Monday, February 28, 2011

My Gracie Girl

I want to share what I know about my Gracie. I have a nice collection of pictures of her because she has been sponsored by Pearl River for a while now. In fact, that is how I first saw her sweet face.

This is the youngest picture I have. She is 18 months old here which is just about the same age as the referral picture I have of Wesleigh. Look at her little hair how it curls out! Gracie spent her entire first year in the hospital. She has a repaired megacolon. I can't even imagine that she spent an entire year having surgery(ies?) without a mother. Almost more than this mama can handle! What is amazing to me about her is her spirit. Her zest for life shows in every picture I have.

I'm guessing Christmas of the same year ;)
Gwynne (5)

Look at her chubby fingers and cheeks! We call Wesleigh "tiny hiney". Gracie might be our "chunky monkey" ;) Her measurements say that she is the same height as Wesleigh but 5 lbs. heavier ;)

So how about this one! can you NOT fall in love with that?

This picture is of Gracie with her best little friend. Her friend was adopted a few months ago. This is the first picture I saw of Gracie. The one that got the whole ball rolling!
best friends's one more of Miss Personality! This girl always seems to be bigger than life. I love that about her.


I have group pictures with Gracie and she always seems to be "leader of the pack". You can see that she is always ready for a party and there is never a dull moment with her! Her file says she is obstinant and a little spoiled ;) If I'm completely honest, I think I'm adopting myself!!! I think that's why a part of me is completely terrified!!! Mostly, however, I just can't wait to meet this little girl who has not only survived, but thrived in circumstances a child should never have to.

More on our journey to her later!!

Thank you all for your sweet comments and emails on our announcement! It is so much fun to share Gracie with you all!!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Amazing Gracie!

I have been sitting on this announcement for a little while. The story behind this little girl just seemed too big to sum up in a blog post. I am going to share her story with you because it is a testament to God's faithfulness and grace. For now, however, I just want to share this:
Gracie announcement - Page 001

This is the sweet face that first captured this mama's heart and made her realize she had another daughter in China. It was such a longshot that we would be able to get her file, but God had it all planned out...not without lots of frustration and tears on this side, however.

I will share her story soon...I promise. For now, enjoy this sweet face!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011



I wanted to write down some of the funny things Wesleigh is saying right now. I know that if I don't write them as it happens, I will forget. I added this picture because it makes me smile. She got some puzzles for her birthday and loves them. This is how I found her the other day. She doesn't squat so much anymore, but it's super cute when she does ;)

When she wakes up in the morning, she calls for me in a variety of ways. Here are some examples of what she might say,"
"Mommy, Where are you?"
"Mommy, it's morning!"
"Mommy, come here!"
It's really cute. She says it over and over until I go in there.

Yesterday, Cade and Wesleigh were in the laudry room. He was doing something to aggrevate her and she picked up a walkie talkie, put it to her ear and said, "STOP! I gonna call Mommy!!" She yelled it and we all heard her. We just cracked up. Cade came out laughing and asked if we heard what she said...too cute! I'm thinking she might have heard that before somewhere ;) lol...

When she wants to watch a movie she says, "how 'bout....Rella (Cinderella)?" or "Belle" or "Rora" (Aurora) or Ariel.

She says "I doddy" (I'm sorry) all the time. It makes me feel a little bad, but I haven't made her do that. If we bump into each other, I drop something, she drops something, it can be anything and she says she's sorry. Super sweet.

I was taking something from her yesterday that she wasn't supposed to have and she put it behind her back and told me to say "please". :)

I'm still trying to take some sweet pictures so I can do a "3 yr. old" post. The weather has been warm but super cloudy. Hoping I can get it done soon.

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Perfect Baseball Weekend

We thoroughly enjoyed our first baseball weekend. What wasn't to love? The weather was a perfect 77 degrees and sunny...we went undefeated....and the weather was perfect. Oh, did I say that already? Sorry ;)

My mom stayed home with Wesleigh for the games yesterday so I was able to just sit back and cheer on the boys. Braden had a great weekend, so that is always fun.

They are all so cute. It's amazing how much bigger they are than they were last year (and how small they look next to the 13's!)

