Tuesday, July 31, 2007

I've Been Tagged

OK, I've been tagged for the same Meme (what does that word mean anyway?) by two of my new blogger friends Dawn and Kimber. So here goes:
5 Things I was doing 10 years ago
1. Bryce would have been 11 1/2 months old, so I was planning his 1st birthday party.
2. Living in a tiny, ugly, old apartment. Can you tell that I hated that place?
3. I am completely embarrassed to admit that we were doing "Amway". Yes, we were some of those annoying, pushy people that you pray never call you.
4. Enjoying being a mom. That had been my dream for so long, and Bryce was a great baby.
5. I don't think I was doing anything else at all. (at least not that I can remember)

5 Favorite Snack Foods
1. Kettle Chips Salt and Vinegar potato chips (you get them at Whole Foods). I could (and do) eat the whole bag at once.
2. Chips and Salsa or Queso
3. Cheese crackers
4. Grapes
5. V8 (to try to make up for the fact that I don't eat many veggies)

5 Songs I Know All the Words To
1. I Can Only Imagine
2. High School Musical (I can't help it, they're catchy!!!)
3. Any Wiggles song released before 2005 (Cade was a huge fan) We still call baked potatoes "Hot Potatoes"
4. Life Is A Highway
5. I've been listening to Jeremy Camp, so some of his songs.

5 Things I would do with $1,000,000
1. Help people adopt who can't afford it.
2. Pay for my brother to adopt another baby.
3. Go on an awesome girls trip. To a great spa or something.
4. Put college funds away for the kiddos.
5. Pay down the house.

5 Bad Habits
1. These days, always on the computer.
2. Gorging myself at Mexican restaurants
3. Shopping too much
4. Procrastinating
5. Did I mention I like to shop?

5 Things I Like To Do
1. Blog
2. Shop
3. Take pictures of my kids.
4. Spend time with my girlfriends.
5. Spend time with my family.

5 Things I Would Never Wear Again
1. Big pouffy (sp?) bangs.
2. Blue jeans tight rolled at the bottom.
3. Big bows. (I was a bow head in high school)
4. Bikini (Nobody wants to see that!)
5. White bucks shoes

I tag my Mom (she's new to the blogging community), Deanna, Denise, Amy, and Jenn. Now it's your turn to answer the questions for us.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Braden's Week

Well, our week in Birmingham didn't exactly go as planned. In part because Braden had started coughing alot over the weekend and running fever. (He actually started during baseball camp, but I just thought it was no big deal). I really thought it was a fever virus and sinus drip, but just in case, I thought we should bring him to the doctor. The verdict: pneumonia!! The doctor said that if his fever was any higher, we would have been going to the hospital! Are you kidding me?! He ended up being really sick the whole week. He had no energy or appetite, and really only wanted to lay in bed. That would have been fine except for the fact that King Cade was there too, and you'd have to drug him to get him to stay still. Richard was working, so the answer was to go to the pool and let Cade swim while Braden laid on a chair in the shade. This is a picture of him one evening while Richard was swimming with Cade.

He actually fell asleep like this. It's pretty pitiful. Makes me so impressed with myself as a mother! I was in survival mode. I never really noticed how high energy Cade is until he was compared to a child who didn't want to do anything. I also try not to be cooped up in a hotel room with them for any length of time either.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Space Camp Graduate

We picked Bryce up from Space Camp on Friday. That little stinker had only called me one time the whole week. Last year he called me at least once a day. He had a great time, and met some good friends. They have a really neat "graduation" for them at them end. I have found that there aren't many opportunities to cheer for a child with a love of science, but this is one. That is the main reason why the brothers and I stayed in Birmingham all week, so we could cheer for Bryce on Friday. I don't ever want him to think that we think sports are more important to us, or to think that he won't get our attention with the things that he loves. It presents quite a challenge since the other two are such little athletes. Bryce's team won for the best team at camp that week. They said that his team learned to work together without arguing, and that you could always hear them coming before you ever saw them. (Did I mention that he had a blast?) This picture of Bryce in his flight suit is so cute. He looks like a real pilot. Not that I am hoping for that, but he sure loves it. He came in 2nd in the top gun challenge, and was very proud of that. I am very proud of him.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

What's missing?

