Monday, August 15, 2011

Gracie Joy

"Wow" was definitely the only appropriate title for yesterday. My head is still spinning from it all! I want to share some things I've observed about Gracie, so far.

She is such a ham! She loves to take pictures and then see them played back. The pic with her yesterday, holding Richard's phone, was of her watching a video of herself Richard took. She thought it was the funniest thing she had ever seen. Of course, the more you laugh at her, the more she gives. I am curious to know how much of this is a show since we're new.



This is the little Tigger that she walked in with. I think it is really the only thing she is attached to. She would not let it go while we were in the Civil Affairs office, but has since not paid much attention to it. She does not suck a finger or thumb and I haven't seen any self-soothing habits yet. She was not very interrested in her blanket or baby yet. Then again, she hasn't stayed still long enough to really look at it :)

This little doll with the piano was the toy she went to. Our guide told her it was "very special" and she handed it back to him, saying she didn't want it. He thinks it's because she thought he was saying it was expensive and she thought she couldn't have it. Who knows, but as soon as it went back on the shelf, I scooped it up and threw it in Richard's basket :) As busy as she is, she will sit still and play with this for a short amount of time. She also likes this big sticker book I brought. She is very determined and will sit there and work on getting a specific sticker off the page. She does not want any help...with anything! But...she will let me do something if I make it clear that I'm doing it. So far, she does not seem to be spoiled. We have told her "no" a few times and she doesn't seem to have a problem with it.

Richard was putting on some play earrings. She loved it. She is very prissy. She has this sassy way of walking that cracks me up. She also loves to dance. There was some music on the tv and she started dancing. I took video of it....It was amazing. I think she's danced in the park a few times :)

This looks calmer than it was...she was putting stickers all over Baba's face. She

She had 2 baths yesterday. She acted interrested and it was a good way to keep her contained!


She is so smart! she is already repeating some English words, and can say everyone's names on Skype. Wesleigh says "Gwacie" and Gracie says some form of Wesleigh ;) Yesterday, Richard had a baseball game on and she walked around saying "base-u-ball" for at least an hour.

Sorry this is so scattered. I've written it in about 3 chunks. We will head to the Civil Affairs office in a minute. Everyone at home is doing good and Wesleigh doesn't seem to mind seeing us on skype at all. I am really glad.

Be back soon!!


Jennifer said...

Sounds like everything is smooth sailing!!:..YAY!! :) She always looks SO happy!! She is so cute and you can just tell she has such a sweet spirit!
So glad to hear that Wesleigh is doing so well, too! I can't wait to see pics of them together! So happy for you all...:)
Keep the posts coming...I love them!!

Football and Fried Rice said...

Oh, Jennifer!! I could tell from the pictures that your Gracie was a sassy thing like Mya was :) "containment" brings on a whole new meaning when you get a preschooler like that!! We were SO THRILLED to finally have a stroller in GZ! I was so happy that she was happy, but wondered how much of her erratic behavior was from 1.) never having much consistency and/or 2.) her grieving.

Whatever it was, she sure made us laugh those first few weeks (okay, months) and now? You'd never know she was so wild!!

And boy, oh boy, is your girl beautiful! I will love continuing to watch her grow in your family!

Paige said...

I have kept checking in tonight to see more pics, I have to say she is just stunning. What joy she shows, her name is so perfect for her.
It does not appear that she is grieving yet, did she and you all sleep ok??:)
I am so very happy for your family and this little jewel you have the pleasure to raise, she is too precious for words!
Have a great day!

Tina Michelle said...

She is so stinking adorable. Great rambly post letting us get a little view of that sweet girl.

Mission To Macie said...

So excited for y'all!

She has the sweetest most beautiful smile!

Loving all of the pictures.
Glad everyone is doing well at home.

Jill :)

Deanna said...

Yay!! A new post!! She seems really happy and at ease with you guys, I know we are only getting a glimpse, but still. I'm curious about her hands when she waves, do you think she just holds up the two fingers as her wave or does that mean something else? I might sound crazy, but I've noticed that and have been wondering. I hope you guys are having a wonderfully peaceful time bonding with her! Thanks for taking the time to post, I've been a maniac stalker refreshing your blog CONSTANTLY! Love you!!!

Sharon said...

She is a pistol for sure, but what fun and joy she brings. Love those expressions on her face-too funny!

Terri said...

So happy for you! What a beautiful smile she has and her eyes just lights up in each picture! =)

Shannon said...

I'm so glad I got to see a few more pics of beautiful Gracie before I go to bed tonight. So glad Wesleigh is doing well too. Hope yall have a wonderful day together.

3 Peanuts said...

That Gracie is something else!!! It takes A LOT to make me laugh at 6:30 am and she was cracking me up!!! it will be interesting to see how her true personality unfolds as she gets more used to you. But I think she going to be a lot of fun around your house!!!!! She is so beautiful Jen. And she dances around? Kate dances ALL DAY LONG!!!! They would be fast friends.

I could tell she was smart. Oh I cannot wait to see her and Wesleigh together.

She looks so sweet with Richard.


Sharon Ankerich said...

What a precious doll!!! SO thankful she is in the arms of her forever family!!! XO

sweet momma luv u said...

Oh what fun Gracie must be!! Sounds very active. IT does make you wonder though if it is her way of coping right now. If she keeps busy she won't have to think about all that is going on.

Jon Jon was that way very much so. The hardest part was bed time. He would just sob and throw himself around between us for around 30 mins. Then he was out and would sleep through the night.

I am so amazed at how quickly they pick up on the language. What a blessing she is !! I can't wait to see the Sista's together!!!

Will keep on praying for you. Recognize the hotel rooms etc!!Fun to see again. I actually had to go to the hotel website to check out the entrance. With the cold windy,rainy,snowy weather I could not remember the statue in front.
LOL Guess I was a little preoccupied! It didn't help that we arrived in Changsha at 2 pm and pick up Jon Jon @ 4:30pm the same day!

Enjoy your time! Love hearing all of your thoughts.


Martha said...

such a beautiful fun girl...enjoying your updates

Lori said...

Love all the pics! She's too cute! So thrilled you all are doing great...:) God's sweet blessings!

Bridget said...

Love all of the pictures of your adorable Gracie! She looks so fun! I am so happy things are going well in China and at home! Enjoy every minute with that cutie. I can't wait to check in tomorrow and see more of your sweet girl!

Myra said...

spunk and personality plus!!! Love the pics!!! She certainly seems happy! Hope you get some rest! So glad things are continuing to go well!!! Does she sleep? :)

DiJo said...

Oh my gosh.. That gorgeous face, and her spunky personality!!! She is the whole fabulous package!!! I know it's probably overwhelming to have a fire cracker on your hands after the TeaCup. But, with your guidance and boundaries she is going to be so amazing!!! I can just see your Southern Spicy Girl becoming the Cajun Spicy Girl that God intends her to be!!!!! I will start praying for your plane trip home now!!!

Love you guys!

P.S: Emme just gave up!! :)

Do said...

Thanks for sharing new pics. I like the ones she made faces, so cute and funny.And of course she is quite beautiful.

snekcip said...

Oh boy welcome to MY WORLD! I have a high-spirited preschooler and it's been a ride!! LOL!!! Loving each and every pic of Gracie Joy!!!

Krissiem said...

AWe--she's SO precious! And she seems to know that her Mama and Baba are there with lots of love!!!!! Congrats!

Ali said...

Wow she looks so happy and content!! Congrats to you guys. She is just beautiful. Can't wait to read more!

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