Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Beachin' It

From the looks of it...we're working hard!! lol...

Miss Wesleigh loves the beach, but it's serious business to her. She is always working on something and sticks that tongue out when she's concentrating :)


I am happy to say that I was pretty happy with the pics I got today. I'll share more when we get home.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


When Bryce was little, he watched The Jungle Book all the time. Richard and I can still recite most of the movie :) This might be why we have called Wesleigh "Mowgli" ever since her hair grew out into that amazing muellet. Lately, she is refusing to keep her pj's on at night. Everytime I go get her from her bed, this is what I see...Mowgli! :)


I love it!!

I just finished Lisa's photography class. It was filled with lots of great information and I learned a ton. If I'm honest, though...I'm a little overwhelmed, and think my camera is still smarter than I am! I think it's just going to take more practice than I thought. I have some cute models, but they were all done being cooperative by week 2! I might have to resort to paying my models for their time (and smiles)...you would think living indoors would be payment enough!! :)

Here are a couple of shots I got from my cranky models this week:





Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Journey

I have been thinking alot lately about life's journey. How did I get to this point in my life? What if Richard and I had not made all the mistakes we did? Why are things so hard sometimes? Why are we so blessed?

It's hard to see how things are going to come together when you're walking through them, but equally amazing to look back and see the hand of God.

Today, at this point in our journey, finances are tough (like they are for many). If going to China again was my agenda, I might be a little worried. I know, though, beyond a shadow of a doubt that this journey was orchestrated by God. There is no way I could have made it happen like it did. Because of this truth, I am not nervous. I simply believe that since this is a "God journey", then he will work out the details.

Being asked to shoot that video for our church was a confirmation of that to me. It was food for the soul to sit with Richard and both of us share from our hearts..."why". We both know how the other feels...we've had thousands of conversations, but you kind of move past that after a while. It was really great to remind ourselves why we are on this journey and how sweet it is!

As of this morning, the video has close to 3,000 hits!! It has been spread on facebook by people I don't even know! That thrills me! I am honored to be used by God to further the cause of caring for and adopting the orphan.

And because no post would be complete without some pics...here are a few, taken a while back of Princess Wesleigh and her "baby":




Sunday, May 22, 2011

Here It Is!!!

It has been a wonderful day!! Here is the finished video that was shared in our services today. I think the video team did an amazing job and am so excited have been able to share our story!! I have already had a number of people contact me...interrested in China adoption!! Thank you, Lord!!

Doughty Story from Healing Place Church on Vimeo.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

So Humbled...and Thrilled!!

I got an email a couple of days ago asking if we'd be willing to be interviewed for a video that will be used this week for Adoption Sunday at our church! We go to a very large and influential church in our town, so the video will literally reach thousands...this Sunday!! I am so humbled to have been asked and so excited to see the finished product. I am thrilled to have gotten this opportunity to share my heart. It was alot of fun to shoot and really neat to sit with Richard and listen to his thoughts, as well.

While Richard and I were being interviewed, the boys were upstairs with Wesleigh. One of them got my camera and took a couple of pics through the window. (I've taught them well :)


Just so you know....choosing what to wear was not easy!! I decided to go plain...hope that was the right choice! I will be able to post the finished product when I get it...can't wait!!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Opposites?....Maybe not....

All three of my boys seem to have been born with their own look and personality. You know how in some families you can tell they're siblings right away? I don't think that is the case with my boys. I never knew you could have 3 that would be completely opposite of each other....but you can!

Although Braden and Cade both love and are talented at baseball...the similarities seem to stop there. They actually do play some of the same positions, but Braden is primarily a catcher and Cade's strongest position is pitcher. Cade is very outgoing and will stare you down to the death when he's pitching. Braden is cool and quiet. He does his job, but doesn't even let you know he has to think about it. Cade is rock solid and is now bigger than Braden. Braden is a scrawny as they come :) (I'm not writing anything they don't already know:) I have a sneaking suspision, though, that Braden is going to shoot past him one day soon. I love all my boys and embrace their differences...

March 2011

Every once in a while, though...I get a glimpse of their similarities. When I uploaded this picture of Cade, I was so confused. I couldn't figure out how this picture of Braden got mixed in with Cade's! It took me a while to figure out that it was, in fact, Cade! He is actually spitting here :) I didn't intentionally take a pic of him spitting, but...welll...that's the way it goes. There's something about how his profile is shaped here that looks the spitting image of Braden...I love it!!

It seems, as the boys have gotten older, they have started to resemble each other more. I don't care either way. They're brothers...and as we all know, that has nothing to do with DNA or how much they look like the other!

Friday, May 13, 2011


Whoo Hoo!!!

We just got the call that our LOA came! Looks like travel in August might be a reality!