Can you tell? During the week of baseball camp, Cade lost 3 teeth! Three out of the five days, he went to his coach holding a tooth that he had pulled out. The coach said, he was beginning to think there was something wrong with him. I knew his teeth were loose when he left for the week, but never guessed he'd pull them all during baseball camp. He lost both his top teeth and one on the bottom. I haven't gotten that perfect picture of his toothless grin yet, but this one will do.

What a Funk!

Well, we made it back. It turned out to be a very interesting week. I'll have to elaborate on that later. Fresh on the brain today is all the laundry that I am trying to dig out of today. My first mission was to unpack, especially Bryce's bag because who knows what is in it! Well, you have never smelled "funk" until you get a wiff of this bag. I immediately started gagging!! It was BAD. He had his wet swimsuit and wet towels in there with all the stinky clothes. I thought I would fuss, but then I just thanked God that I was not one of the counselors that had to smell all those kids for the week! When asked if he used deodorant this week, he said, "sometimes". Translation: nope! I am working on disposable clothes for next year.

Friday, July 20, 2007

And We're Off - Again!!

This time to Space Camp!!!! Bryce is the little scientist in this family, and last year we decided to send him to space camp at NASA. He loved it so much that he is going again this week. So we're off! Richard is cracking the whip to get us out the door, so I'll have to fill you in on all the details when I get back! Ya'll have a great week. (We'll be in Birmingham while Bryce is in Huntsvill, AL) I can't be too far from him).

Baseball at the Box!

Here in LSU country, people LOVE their LSU football, and they LOVE their LSU baseball. When Richard was in college, he played baseball for the Tigers, so it has always been a big deal in our family. This week, Braden and Cade got to experience what it is like to play baseball at "the box". They went to the LSU baseball camp this week, and had a blast. They divide all the kids into teams and then they play games and a tournament throughout the week. Today was the championship game, and we won!! They were so excited that they jumped in a dog pile (Braden now knows that you don't want to be on the bottom). Of course, we were there cheering them on the whole time. Not that we're competitive or anything, but we wanted them to kick their buts!!! So if that wasn't exciting enough, then they gave awards out to the whole group (about 100 kids in their age group). They picked Braden as the baseball camp player of the week!! Boy was I proud. I was beaming ear to ear. (Braden was a little excited too). So here are some great pics I got of the whole day. Nothing like playing baseball outside in the South Louisiana heat and humidity. It was HOT! I don't know how they did it all week.

Here they are sitting in the first base duggout

Cade sliding into home

Giving Paw Paw a high five

The dog pile, Braden in on the bottom looking for help.

Braden getting high fives from his team when he won the award.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Best Buds

This week has been so strange. Braden and Cade have been at LSU baseball camp all week. They have even been staying with my parents and some friends at night so we don't have to drive them back and forth. That leaves only Bryce here. It is an amazing glimpse of what having an only child would be like. It is SO EASY!!! He ran errands with me Monday, then Richard and I took him to play golf, out to eat, and then even ended up at Walmart. For Bryce, who is pretty much a loner at heart, I think it suits him just fine. However, he does have one friend that he really loves to spend time with. Lyle is one year older than Bryce and used to live across the street from us at our old house. Their family is actually the family that got us out of our house when it was on fire a couple of years ago, so they have a special place in my heart. Lyle and Bryce are truly two-of-a-kind. They don't get to see each other very often now because Lyle's family moved about 45 minutes away to another little community. We try to get the boys together, but schedules are very limiting. However, this week, I went and got Lyle to stay for a couple of nights. They get the run of the house without the "little brothers" to drive them crazy. So far, we have gone out to eat, gone to laser tag, and seen the movie Transformers. This week will probably go down as one of Bryce's favorites. Me, however, I'm ready to get my little ones back. I'm a little lost without the craziness of all the kids!

Bed Head

Since Braden has been letting his hair grow long, he wakes up with some really scary hair! I took this picture because it represents what every morning looks like for Braden. He is freezing when he gets out of bed (we keep it really cold at night) so he wraps up in a blanket. I guess he thinks that makes more sense than putting on a shirt?? He is the skinniest of the three - I swear you can count his ribs, not at all how he was when he was a baby (I'll find a picture to post). He sure is a sweetie though - full of hugs and kisses for his mama!! I sure love that bed head.

