Friday, April 29, 2011

Bryce's Band Concert

I finally got the video of Bryce's band concert uploaded. This is the selection, in which, he has some solo parts. He is playing the French horn in the light blue shirt, closest to the audience. This is the 9th grade band.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Crazy Spring Break

The boys are home from school this week for Spring break, and I'm loving every minute...well, almost every minute! They have their moments, but I love being able to sleep a little later and stay up a little longer. I am so glad that they only have 3 weeks of school once they return!! Homework is almost over!!! YAY!!!

We started our week with a check-up at the dentist. This was Wesleigh's first visit. I was not worried at all because I knew the boys would take care of her. We go to this amazing children's dentist that is like a "kid haven" in the back. The parents don't go back with them unless it's really necessary. I like it that way. All of my kids seem to be much braver when mom is not around. When they were done, this is how Wesleigh walked out!


With a tiera, wand, balloon and stuffed toy! She looked like she had been to Disney world!! Everyone was so touched by her and the brothers. They couldn't get over how attentive the boys were to her and how they took care of her. Dr. Ripple (who I have always loved and had a secret crush on!) even got teary when I told him about our journey to her and that we were going back. He was able to smooth Wesleigh's front teeth and asked me what happened to them. I explained how weak she was when she came home and how she fell repeatedly in those early days. He was visably moved. He thanked us for making their day. Watch out, Dr. Ripple...I think Miss Gracie Joy might rock your world next time!!! lol...

We had a scary moment Monday, as well. My parents took the boys to see Soul Surfer and in the middle of the movie Cade had a seizure!! This has never happened to one of my kids and it is very upsetting. I took him to the dr. and he checked out fine. We just have to "wait and see" if it happens again...UGH....give me a broken bone or something!!! I just wish I knew what would have caused it. He is sensitive to gross scary things, but it didn't happen during the shark attack, it was about 20 minutes after that scene. Praying it was a one-time thing.

OK...enough of that...Is anyone else excited about the Royal wedding?

I have to say that I am. I remember being 10 yrs. old in 1981 and my mom waking me up in the middle of the night to watch Charles and Diana's wedding. I am recording it on the DVR, but might just have to wake up early to watch it!!! I guess I still love a princess fairy tale :)

I still have 2 kids to write updates on...working on it!!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

So Loved

so loved

If you haven't checked it out already, you should go check out this giveaway by Stephanie at Ni Hoa Y'all! It is amazing and even more amazing than the giveaways...the two precious children who will have a family!!

Monday, April 25, 2011


A good friend of mine mentioned the other day that she felt like she "knew" Braden the least of all my children. She wanted me to do a post about him. I started thinking about that and wondered why it would be that he wouldn't be showcased as much. It actually makes perfect sense. Braden is my quietest child. He does not jump in front of the camera like Cade or isn't having lots of new experiences like Bryce is lately. He is just the same Braden that he has always been...sweet, shy, quiet, wonderful Braden. He has struggled a little this school year. He changed schools and also started jr. high. The work load has been heavy and our house isn't really condusive to quiet study time :) He's hard to read alot of the time. We have to really pull information out of him, which drives me crazy!! I know he'll be fine, but sometimes, it's painful to watch!

As a mom of multiple children, there are different seasons I go through. At certain times, a different child seems to steal my heart and become my soul for a while. Right now...Braden is that child. Maybe it's God's way of letting us know, that child needs a little "extra" right now.

Braden is his dad made over. He looks like Richard did when he was young. He acts just like Richard and has the same interests and hobbies. He has such a heart for the Lord. He wants to grow up and manage land with his dad (this is not what Richard does right now...they have big plans!) I love it and would love nothing more. He's a good 'ole country boy.

Braden has been busy with school, friends, and baseball. He is on a very competitive baseball team, and he plays most weekends. We have not been traveling too much yet, but I'm afraid that is about to pick up! He is a very talented player, but Richard and I have been concerned that he has lost some of his intensity for the game. We are trying to make sure he doesn't feel pressured or unhappy. We have talked to him and he assures us that he doesn't know what we're talking about. Last weekend, we were happy to see the "old" Braden make an appearance. He had an amazing weekend. I am hoping he has turned the corner. School being out for the summer will be a big help.

braden lightroom-3

He plays 2nd base and catcher.
braden lightroom

I hate that his eyes are closed! The ball came right at me and I quickly turned the camera to catch this shot. He was sliding to the ball.