Just look at that adorable face!!

Congratulations, Christopher!

*Blogger seems to have deleted my last post, which happens to be my update on Gracie Joy. I will have to re-write it. No worries!

Richard's younger (much younger) brother, Christopher, graduates from high school tonight! Last night we attended a ceremony for him and then went out to dinner at a very fancy (and expensive) steakhouse. Richard tried to warn his dad that the boys would eat like men...and they did! Bryce and Braden both ate their own filet and then finished mine! We never bring them out to eat at places like this, so it was a special treat. When I heard where we were eating, I got my dad to come watch Wesleigh. There was NO way I was bringing Wesleigh!

I took these pics from facebook, so they're not the best quality but I love them. Cade insisted that he wanted to wear a tie and his fedora! I was questioning his fashion judgement, but he seemed to be a hit :)




Congratulations, Christopher!! We love you!!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Update...Gracie!! ~Finally!!!~

They finally came!! New pictures of my sweet girl. I have to say (I'm not biased or anything) that she is absolutely stunning! Each time I get new pictures, I can't believe how beautiful she is. She is wearing the little necklace we sent in her care package. How sweet is that? It costs all of $1! Makes me want to get 10 more in case it breaks!!




I adore this next one. It is exactly how I imagine her...life of the party, singing as loud as she can. What I wouldn't give to be able to hear that sweet little voice. Although, if I had to guess...I'm thinking it's probably not so "little" :)

So...Update on the adoption:
We're still waiting!!!

My LID was on 3/24, so my LOA (the next approval) should be here soon. Great Wall really should be receiving a package with some approvals this week. I'm hoping mine is in it! I'm not stressed about it yet, but I will be if mine is not in the next batch!! I have no reason to believe that travel won't be sometime in Aug or Sept. Of course, we are hoping for August!!

Wesleigh can now see Gracie's picture and know who she is. She calls her "Gwacie". Adorable!! If you ask Wesleigh where Gracie is, she answers, "Gwacie in Tie-na". We talk about Mommy and Daddy going to China to get Gracie and that she's going to sleep in her room with her...and play with her...and play with her toys. Yep...she has NO idea how Gracie Joy is going to rock her world. Lord, help me!!

Photo Fun~

I am taking Lisa's photography class! Last night was our second class and I have already learned some great tips that have improved my photography. I never do anything like this for myself, so it's fun to lock the hubs and kiddos out of my room for an hour and focus on something I want to do for me. Back in the day...When I was choosing a career path, I chose Elementary Education. That's all fine and dandy, but if I could do it again...I would go into photography. I don't think I felt like that was a viable career path back then. Times have definitely changed...photographers are definitely more creative these days. I don't have any plans to make this my profession...I'm just enjoying learning and taking some adorable pics of my kids.

Since the boys are still in school (and they don't look near as cute in pigtails!), my pics are of Miss Wesleigh. I know...you're all so surprised :)

When we were waiting (forever) for Wesleigh's referral, I dreamed of having a little girl to take cute pics of...I am loving every second!!

Enjoy my latest favorites!

lightroom (16 of 36)

lightroom (30 of 36)

lightroom (27 of 36)

lightroom (16 of 17)

lightroom (13 of 17)

lightroom (10 of 17)

lightroom (8 of 17)

We are winding down school over here. Cade only has 5 more days...counting today!! Bryce has a couple more and Braden a couple more than that. I'm so ready!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Last Chance!

Today is your last chance to place an order in my Swanky Baby Vintage show! Here's the link:


Diana got her order (and it happens to be the same dress Wesleigh has :) Go see her adorable girls in their sweet dresses!! (and you can see her news!!!)

There have been some rumblings of LOA's trickling in...none from my agency yet, but hoping today might be a great day! STILL waiting for an update! I remember this from the last go-round...anytime anyone takes any time off, you just want to scream!

Maybe I'll be posting again in a little while :)

Monday, May 9, 2011

Weekend News

Saturday was "wedding day" at our house Saturday. Faith has been doing my hair for many years and I offered my house to them for their wedding. At one point last week, when I was cleaning like crazy, I regretting making the offer. In the end, it was alot of fun and now, my house is amazingly clean!! I didn't take alot of pictures. I didn't want to be in the way, but here are a few.
lightroom (2 of 20)
(notice the picture of my 3 boys in the background :)

lightroom (4 of 20)

lightroom (7 of 20)

lightroom (18 of 20)

lightroom (19 of 20)

lightroom (20 of 20)

Faith's family and friends came and transformed the house into a beautiful backdrop for this wedding. All I had to do was have it clean. They also picked everything up and left it exactly how they found it! They were amazing, and I enjoyed getting to know them all.