Can you see all the mess? The boxes behind Braden and the house plans on the table? This is what my whole house looks like! My parents are buying this house when we move to the new one. They, however, have already sold their house and are moving into an apartment until we are ready to move. So, they have moved a few things into our house and shop already to store for a couple of months. To make room for that, I have started boxing up some of my stuff. I am glad I'm not one of those people who has to have everything in its place because I have a feeling that won't be happening for quite a while!! I would show you pictures of the rest of the house, but it's just too embarrassing!!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Funny Moments

I was cleaning out one of my "junk" drawers last week, and found a little piece of paper that I had written a funny exchange Cade and I had last year. He was five. I thought I'd share it.

Cade: "Can I have some juice please?"
me: "OK, but only because you're so cute."
Cade: "So you wouldn't get some for Bryce and Braden?"
me: "Yes, I would because I think they're pretty cute too."
Cade: "They're not cute."
me: "Are you cute?"
Cade: "Yes, only me."
me: "So what are they if they're not cute?"
Cade: "I don't know, monkeys?"

I was so glad I found that little piece of paper. I wish I had written down every funny thing they had ever said. I have tried, over the years, but I know there are many moments just like this one that are lost forever. Oh, well, I'm glad this isn't one of them.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Tah Dahh!!!

OK, so it's the moment you've all been waiting for: The unveiling of the inventions!! It's just so exciting! First up is Cade. He is going into 1st grade this year, and this was his first time to go to camp invention. He had a blast, mainly because he got to socialize with people other than his brothers for a week! I asked him what the name of his invention was and he said, "The Boat". So here it is: The Boat

Don't you love that proud smile!
So, next is Braden. Braden is going to 3rd grade, and this was his second time to go to camp invention. He doesn't enjoy it as much as the others (he would rather be at baseball camp), but that's ok. It doesn't have to be his "thing", but I am just glad that he actually used his brain this week. His invention is yet un-named, and he acts uninterrested, but I will tell you that he keeps asking me for different batteries to try to get the motor to run.

Finally, there's Bryce. Bryce goes to the 6th grade this year (Yikes!), and this was his forth year for camp invention. Bryce LOVES this! He thinks all year of ideas to make a "working" invention in the summer. This year he made the "Crackler 3000". He says that if you hook the wires up to a battery, the speaker will crackle. Isn't that exciting! If it excites him, it excites me. Here he is:

Camp Invention is a nation wide program. It encourages kids to use their brains, and think about things a little differently. If you have the opportunity, I would definitely recommend sending your kids. (The Mommy time this week wasn't too bad either!)
Oh, in case you're wondering, Braden's answer to what bugs him was "his brothers", but Bryce put "mosquitos". That's about right.

Friday, July 13, 2007

My Brutherz Bugz Me!

This was Cade's (1st grade) response to the question "What bugs you?". They do an inventor's journal at camp and that was in it. I haven't seen the whole thing, but the teacher thought it was cute enough to share with me. I think it's pretty funny. I am anxious to see what Bryce and Braden's answers are. Somehow I think they'll be similar. Just a hunch.

I love all the comments to the last post about all of your boys. It makes me so curious to know if it really is a birth order thing. I may have to look into that. Thanks for commenting!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Can They Really Be Related?

Every parent with multiple children know how different each child can be. I have the perfect example of this phenomenon in my house. I have always known it, but with Braden growing his hair long, it has become even more obvious. Bryce is the oldest, he walked early, talked early, was born with a head full of hair. He is sensitive, smart, introverted, naive, and has always entertained himself. In fact, alot of the time he would rather be by himself. When Braden was born, he looked nothing like Bryce. He was an inch shorter and half a pound heavier, so he looked chubby. Bryce looks like my side of the family (especially my brother). Braden is the spitting image of Richard. Braden walked late, didn't talk until we put him in speech when he was two, didn't have a hair on his head until he was two. He is happy, smart, mischievious, a snuggle bug, always wants to be with friends, and makes friends with everyone. He is a genius in math. Bryce likes science. Braden lives to play sports. Bryce could take it or leave it. Braden is about to go to baseball camp. Bryce is going to space camp. Braden wants to play tackle football this fall. Bryce thinks anyone who goes out there knowing they will be hit, is crazy.

