Thursday, June 30, 2011


Well, I knew that Cade coming home was exactly what I needed to liven things up around here! Right after I saw the pictures of Bryce on the computer, I headed out to pick up Cade (about 10 minutes from my house). And...of course, what happens...I get in a wreck! Actually...I decided that the little car on the side of me wasn't big enough to be on the road with my big bus :) It was one of the few times that I was not on the phone, I did not have the tv on (in the back), or kids in the car asking me a million questions...I was blonde on my very own...nobody else to blame. Oh well, things like that don't really bother me too much. I was just upset that I couldn't pick up Cade. The other driver didn't so much share my laid-back approach. I soon won her over, though and she turned out to be very nice. What could she do...I appologized for being dumb...she had nothing left to say :)

Cade brought home a bag full of disgustingly dirty, stinky laundry...and a stomach virus! It had started going rampant through the camp and Cade woke up with it on Saturday. Four of our players ended up having the virus. This is what Cade looked like at noon on Saturday:


and this is what he looked like 6 hours later...
Cypress tournament (20 of 21)

Here are some of my favorite shots from the weekend:

Cypress tournament (14 of 21)

Cypress tournament (15 of 21)

Cypress tournament (16 of 21)

I love how they are both looking up at the umpire to see his call in that last shot. I need to add that the umpire called the kid SAFE!! Go up to that first shot and tell me if that kid is safe or out!! how he looks like he's trying to sneak by the pitcher here :)
Cypress tournament (4 of 21)

Cypress tournament (6 of 21)

This shot is after a run-down. Yes...he was OUT!
DSC_4660 pandora

This was Cade's last tournament of the season. They poured their heart and soul into it but lost their second game on Sunday...basically due to a REALLY bad call by the ump. Yes...I am still a bit bitter about it. No...we won't go there :) Believe me, you don't want to :)

So...what do you supposed happened Monday morning? Yep...Mom starts with the virus! It laid me flat for 2 entire days. I don't know how those boys played ball!! Yesterday, I woke up a new woman. Even Wesleigh noticed. When I went to get her, she said "Mommy tummy better?" I wonder what tipped her off...the fact that I was standing upright or the fact that I wasn't green? Perceptive little sucker!!

Two more days until I get to hug my big boy's neck!! I can't wait. I hope he's having a good time and ready to stay 10 more days. I can tell you...I want to stick him in that car and bring him home with me!! Hopefully I'll have some great shots from the day to share!!

Friday, June 24, 2011


Bryce has been gone since Saturday and, finally, today they uploaded some pictures! I don't have a way to get in touch with him, so I have been stalking the photo site, waiting for something! It was awesome just to put my eyes on him...although he looks like he's 10 yrs. older than when I left him!!

Here are a few of the pics they shared.
june 20 pic 2

He went with a pretty short buzz cut, but now he's practically bald :)
june 20 pic 4

june 20 pic 5

He looks so handsome :)
june 20 pic 10

june 20 pic 12

I have to admit that I'm not 100% certain this is Bryce, but it sure looks like it could be his ear :) I'm going to pretend it is! It was very hard to pick him out is some of the pics because they all look alike!
jun 22 pic 3

I know he is loving this!!
jun 22 pic 6

june 23 pic 1

I know he's being worked to death, but I also know they are doing some things that he loves. 8 more days before I get to see him for a couple of hours...then 10 more days before he's home!!!!

Other exciting news...Cade is home!!! He had a great time at camp but is exhausted. I am happy to have him back. He leaves a big void in this house when he's not here. He'd better sleep good tonight because our last ball tournament is this weekend!!

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Ugh...It's just one of those weeks!! With half my kiddos gone, things are WAY too quiet around here, and Braden is so quiet that you hardly know he's around on any day. Not to mention, that the weather is has been so yucky!

So...Wesleigh and I are just hanging our pj's...BORED!! Oh well, Cade will be back tomorrow and I'll be spinning from the craziness (and dirty laundry) he brings :) Then I'll be wishing for "yesterday" :)

His last ball tournament it this weekend. I can't believe his season is already over! I'm praying they can do well and end the season right. His team had a little swim party last week. Miss Thing LOVES to swim so she was thrilled. Note the hands on her hips while dad has her Tinkerbell float :)



She has no fear. She climbed right up this slide and probably would have gone by herself!

Gotta love the red kool-aid!

We have tried the big bed the last two nights with no success. She was very excited about it, but when it comes to go. She asks for her baby bed. I'm thinking we're going to have to take the crib out of the room so she doesn't have that option anymore. As far as I'm concerned, she could stay in that crib till she was 5, but with Gracie Joy coming home, I feel like I need to have Wesleigh settled in her big bed before we leave for China. However, I guess I could just leave her in the crib and when we come home, she and Gracie could both get used to their big beds together? It might be easier to just transition once. I'm expecting to have to sleep in there for a while anyway, at least until I can get over the jetlag. Any thoughts?

Hope the weather is better where you are, and you're having a fun summer day!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Beach 2011

So...Here's the beach! These are just a few of my favorites that I wanted to have here. My kids always have such a great time at the beach (I've raised them right :).






My nephew, Rylan.

Paw Paw with Auden who conked out.


Braden is showing Wesleigh a fish that he caught. She was curious enough to stand there and look, but there was NO way she was touching it. Gotta love the hands on the hips!


Maw Maw and Paw Paw


These two thought it was fun to dump water on each other's heads, until...


...note all the sand coming out of the bucket. So what does her brilliant brother do?