Throughout the day, I kept my cell close to get updates on all the ballgames my boys were playing. Braden was playing 2 games about an hour away. Richard was with him. Cade had 2 games locally. He was with the other coaches. Evidently, he had the play of his season, and neither of his parents were there to see it!! Of course, that's the way it would happen. PawPaw was there though, so it's ok. Bryce was at the Blue Angels airshow in New Orleans with the Sea Cadets and Wesleigh was hanging out with my parents.

One thing I did realize last week, as my parents helped me with Wesleigh a good bit, is that I don't really hate cleaning my house....I just hate cleaning my house with a toddler around! I adore Miss W but she not exactly a "help" when I'm trying to get things cleaned up!!

Mother's Day was spent at the ballpark, which has become a normal experience for us. I didn't even get to see my amazing mother yesterday, but I did make all my children come with me to the park :) Bryce wasn't very happy about it, but I was happy to have him there. He cost me so much money, though, I don't think I'll be making him come again :)

Hope you all had an amazing Mother's Day!! No new update on Gracie Joy yet!! Perhaps I'll have lots of exciting news this week? ;)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

I love this photo of Bryce...Just wanted to share it.
lightroom (1 of 1)

For over a month now, every weekend has been unbelievably busy. This weekend is no different. Bryce is going to a Sea Cadet event, Cade is in a local tournament, Braden is playing an hour away. The one difference this weekend is that there is a wedding at my house tomorrow!! I offered our house to a friend for her wedding, and it has me hoppin'! All week has been centered around getting this house in shape (not a small feat!). Though I have wondered, many times, what I was thinking when I offered, it has been a good thing to force us to get things cleaned up around here! Wesleigh is spending some time with Maw Maw and Paw Paw today so I don't have someone undo-ing what I just did. Perhaps, the best news is that the weather is going to be gorgeous which means the ceremony will be outside :)

I have been intentionally poking with my updates...hoping I would have something new to share of my 5th little blessing. Nothing yet, but hoping it will be soon! I need to see that sweet smile again!! I should have that update soon!!

Have a great weekend! I guess I need to put this computer down and get busy!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011


*I accidentally added the wrong link to the post about the Swanky Baby Vintage show. Click the corrected link here. Also, if you ordered anything, could you leave me a comment and let me know? It's a quick fix, but didn't want to miss anyone. Thanks! If you haven't taken a look at this amazing line...don't miss it!!!

It's about time to post Wesleigh's update! Miss Thing has been so much fun. She is talking more and more. I don't understand everything she says...but some of it is hysterical!

She is a trouper and spends alot of time running around with me from schools to ballgames to Sea Cadet events, track meets or errands. She does it all with excitment and patience. She is probably my most flexible child (at 3 yrs. old). She absolutely LOVES baseball games and on Mondays when I can hardly drag myself out of bed after a long weekend of ballgames, she wakes up saying excitedly, "go bay-ball game today?".

This weekend, we ended up downtown again for a Sea Cadet event. It was Wesleigh and Bryce again and I was able to take some shots in some of my favorite spots.

One of her favorite things right now are the little flowers growing in the grass. She is constantly picking flowers :) And our hair is long enough for piggy's again!! I am torn between her adorable bob and her pig tails. I think I'll let it grow until Gracie comes home. I'm thinking Gracie's going to need a short bob and I'll cut Wesleigh's again too.

lightroom (1 of 9)

lightroom (2 of 9)

Still studying that same flower.
lightroom (3 of 9)

lightroom (5 of 9)

lightroom (6 of 9)

lightroom (7 of 9)

We found a ladybug on the sidewalk. I, of course, immediately started thinking of Gracie in China. Wesleigh was very curious and loved seeing it.

lightroom (8 of 9)

And then...all of a sudden...yep, she squashed it!! It was so "matter of fact" that I couldn't believe she did it! All I could do was laugh.

lightroom (9 of 9)

We are ready for summer over here! Ready for the boys to be home, and ready for the pool to open! I have a feeling she is going to be a little fish this year. I can't wait to start taking those adorable beach pictures!! She talks about the beach all the time and can't wait to go. Only a couple more weeks to go!

Alright...that's 4!! Only one more to go!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Swanky Baby Vintage

I had lots of you ask about Wesleigh's Easter outfit.
lightroom (2 of 17)

So...I decided to have a virtual show for these amazing clothes!! I love every single item in their spring line. Follow this link to see their spring line and be able to order directly from the company!! (the link automatically puts you in my show)

If you order $150 or more before May 6, there is a flat shipping rate of $5. Also, they just released a new collection Friday!! These items are on pre-order and will be shipped in 3 weeks. So cute!!! I hope you love this line as much as I do!!

The show will be open for 10 days! Happy Shopping!!!
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