Now Cade, he's a different breed all to himself, but I see parts of both Bryce and Braden in him. He's kind of the "missing link" if you will. He kind of ties Bryce and Braden together, both physically and personality wise.

They do share a few qualities however, they are both polite, kind, caring, smart, funny and loving. I love all these boys and wouldn't change a thing about them. I love how different they are, and just pray that I can parent them in a way that all of their individual strengths are realized.

They are so much fun!

By the way, I am having a great week! I have accomplished so much. We start school here on Aug. 13th. (about 4 weeks away!!!) I went today and got all their school uniforms and school supplies! I am so proud of myself. I was the only one on the school supply isle! Whoo Hoo!! The boys are having a blast, as well. I will post pictures of their "inventions" at the end of the week. You won't want to miss that!

Sunday, July 8, 2007

What a Weekend!

What a weekend! I am completely exhausted. Richard decided to go to the camp to work this weekend, which left me to run all the kids for the weekend. Braden was asked to play in a baseball tournament with a team who was lacking a couple of players. Of course, we said yes, because we could never turn down the opportunity to play baseball! At the same time, Bryce was scheduled to swim in his first swim meet Sat. and Sun. I think he surprised himself at how well he did. I was very excited for him. He ended up coming in 3rd in his heat for free and backstroke. He doesn't exactly know what the heats mean and that he was in the slowest heat! I wasn't sharing any extra info either. I wanted him to feel like he could compete and think that it was fun. Cade was a spectator this weekend. We ran back and forth from one event to the other, but it was alot of fun. Braden did well in the tournament, which is more than I can say for the team as a whole. Oh well, you win some, you lose alot! We ended each day by going to the new house and sweeping out water! Bryce and I came up with a pretty good system, and we finally finished today. They have also been working on the roof, so it should be done tomorrow. No more water! It has been raining everyday, and without shingles, it has been raining inside also. I can't stand for there to be standing water, so I took care of it!

Oh well, off to bed. There is a light at the end of the tunnel: tomorrow is camp invention!!!! All the boys are going to a science camp at their school for the whole week! Yeah!!!! I love being with my boys, but I am really looking forward to a week when I can do whatever I want. First on the list tomorrow morning: a pedicure and manicure. I can't wait.

Have a great day!!

Friday, July 6, 2007

Dear Sweet Daughter

"Dear Sweet Daughter"
As a girl I had a common dream to be a mom someday. My baby would have eyes of blue and hair the hue of hay. But now my dreams have been transformed. New visions fill my head. Now the tresses that I long to stroke are raven black instead. And in my dreams those eyes are not so big or blue or round Now in my dreams they're almond shaped and colored cocoa brown. And in my dreams my arms can stretch across enormous seas. They reach half way 'round the world and hold you close to me. As you grow in your mother's womb, carefully knit together, you're also growing in our hearts where you'll stay forever And in my dreams the moment that your mother says goodbye, I'll be right there to comfort you and hold you as you cry. Our features may not look alike: We're different as can be. But still I know the Father has created you for me. And though I've not yet seen your face, or held your tiny hands. And though we're half a world apart in very different lands, I'll be right there to get you just as soon as God allows. But til he says the time is right, I give to you this vow. I'll pray for your protection every day on bended knee. For God to hold you in His arms until you're here with me. written by: Gayle Leubecker