Braden is still as skinny as they come, and we give him a hard time about it. The way things go...he'll probably be the biggest of all!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

~Happy Easter!~

We had a great day today. We spent the morning celebrating our Savior, and the afternoon with family. Wesleigh seemed to be very excited about her "bubbles" Easter basket. This was Wesleigh's second Easter with us. It was exciting to me to have "memories" of her last Easter. That might seem silly, but it is so different knowing nothing of her past in China. I love that we are making memories we will be able to look back on.

lightroom (1 of 17)

My Four Cuties
lightroom (5 of 17)

I recently decided I needed to try to take more pictures of the adults in our life. I'm really bad about every picture being of the kids. I did better today, but not great...I didn't have a picture of my mom :(
lightroom (8 of 17)

My dad started playing horseshoes with the boys quite a while back. They love it. Today was the first time I actually sat out there and watched them. I even joined in a game :)
lightroom (10 of 17)

Paw Paw got his hair styled like Rapunzel.
lightroom (11 of 17)

lightroom (12 of 17)

And, of course, an Easter egg hunt.
lightroom (13 of 17)

My parents gave her this baby Cinderella. She loved it and insisted that she come along on the hunt.
lightroom (14 of 17)

How about these two? How hysterical is my neice, Auden? She is adorable.
lightroom (16 of 17)

Auden loves Cade, and he loves her right back. She called his name all afternoon.
lightroom (17 of 17)

My dad seemed to enjoy the kids' bubbles too :) He says he was just getting it to work...sure you were, dad :)
lightroom (1 of 1)

I am SO glad the boys are off of school this week!!! A week of no homework sounds like heaven to me right now. We are starting the week tomorrow with dentist check-ups. This will be Wesleigh's first trip, so it should be interresting.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Cade doesn't have as many different things going as Bryce does, but his baseball takes up a good amount of time. He plays on a tournament team with alot of his football friends. Last year, Cade played on Braden's tournament team because we had just come home from China, and I just couldn't do a third team (Bryce was playing also). This put him playing 2 years up on a AAA team. Truth is, he was fine ability wise, but emotionally....well....he was 2 years younger. It really wasn't fair to him because he sat the bench alot, just because he was younger (and dad was the coach). This year, he is with his friends. What this team lacks in ability, it makes up for with the smile on my sweet boy's face.

Here is a series of pictures from him pitching. I'll be honest...he's awesome!!! Not only is he a great pitcher, but if he feels like it, he gives the batter a stare-down that would scare a grown man!! If they only knew...he's such a softy!! I don't have a good pic of his stare-down yet. I'll work on getting that!!

lightroom (1 of 10)

lightroom (2 of 10)

lightroom (3 of 10)

lightroom (4 of 10)

lightroom (5 of 10)

Other than baseball, there's school. Every year, the 4th and 5th graders have a program called "Puttin on the Hits". To be honest, I hate this!! It's a lip-syncing contest the kids do (for a grade). You have to try-out and the teachers choose about 10 acts to perform in the show. This is now my 5th year to go through this! I have never enjoyed it. Some of the parents go nuts and spend months practicing with the kids and making elaborate props and costumes. I just don't get it! Cade is my first child that really cared about it, but didn't have a group with one of those over-achiever moms. This meant, it was up to me! UGH... I told Cade his friends could come over last Sat from 10-12. We chose the song "Shake Your Booty" because it has about 5 words they had to memorize, and because there wasn't enough time to make it look authentic, we decided they would dress up like nerds and do it silly. It turned out hysterical! I tried to prepare Cade for the disappointment of not making it into the show. I didn't think there was any way. Well....they made it! Unbelievable. The teachers thought it was hysterical. The good news...Cade is beside himself happy. The bad news....the show isn't for another 3 weeks so we're going to have to have another practice!!!!!!! UGH!!!!! I'm going to video it and post because it's hysterical!

Here they are "in character"
cade lightroom

2 Kids down...3 to go!! Wow...that's alot of kids!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Update...One Child at a TIme!

I have been so slow to post lately. I'm not sure why...there is plenty going on. I guess, too much. Between baseball, school, sea cadets, track, band and Miss Thing, posting has been put on the back burner. I have decided to do an update post on each child seperately so I can keep up with everything. I'll start with Bryce today.

