Monday, August 1, 2011

So Cute!!


Ok...seriously...How cute are these little pants??? Missie Moosie has become one of my favorites for the girls! You have to go check them out HERE They have an adorable line out for fall! Their site opens for orders tomorrow morning (although you can see it now) and if you use the code JENN10 you get 10% off!!! Whoo Hoo!!!

Happy Shopping!!

In other news, we still don't have a confirmed consulate appt. We are really praying we get to leave on the 11th. I have started getting some nit-picky things done, but won't really dive in until next week because.... Sunday, we are having our Sea Cadet division families over to the house for family day!! Although we were really hoping to be leaving Friday, I am glad we will be here and my parents won't have to deal with that, as well. Sunday is also Bryce's birthday. He is very happy to spend it with his fellow cadets playing air soft!

Cade and Bryce start school Friday!! Bryce is taking driver's ed this week, so his summer is pretty much over. I cannot believe he will be driving soon!!! That's just plain scary!! Cade is thrilled to be getting back to his social life...aka: school. He has decided that he's not going to China with us :( It has made me really sad. It was hard for him to tell me, and the truth is, he would really love to go. His I know that's crazy, but he is playing quarterback and working daily with a former NFL player dad who is unbelievable. He really doesn't want to miss 2 weeks. And I get it. It will be better for him to not miss school, and he won't jeopardize his position on the team. I can also keep him home some when we get home to help as jetlag kicks my butt!! I will just miss them. There was something about knowing Cade was going that made it not so bad to leave the others.

Hopefully we'll have some dates in the next day or two!! I'm ready to book those tickets!!!


Lori said...

Wow Jen, you must be SO excited!! Hope everything comes together just as you're hoping and I can't wait to see Miss Gracie Joy in your arms!!
The pants are adorable, can't wait to take a look!
Enjoy the last week of summer! :0

Pink Velvet Mommy said...

I am going to be completely honest with you. While in my mind I can't EVEN imagine leaving my Hayden(almost 3) and while I also think it would be tough for her for me to be gone for that period of time.... I also think it would be tough for her to go back to China(taiwan for us) this soon. I can only imagine the thoughts that would be circling around W's mind to be back in that setting....I actually think it would be scary to be back there so soon.
I also believe for Gracie she needs your undivided attention and while yes I think for families that have their kids with them it might help break the ice, but in general I think for all families that bringing a small child with them(and some have no other choice) is not fair to either child. Gracie has NEVER had anyones undivided attention and love, and even when she gets home she has siblings and it is impossible to give everyone your undivided let these 2 weeks be just about Gracie. I know it will be TOUGH!!!! again I can't imagine leaving Hayden for a day, much less 2 weeks. But I think you are making the right choice!!!

this is one of the reasons I am not super keen on the idea of adopting 2 unrelated children at the same time. I have no idea how you can give each child the attention they NEED and DESERVE in that circumstance....I know they are the best of intentions, but this is a pretty traumatic situation.

just my 2 cents

Love the Missie Moosie line!!! Gonna have to look and maybe do some shopping...shhhhhh don't tell my husband:)

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