Saturday, August 6, 2011

Beautiful Nanjing~

Many of you who read this blog, also read Di's. As you know, she is in China now, waiting to get her sweet Emme on Monday!! We are missing each other by 1 week! We could wave to each other in the sky, as she leaves Guangzhou and we arrive :(

On our last trip, I was in China getting Wesleigh just 3 weeks before Di was there getting Sienna! Our timing seems to be a little off!! That's ok...on that trip, we were in Nanjing with Wesleigh and Di was in Changsha with Sienna. We have done a complete reversal! This time, Di is in Nanjing with Emme and I will be in Changsha with Gracie!!! I am so excited because I will get to see Nanjing in the warm weather through Di's amazing photos!!

When Di found out she would be traveling to Nanjing, I sent her a few pictures I had taken of the area. We were there in January when it was freezing and rainy. This was one of the favorites I sent her:


I just knew this lady would be gorgeous in the warm weather. I received an email this morning and the subject line was "just look at her now":

I love it!!

As I was searching for my "lady" pic, this photo made me smile:

Boy am I going to miss having the boys on this trip! Wesleigh shut down when she realized she was "stuck" with us, but the boys really got her to relax and open up while we were at the Civil Affairs office. Great memories!!!


Myra said...

wow, you guys are bringing back TONS of memories for me too, I've seen Nanjing in 100* and 30* covered in snow!!! and wesleigh look so little!!

Paige said...

Just can't wait to see you all with Gracie!!

Curt, Pam, Ryan and Carissa said...

Cannot wait to follow your travels to Gracie. I also have a Spicy Hunan girl and Gracie's smile so reminds me of my Carissa. We traveled three years ago in September and it was extremely HOT there in Changsha so I am sure it will be hot for you guys. Take shorts and tanks and you will definitely sweat - UGGHH!! Congratulations!!

Bridget said...

I'm belated in saying CONGRATULATIONS!!!! So happy for you that you will soon be on your way to sweet Gracie!! I can't wait to see your beautiful girl in your arms. Sorry you just missed Di - I know you both would have loved to have been together. The end result is pure happiness for both of you! You will just have to get all those cute girls together on this side of the world. Good luck with all your preparations before you travel! Good Speed to sweet Gracie!

~ Bridget

3 Peanuts said...

Oh wow....that lady is beautiful in summer. It is really wonderful that you and Di have all these special connections and memories. God definitely placed you in each other's life for a reason. Enjoy your last weekend as a family of 6!!!! I cannot wait to see your photos of Changsha!!!!

Leah Mei said...

I just saw some of your pictures Gracie on a field trip with lots of other kiddos and realized that one of those children is Lili, who we sponsored for a year or so. Not only do we share a daughter from Huaian, Gracie and Lili too in some way. Are you visiting the SWI this time around. I would love an update on Lili. Feel free to email me at


shelley said...

LOVE the picture.....makes me sooo homesick for Nanjing. I can't believe we have been home with our Jiangsu boy for 2 yrs. Can't wait to see Gracie with you guys. She is such a beauty

Kelly said...

We are really looking forward to have our boys with us on this trip, to Korea. They stayed home when we traveled to China. What a bummer to miss your friend by only a week--

DiJo said...

In one o two more weeks our "lady" is going to be surrounded by blooming pink lillies! I was so excited when I saw her yesterday!!!!! One more day for Emme Jade and one more week for Gracie Joy!!!!!


P.S: I hope Emme has a smile or two at the CA office on Monday! I love this pic of you and Tea Cup!

sweet momma luv u said...

Love the LAdy in Nanjing! She is beautiful in summer but serene in winter.

I just am so happy for you that you are finally going to Changsha to get your precious Gracie! I sponsered her and fell in love with her. When I was in Changsha Mar 2010 to get Jon Jon (while Di was there to get Sienna) I tried to go see her but our guide was unable to make the connection for us.... She will always be near and dear to my heart as I prayed she would find her special forever family. She did and it is YOU!!! I am so very happy for her. To know she will be raised in a loving Christian family is so wonderful!

I will be following you!


sweet momma luv u said...

PS Love the picture of Wesleigh at the Ca office and the smile she has for you is priceless!!
= ) Jody

Jennifer said...

That lady picture is amazing! It looks beautiful there!
I love how Wesleigh warmed up to the boys so easy. Makes me a little nervous that we're not bringing our boys, because I know they would be so good at getting her to smile!
Countdown to Gracie Joy! I can't wait to see pics!!

snekcip said...

Oh my! I hauntingly beautiful the first photograph (taken by you) is and how amazingly beautiful the second one (taken by Diana) is. What a beautiful capture of God's handiwork. Thank you for sharing these amazing photographs. I hope that you catch "the blooms" on your trip to Nanjing. I would LOVE to see "the lady" in "bloom'.

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