Bryce has been super busy. He seems to have come into his own this year. He is happy, pleasant and generally easy to be with. (Come on know that there are times our kids are not fun to be with!!) He has a girlfriend who happens to be the daughter of a very good friend of mine. I haven't had the chance to snap their picture, but I will soon :)

Bryce had his last track meet last week. This was our first experience with track, and we really enjoyed it. Bryce is a good long-distance runner. His event was the mile and he ended the season with a time of 5:48. He was very pleased and I was very impressed (of course, it doesn't take much to impress this mama :) He is 5'8" right now and wears a 12 shoe! He was standing next to Richard the other day and I noticed that their legs are the same length!! Richard is 6'0"!!



He has been asked to run cross-country in the fall, but he'll have to decide if he wants to run or swim. I don't think he can fit in both since he also marches in the band for football games in the fall...we shall see!

Sea Cadets has kept him (us) busy also. They performed the color guard at a LSU softball game:

bryce lightroom-2

I will post more of these on Wesleigh's post. She wanted to be right in the middle of all those boys! She also looked ADORABLE in her purple and gold!!

bryce lightroom-3

bryce lightroom-5

bryce lightroom-6

They also did the color guard at a memorial service. Bryce has taught himself to play the boswain pipe. The navy uses that to signal different things to the soldiers. He only knows a couple of signals so far, but it's pretty cool. He's playing it in this pic. It's small and fits in his hand.



They have lessons they have to complete and trainings they have to attend to move up in rank. Bryce is working very hard on these and I couldn't be prouder of him.

Bryce lightroom

Bryce also had his spring band concert. In one of the numbers, he had 3 French horn solos. I am working on uploading the video, but don't seem to be patient enough. I'll keep working on that. They were awesome!

Other than that, there was a group "date" at our house last weekend. It was a little odd to be carrying a toddler to bed while your teenager was watching a movie in the other room with his date and friends. Definitely a "warp zone" moment. :)

That ought to do it for Bryce, other than the band video.

I am so looking forward to Easter break!! School is about to do me in!!! Cade told me there were only 19 more days of school left!!!! YAY!!!!

This weekend will be our first weekend without baseball in a couple of months! We are happy for the break to be able to celebrate our Savior's resurrection! I'm going to try to post the next kid tomorrow!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

* Can someone PLEASE tell me why my I can't space my journaling like I want to anymore? It's driving me crazy!!! We have been having warm weather for a while now and everything is so pretty here. We will be into sweltering temps soon, so we're trying to enjoy every minute of it! Wesleigh put up with me long enough to get a few cute pics. DSC_1868 DSC_1864 I just couldn't leave this one is so her. She cuts her eyes all the time! DSC_1887 DSC_1877 She loves listening to animals and heard a bird. Every bird she sees, she thinks is a hawk because the hawk chases tinkerbell in her favorite movie :) DSC_1911 Telling me to be quiet and "lisssen". DSC_1916 Bryce has his last track meet today. I am sad that it's over. He seems to be really proud of what he's accomplished during this season. He can tell a difference since he's been running so much. I hope he'll keep it up. This school year is wrapping up here...I can't believe it's almost over! I'm really looking forward to the summer. You just don't know how much I despise waking up early during the school year!! Of course, summer starting is one step closer to summer ending and a big trip to China!!! I just can't believe that we still have months before we get Gracie!

Friday, April 8, 2011


Update!!!: Scroll down to see the gift I received on Gracie's birthday!!

Today is Gracie girl's 3rd birthday! The package I sent is in China, but I don't know if they've given it to her or not. Hopefully I'll get some new pictures soon! This is from the last batch that came through Pearl River. Her reports continue to say she is happy...and active! :) N557-ZhangGuYu-1_1 Look how long her hair is! I'm not sure what I'm going to be able to do with this hair in China! I bet she'll love her some big southern bows!! N557-ZhangGuYu-3_1

Gracie, this is the last birthday you will spend without your forever family! We can't wait to be with you for the next one!!

A couple of hours after I wrote this post, I received an email that contained pics of Gracie's birthday party!! I was prepared for her happy party pics, but seeing her hold those pictures totally got me!!! Enjoy!!




N557-ZhangGuYu-2_1 (2)



N557-ZhangGuYu-1_1 (2)

N557-ZhangGuYu-3_1 (2)

N557-ZhangGuYu-6_1 (2)


Seriously....How can you not love that girl?!?!
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