Yep...unfortunately he had better aim than she did!! He did not actually mean to dump sand on her head, but he did get fussed at :) I love seeing these big brothers with Wesleigh. They are amazing with her!

Monday, June 20, 2011

...And They're Off!


Whew...the packing is two boys are off! I can't believe I didn't take a picture of Bryce before he left! I even gave him a buzz cut right before he left!! I was just a nervous wreck about sending him. 24 days is a LONG time! I just pray that we packed everything he needed. Cade, on the other hand, is only gone until Friday and we just threw some clothes into a bag for biggie. He was so excited, he was like a Tigger around here. I am so happy for both of them!

I think Braden is a little happy for himself :) He's not planning on missing his brothers, at all! He is just happy to have the upstairs all to himself :) Wesleigh, on the other hand, is not going to understand why things are so quiet around here.

I'm hoping to catch up on posts in the next few days...I need to get it together!!

**Someone named Sharon commented on my blog this weekend. She found the post I did about Cade having a seizure in Soul Surfer. Her 14 yr. old nephew had a seizure and her daughter passed out in the same exact part of the movie! Sharon, if you see this, would you give me your email address? I would like to email you. Has anyone else heard of anything like this?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What Am I Up To?

...My packing!!


Bryce leaves Sunday for 2 separate Sea Cadet trainings. Since they are back to back, he will be gone for 24 days!!!!! The packing itself wouldn't be so bad, except that every single thing has to be labeled...even every sock! I have spent the last few days collecting and labeling everything he needs. Being it's a military camp, I want to make sure when they say "white underwear" he has white underwear! What confuses things even more is that he needs different items for the first and second training. Hopefully I can have it organized enough that it won't be too cunfusing. I'm thinking packing for China is going to be a breeze!

Cade leaves Monday for a week-long camp too! I haven't even been able to bring myself to look at his list yet.

It's going to be a quiet week next week. I'm going to miss my babies!!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Home Run, Baby!!

Whoo Hoo, Baby!!! My sweet 12 yr. old hit his first out of the park homerun Saturday!! Braden has really been struggling at the plate the past few weeks and really needed a big boost like that! It was exactly what the doctor ordered because he was on fire the entire tournament. I am extremely disappointed that I didn't get to see it. I was supposed to be there but Wesleigh was running fever and I decided to stay home with her. It was the right decision, but so painful for this baseball mom who trys to never miss anything! Regardless, Richard made it just in time coming from Cade's tournament and my dad was able to see it. I am just so happy for him.

destrehan tournament (16 of 22)

destrehan tournament (3 of 22)

They played 2 games Saturday and 4 games Sunday. Yesterday, he caught 2 1/2 games, played second base and then pitched in the final game. I don't even know how he could even walk to the truck last night. They couldn't pull it out in the championship game so finished second in the tournament. They all worked so hard, and I'm so proud.

destrehan tournament (18 of 22)

destrehan tournament (22 of 22)

I know I've been pretty absent. I seem to get pretty lazy with the blogging in the summer. I'm going to pick it up, though because there's lots going on. I still want to post beach pics, so I'm going to do that soon.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Great Day

I have to give my hubby big props for my birthday! He's not always the best "plan ahead" guy, but he made me feel very special and loved yesterday. He left me cards all over the house before he left for work, and each child came down with their own card for me when they woke up. There was even one from Gracie!! I also got my final charm for my necklace...a "G" for Miss Gracie Joy.

We went on a date night and had a great time spending some time together without the "crazies"!! I had Bryce take this before we left.
lightroom (13 of 13)

Our other big news for the day is this:
lightroom (6 of 13)

Wesleigh and Gracie's bed arrived! This room is so small that bunks were really my only option. I do have a trundle coming, so they will not actually use the top bunk for a while. In fact, the ladder is going into hiding for some time.

Wesleigh is still sleeping in her crib that is in the middle of the room (at least until I get mattresses :), but she is super excited about her big bed. She points to the bottom bunk and says "Dedee's bed" and then points to the top and says "Gwacie's bed". I hate to move her from her crib because she does so well in it, but it is nice to be moving out of the baby stage.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!!

Also, I had lots of people asking about the monogramed swimsuits. Those both came from here. I love them!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lordy, Lordy...Guess I'm 40!

Yep…It’s official!
I’m the luckiest girl in the world!
Not because I’m 40 today… but because I’m 40 and I’m waiting to travel to China to pick up one of the two most beautiful girls in the world!
Who needs a bucket list when life is already such an adventure?

I opened my email to some new pictures today! Makes this day just that much more special.
I didn’t know if I would be upset about turning 40, but I’m really not. There’s a little bit of pride that doesn’t like it, but who needs that anyway? If you watched our video, you heard me say that “I didn’t want to look back on my life and know that I didn’t do what I was called to do”. Being in the middle of this second life-changing journey…to bring a child into a family…to make sure there’s one less orphan growing up without the love of a family… makes turning one day older, not worth getting upset about :) Don't get me wrong...It does seem impossible that I could be 40 years old!!!

Just look at this beautiful girl that I'm lucky enough to be her Mama!!




I can't wait to love on this sassy ball of energy!!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011


While we were gone, I had my last class with Lisa. It was a photoshop class. I learned SO much and have been trying to practice what I've learned. I also got my hands on some actions that I love! It's so fun to play with my pics like this. These are some of my favorites (so far!)

bryce beach green shirt cosmopolitan

braden beach orange shirt cosmopolitan

cade beach green shirt cosmopolitan

wesleigh orange flower dress cosmopolitan
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