King Cade

I have been thinking lately about one of the hardest times of my life as a mom. When Cade (my 3rd) was born, he was a sweet, compliant baby. He was, and still is, a clown and kept us laughing all the time. I have so many pictures of him, as a baby, with the cutest wide open mouth smile. I say all this to say, when he turned 18 months he turned into a completely different child. He became "King Cade". He turned into a demanding, fit throwing child that I had no clue how to handle. He embarrassed me so many times, I know I don't remember them all. He would throw the eggs out the cart in Walmart. I can remember bringing them to the library (because that's what the good moms do - right?). He decided to throw a screaming fit right there in line to check out the books. (You never knew when they'd hit, or why) I stood there and made everyone listen because I didn't think it was fair to make the others leave without their books. I can remember having to sit on him to get him in the carseat that day. I turned the car on and stood outside the van trying to gain my composure. I stood there and called a long time friend and told her that I didn't think both Cade and I would survive this stage. She told me that there must be something very special about Cade to make him so different from the others. She told me to hang in there because there was a light at the end of the tunnel, and I would soon see what is so special about Cade, and what makes him different. Soon after that, I realized what one of my problems was with Cade: we were exactly alike. Both stubborn as all get out and everything had to be our way, or else. My other two evidently were willing to let me have my way. Not Cade. I began to give him more control in the things that weren't a big deal: getting in and out of his car seat by himself, climbing in and out of the stroller, etc, etc. I let him feel like he had some control on those things, and then on the important things (like holding my hand in the street) stood my ground, and he didn't seem as obstinate.

At about 2 1/2, Cade completely changed back to the child he was before. It wasn't overnight, but I started noticing that I could actually bring him places without a fit occurring. My attitude to parenting completely changed during this year. I became much less judgemental toward other mothers. Before Cade, I just thought I was that good of a mother. "My child would NEVER do that" Well, after Cade, I learned that there are times when a stubborn child will do whatever he wants, whether it embarrasses you or not. I know that God taught me a very valuable lesson through this experience. I just really pray that I learned everything I was supposed to, and doesn't feel the need to make me do it again with Chinababy!!

The top picture is a true example of what Cade looked like during this trying year. This was at one of the boys baseball game. It is not a true representation of what I looked like during this year. This picture makes me look way too calm!

The bottom picture shows the other side of Cade even during this time. One day I will do a post on Cade as he is now. He is the funniest, cutest kid I know. He brings so much joy to our lives and family.

Notice the hat, he only took this hat off to take a bath and to sleep. It sat by his bed when he slept and was back on his head first thing. Too cute!!

Thursday, July 5, 2007


You Are a Good Friend Because You're Fun

You are energetic, amusing, and always up for a good time.
Optimistic and genuinely happy, you help people see the sunny side of life.

And you're always up for a party... no matter how big or small.
You're usually the first one to celebrate a friend's success.

Anyone who's interesting or fun is welcome in you circle of friends.
You're not the type of person to exclude or make fun of someone who's a little different.

Your friends need you most when: They're down or depressed

You really can't be friends with: Anyone who's stuck up or chronically unhappy

Your friendship quote: "It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them."

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

We Have A LID!!

I got word from the adoption agency that we have a LID. It is June 6, 2007. One day before my birthday. That seems awfully close to my DTC date of June 1. Is that normal? At any rate, I am thrilled to now be officially waiting. One month down, only about 30 or 40 to go!! Happy 4th of July to all!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

One More Beach Post

OK, I promise this will be the last post about our beach trip. These pictures are just too funny not to post. This skim board was a new adventure for us this year. Richard, Braden, and Cade were determined to learn how to do it, but there were LOTS of falls along the way. I have pics of the boys falling on their behinds but they're not nearly as funny as Richard. I was so glad I had my camera in hand. Look at Cade laughing at him. Too funny!

Monday, July 2, 2007

My Three Handsome Boys

So here is my favorite picture from the beach. Of course, it's of my favorite subjects. We had a photographer come to the house and take a family picture. There were 8 adults and 6 kids. Everyone did great. I'll post that when they come in. I shot this picture right before the photographer got there, hence the clean clothes and combed hair.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

We're Back!

Well, we made it back. We had great weather the whole week and really had a good time. We were with my parents and both my brothers and their families. We haven't all been together for a while. I bought a new camera (an addiction I have)before we left and took over 350 pictures! I was able to slim them down to 280 this morning. Some of them are just too darn cute. I obviously won't be printing them all. It would cost me a fortune. I only put a few of them in the slide show, but I'm sure I'll share some more later. I have one week at home with the boys and then they go to camp invention! It's a science based camp at their school. They love it and it lasts the whole day! I love my boys, but I'd be lying if I said I hadn't been looking forward to that week all summer! I've already started writing a list of things I need to do. For now, though, I guess I'll start tackling the laundry and the piles of "stuff" we came back with.
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