Monday, October 29, 2012

Second Video

I couldn't get this video on my original post so here it is :)

Four is Fabulous!

I have to say...I think 4 is pretty fabulous!  It's something about how their language develops and everything that seems to come out of their mouth is absolutely hysterical.  I think because Gracie has only been home a year, she is a little behind in this area...but not by much!  Yesterday, Gracie fell asleep and I saw an opportunity to video Wesleigh by herself.  There are some words that I just wanted to get her pronunciation recorded...SO cute!  I will do the same for Gracie, but I need to find some time when Wesleigh is not around.  Wesleigh would sit here and tell her what to say the entire time!!

Enjoy!  There are 2 videos of Wesleigh and one of me.  She wanted to turn the tables on me :)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Preschool Days

There are alot of things about starting over with young children that I have really not enjoyed repeating:  diapers, sippy cups, carseats, wiping hineys, etc.  There is one thing that I have thoroughly loved experiencing again.  That would be preschool!  Preschool was fun with the boys, but it's a completely different experience with these girls!  These girls are funny.  They play school all the time.  They recite every song they have learned with the hand motions, they are constantly trying to write their name, and they cannot wait to get out the door in the morning.  My boys were NOT like that!  It is so fun to see them discovering the world.

Wesleigh is well on her way to learning what sound each letter makes.  She can usually figure out what letter a word starts with and loves to read the letters she sees.  Gracie is learning this, as well, but doesn't have the same fire for it that Wesleigh does.  I can say honestly that out of 5 children, Wesleigh represents my only perfectionist (she seems to be my typical "first child" lol...) and Gracie represents the only one of mine who might one day need some medication!  lol...  Please hear that I say that in the most loving way possible :)  lol...

So...I took some life pics the other day and think they are too cute.  Wednesday is called "Wacky Wednesday" at school and they take turns bringing snacks for their friends.  Last week was our turn.  Oh my were they excited!  I headed to pintrest to find some cute options and decided to make these Frankenstein pudding cups...SO cute!

Oct 2012-0179

Oct 2012-0161cwf

Making their best "monster" faces.
Oct 2012-0166

Oct 2012-0169

Oct 2012-0177

Oct 2012-0175

They were so proud to bring their creations to school and share with their friends.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sassy Pants

I shot these a couple of weeks ago and just never posted them. They were definitely "loving the camera" on this particular morning :) I love it when they give me some fun shots!

 Oct 2012-9852cwf

Oct 2012-9849cwf

Oct 2012-9844cwf

Oct 2012-9840cwf

Oct 2012-9838cwf

Oct 2012-9836cwf

Oct 2012-9831cwf

Oct 2012-9829cwf

Oct 2012-9814cwf

Oct 2012-9811cwf

Oct 2012-9809cwf

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Real Family Portrait :)

This is what happens when one of your BFF's takes your family picture:

family pics-0269

You get the REAL story!!  lol...  I cannot stop laughing at this.  Why do I always have this beautiful, loving picture in my mind of how family portraits will go?  Because those are the only portraits you see...the ones that turned out, or that someone switched enough heads on it that it appears everyone is happy at the same time!! I worked SO hard on outfits, etc for over a week.  I scoured pintrest for posing ideas that would work for a family of 7.  I think that's what did me in.  I saw all these beautiful smiling families who were so happy, just to be spending time together.  HAHAHAHAHA!!  Yeah, right!  I'm pretty sure there was a moment similar to this one at somepoint during each of those shoots!!

You can see how concerned everyone is that I'm upset, can't you?...dang football is still being tossed around!!

I do think, however, that we captured some keepers!  I will share those later!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Check it Out

It has taken me about this long to recover from last weekend!  I am finally feeling my normal self again :)  I'll be back with a post soon, but in the meantime, go check out this BLOG.  We traveled with this precious family our first trip to China and became fast friends.  They are back picking up their second daughter, cute!!!


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Homecoming...Take 2

This time it's Bryce's homecoming.  He has a great group of friends from the band that came to the house to take pics before the dance.  They came back for the after party too.  The jury is still out on how that worked out, seeing as it's 2:05am as I type this.  I'm just going to say...I'm WAY too old to pull an all-nighter!

 Bryce Homecoming 2012-9859cwf

Bryce Homecoming 2012-9863cwf

I love the pics of Bryce, but honestly, I think this one of Gracie might be my favorite.  Gracie was in awe of all the pretty girls, their dresses, shoes and flowers.  She stood in the middle of them all and admired everything.  One of Bryce's friends is from China.  Gracie told her she looked like Mulan.  So cute!
Bryce Homecoming 2012-9872cwf

Bryce Homecoming 2012-9890cwf

Bryce Homecoming 2012-9916cwf

Bryce Homecoming 2012-9928cwf

Bryce Homecoming 2012-9932cwf

Bryce Homecoming 2012-9944cwf

Bryce Homecoming 2012-9947cwf

Bryce Homecoming 2012-9950cwf

Bryce Homecoming 2012-9966cwf

Bryce Homecoming 2012-9972cwf

Bryce Homecoming 2012-9984cwf

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Spread The Joy!

 There is a very important post over at my pal, Diana's, blog today!

 Many of you have followed the journey of this precious child, Ivy Joy, from China to her forever family just 8 months ago.

The next step of her journey starts very soon, as her family will be traveling to Boston where she will receive the life-giving surgery she needs.


 Please click HERE to see how you can be a part of supporting this precious family!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Band 2012


 Band festivals have become one of my favorite things! I love seeing the different bands perform their shows. I think one reason might be that it's something I could have never done. I think I would have tripped over my own feet the entire time.  The girls love it too.  They become restless in between bands, but once they start playing, they are mesmerized!  

I have more pics to share, but thought I'd post these quickly.  I love them :)Oct2012cwf

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Braden and Cade Homecoming 2012

Braden and Cade go to the same Jr. High this year.  Their homecoming dance was Friday and made for a busy day.

As you will see, there is a huge range in how dressy they got :)

Braden's date came by for a little while to snap a few pics before the dance.

They look adorable.
sept 2012-9676cwf

sept 2012-9677cwf

 His first loves :)
  sept 2012-9669cwf

I'm happy to have a few good pics of Braden dressed up :) sept 2012-9667cwf

sept 2012-9664cwf

sept 2012-9664cwf crop

sept 2012-9663cwf

 Cade's group of friends came over before the dance too. They went to the dance together, and from what Cade said, they had a great time.  Thankfully, for the boys' sake, the 6th grade has a separate dance than the 7th and 8th.  I don't think my two would have enjoyed being together.  Cade is way to nuts and Braden is way too reserved :)
sept 2012-9682cwf

sept 2012-9684cwf

My favorite: sept 2012-9694cwf

sept 2012-9700cwf

They're a bunch of goofballs! sept 2012-9707cwf

sept 2012-9711cwf

Friday, October 5, 2012

Too Cute!

Finally...I snapped a few pics of the girls yesterday. I'm not sure why I've been in such a funk...but I am coming out of it! These girls looked so adorable yesterday that I could not pass up the opportunity. The photo hiatus evidently paid off because they were ready to pose! I LOVE these!

  sept 2012-9614cwfsept 2012-9614cwfcrop

Gracie struck this pose all by herself.  Wesleigh was sitting next to her, and I made her move quickly.  You would swear this girl used to model!
sept 2012-9622cwf

sept 2012-9622cwfcrop

sept 2012-9630cwf

sept 2012-9630cwfcrop

sept 2012-9639cwf

sept 2012-9647cwf
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