A close up of Braden's hand. Look how filthy it is! This black dirt is disgusting. His hand is so dirty because he was catcher part of the time.

The weather is supposed to be warm for a while. I can't believe it's still February! Wesleigh doesn't even have a pair of shorts yet, and she needs them! I am not complaining.....loving every minute of it! Of course, by the time you northerners are getting some warm weather, we'll be sweating to death.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy Report

I am happy to report that our USCIS appointment went off without a hitch! I didn't say two words the entire time I was in there and Richard flirted with the girls the whole time :) It seemed to work. I am hoping that is the last time I ever have to walk into that office!

I am also happy to report that we are enjoying some very warm weather. Braden had his first baseball tournament this weekend, and we were able to get some sun and eat a snowball. Wesleigh's cheeks are red because she was hot.


Visiting with Daddy in between innings.

Braden was lead-off batter today and led the season opener with a triple!! He had a great couple of games and we are so proud of him!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Wesleigh's Party

I hate that it has taken me so long to get these posted. Wesleigh and I have not been feeling so great. I had grand plans of taking her out and getting some cute pics in her birthday outfit, but the snotty nose isn't exactly what I had in mind!! Maybe this weekend I'll be able to do it.

Here are a few pictures from the party. They don't really capture the pure joy she had all day long. It was amazing to watch.


Love this on Bryce! So funny!!

Cade was taking the pics. I totally forgot to get a shot of just the cake!!! So frustrated with myself. I also didn't realize the tv would be in every pic!!!


So excited!

She truly loved every present!

Saying "thank you"


Rocking her new princesses in her new rocker. She loved it!

Today is my Valentine's date to the USCIS office. If I leave that office without a raging post to write, I will call it a success! I am very curious to see if they are going to give me a hard time about doing my prints today since my appointment isn't until Tues. morning at 8:00! It would be ridiculous if they did, but...I wouldn't be surprised. I'll be sure to let you know how it turns out!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Happy (early) Birthday Cade

About a month ago, Cade saw the Harlem Globetrotters on tv. He was mesmarized by them. I was surprised because he has actually seen them before. He decided that was what he wanted to do for his birthday. I kind of owed Cade. Last year, his birthday was completely passed over because of just getting home from China and the fact that I was still exhausted and overwhelmed. So...the globetrotters it is! His actual birthday isn't until the end of March, but the Globetrotters were in town this past Friday. Richard and another dad took 6 boys to the game. They had a blast! After the game, the boys spent the night.

This time of year (Mardi Gras), there are king cakes everywhere. Cade decided he wanted one of these tasty treats.


The whole group (+1). Look how a couple of them are looking at Wesleigh. All the boys' friends adore her.

I love how Wesleigh is looking at him wondering what in the world he's doing.

I know it's a horrible picture from Richard's phone but I love it. I'm so glad they were able to go. I'm also glad that this part of his birthday is done! These parties wear me out!!

Wordless Wednesday


Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!

valentines - Page 001

I know it's late and I have so much to share. This weekend was SO busy with 3 birthday parties (2 of them my own kids). I guess it wore on us because Wesleigh and I are both not feeling so hot. We officially have "the crud" :( She got to show off her adorable Valentine's outfit to the pediatrician today.

I will come back and post our weekend when I'm feeling a little better. The weather is absolutely gorgeous, so I'm hoping we feel better tomorrow and can really enjoy it!!

Hope you all had a great Valentine's. Honestly, we don't really do much. I guess Richard's and my valentine's date will be going to the USCIS office Friday for fingerprints!! Oh well...we have 4, almost 5 kids...give us a break!!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Wesleigh!!

My girl turned 3 today, and I don't think I've ever witnessed such a sweet birthday. She has always loved birthdays and says "happy birthday" all the time. The last bday party we went to was my nephew Rylan's. Last night she kept saying, "happy birthday Rylan". This is the conversation that followed (a couple of times):
me: Tomorrow is going to be happy birthday Wesleigh!
W: me?????
me: Yes you.
W: you?????
me: No Wesleigh
W: me??????
(we're working on the pronoun thing) :-)

I think it might lose some of it's sweetness when you can't hear her little voice asking "me".

