerbeds while there were golfers on the green. Braden had gone to a friend's house to spend the night so he wasn't out there. One of the men asked where his lemonade guy was. He said he had bought 2 cups of lemonade and 3 dozen golf balls. He was very complimentary of the boys and, of course, I was beaming. Truth is, if Braden had known he would miss so many golfers he probably would have stayed home!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Yep, Dad's in Charge

OK, I forgot to add one of the funniest pictures from the boys' weekend. This is proof that it was the dads in charge:

Is that hysterical or what? I don't think the moms would have brought them to a bar to play pool!

Monday, July 21, 2008

The Weekend Boys Dream Of

Braden's baseball team had a father/son weekend in Houston this past weekend. Two of our coaches are former big leaguers and have LOTS of connections. One coach used to live with Lance Berkman and is still friends with him. They were able to set it up so the boys (and giddy dads) were able to go down on the field during batting practice Saturday. They were the only ones in the stadium! Alot of the players from the Astros and the Cubs came over to meet the boys and sign autographs. We have SO many pictures and autographs! The boys came home with autographs on their gloves, hats, balls and baseball cards. I don't know who enjoyed it more, the boys or the dads!

Here are some pictures of the special day. Obviously, I wasn't there to take the pictures so it was up to Richard. He did a great job catching the moment, but could have used the flash a little more. Oh well, next time they'll just have to let me tag along to be the "photographer". We already have plans to hit another major league park next year!! I can assure you, the moms will get to go next year!!!

All the boys

My boys and Ryan Theriot (a LSU guy)

Cade and Hunter Pence (Cade's new favorite)
Alfonso Soriono and the boys!
All 4 of my boys
Standing in "the" batters box. How cool is that?
Jim Edmonds with the boys

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fun Times

The boys and I started out this beach trip with some friends. We crammed into their condo with them, and had a great time. Richard didn't come with us because he needed to be at the office. By the time he was able to come, we had been apart 7 days, and I had moved on to a beach house that my whole famiy enjoyed for a week. We spent a couple of days together there, and then he left to take Bryce to Space Camp. I usually make this trip with him every year because I love to pick Bryce up, but it just wasn't possible. I also have a couple of new blogger friends that I really wanted to try to meet in Huntsville this year, but I couldn't work it all out :( As Richard left for Space Camp, the other boys and I left for home. We were really ready to get there, but it was another week without Dad, so it was hard. Poor Bryce enjoyed camp this year, but he was exhausted and just wanted to sleep in his own bed. I am happy to have my whole family back together again and enjoy some "down" time. (Whatever that means!) I have been collecting school supplies and uniforms because school is just around the corner. They start so soon, but we get out around May 20th which is earlier than alot of people. I kind of like it because it is so hot here that it's hard to do anything outside during the day. This way, they can enjoy the cooler weather in May and school through the heat of August.

Here are a few pictures from our trips. The highlight was probably finding all the starfish. In all the years we have gone to the beach, I have never seen a live starfish. This year, they were all over the place. We had alot of fun catching (and releasing) them. I had one child who wanted to keep every single one of them, one who didn't want to "kill" any of them, and one who couldn't care less about any of it. We compromised and brought a few home, but threw the majority back.
I didn't take many pictures this year. One reason is that I already had a big photo session on the beach during the last trip. The other is that I just wasn't in the mood to chase the kids around with the camera. Oh well.

Good friends

The boys loved catching the starfish. They were really cool.

My parents with all the grandkids.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Thank You Secret Pal

I am so late in getting this up. That seems to be about par for these days. I received this package in the mail a while back, and was so excited to open it. The picture doesn't do the little swimsuit justice. I absolutely love it!

Thank You Secret Pal!!!

Our summer has actually slowed down, and that has been nice. It is nice to not have a practice of some sort to run to every night. We know that will start up soon enough, so we are trying to enjoy the down time now. I am going to start posting again a little. There have been so many fun things this summer, and I don't want to forget them. Hope you are having a great summer. I can't believe we are on the tail end. School starts Aug. 8!!!
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