She was so excited all day and was so patient. The joy she got from having "happy birthday" sang to her brought tears to my eyes. I had to catch myself before I started blubbering. It is just unfathomable to imagine life without her. The sweet, joyful spirit she exuded all day today has left me feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

Here are just a couple of pics from today. I am going to do a 3 yr. post in the next couple of days, but I'm exhausted from this bday weekend and slumber parties!!




Thursday, February 10, 2011


OK...All of you from the north can flame me for being such a wimp. I can take it!! I am miserable!!! I'm from the south! I do 100 plus temps with 90% humidity!! I don't always enjoy it, but I do it! This cold, wet weather is just about enough to do me in!! I want to get the mail without freezing...I want to wear my flipflops!...I want to see my kids with that warm glow from spending time outside...I want to sit on the beach!!! I know...I'm making it worse. What can I say...I'm a southern girl!

We have a couple of baseball tournaments at the end of this month and I know we're going to freeze! It's always this way in February. The spring/summer clothes are out. If we're buying them...we should be able to wear them! Am I right?

OK...I'll stop my whining...oh, one more thing: Richard has the flu! He can't take the flu shot because he's allergic to chicken. Did you know that they cure the flu shot in chickens? Yep....pretty disgusting!! I have to say, as gross as that is...I'm happy to have taken the chicken flu shot and not be the one in the bed :)

This weekend, Cade is celebrating his birthday a month early. Cade totally got the shaft last year. His birthday was about a month after we got home from China, and I was not in the party mood. He was sweet enough to celebrate his when we had a little party for Wesleigh, but he definitely got the short end of the stick. This year, he decided he wanted to go to the Globetrotters for his bday. They are in town tomorrow so Richard and another dad are bring 6 boys to see the game. I know they are going to have a great time. I am secretly thrilled that they are doing that instead of a party somewhere...although they are all staying the I might regret that decision!!!

Miss Wesleigh turns 3 on Saturday!!!! Yay!!!! Leaving the 2's behind!! Not that the 2's were a bad year for Miss W :) We are having a small family party for her, but I did order a really cute cake. I'll have lots of pictures to share!

Today...however...there no new pictures to share. I have not even thought to pull out my camera. I guess I'll torture us all with this one:
Ahhh....sun-kissed children.....

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A February Pick Me Up!!

Whoo Hoo!! Other than waking up to tropical weather this morning, I can't think of anything that would have lifted my spirits as much as a bloggy makeover! Since the tropical weather is nowhere to be found, I'll just sit and stare at my new look!!

You'll notice that the name has changed, as well. This is the name that's in my URL and I thought it was time to make things simpler. I guess that might be the theme..."simple". I'm loving the new, clean look. Of course, I'm sure it won't take long for me to get bored and I'll want my bling back!!!

Keisha is responsible for my new look, so if you're looking for a makeover too, give her a shout!!

Just to make sure you understand that baseball and bows aren't necessarily mutually exclusive...


Check out that swing!! This was a couple of weeks ago on a warmer day. She can actually hit the ball more than she misses!! We're so proud ;)

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Chinese New Year




Last night was our FCC Chinese New Year celebration. We drove about 2 hours away for it and it was so worth it. It was so much fun to see all of these precious children from China playing and having such a great time. They are all so beautiful and such a blessing!


A group shot of all the moms. (I know...I look pregnant! Trust me...I'M NOT!! Obviously, the wrong wardrobe choice!)

Bryce was our dragon for the dragon dance. He wasn't really expecting this but did a great job "winging it". Look at Cade peeking out from behind ;)



These two were so cute. They sat here coloring and doing their crafts together.

The boys were so sweet. They loved being a part of everything.

Showing Braden her dragon fan.

Wesleigh LOVED these ducks. At one point, I thought she was going to climb completely into this pool! She got her sleeves so wet I had to take her turtleneck off.


Getting ready to do our "fireworks". They loved popping this bubble wrap!


It was a great night. I feel so blessed to be a part of this group! I can't believe that next year, I will have 2 little girls running around here!!
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