Wednesday, May 28, 2008

We're Back!

Well, we're back. It's always nice to get away, but it's always nice to come back home too. We spent our days in the surf and pool, and our evenings, chillin' out or crabbing. We had a really needed get-away. I just wish I had a laptop because I feel so disconnected without my computer. Is that bad? I can, at least, check my email through my phone. Hope you all had a great weekend. We are starting our summer, and the boys are still sleeping :) I have no clue what we are going to do today, but I'll bet it's a bunch of nothin'.

Anyway, here are a few pics of the cuties:

I had to show you the waves! The weather was a little cloudy, but the waves were huge! We've never seen them this big here.

We went crabbing one night. It was hysterical. We had some friends come over, and they all had a blast!

I took the boys out on the last night we were there to try to get some cute pictures. These are some of what I got:

As you can imagine, I have a ton more, but I haven't really sorted through them yet. Hope you're having a great week!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Takin' A Break

Kids are out of school!!!!! Headed to the beach!!!! Catch up with you all when we get back!!!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

What Do Rednecks Do When They Live on a Golf Course?

Well, if you live in my house, you go "laking". What is "laking"? you might ask. Well, that would be when you get into the lakes on the course and find the golf balls. The plan is to clean them and then sell them to the golfers (probably the same ones who lost them in the first place!) The golf course we live on is very tight, and there are lots of water hazzards to hit your ball into. Richard used to do this when he was young, so all my boys have been planning it since we started building the house. We have now recruited our neighbor and his 13 year old son, as well. (We did this before the course flooded this week)

I do have to say that I do NOT go laking! The boys have been a couple of times, and keep talking about it, so I knew I had to go and take pictures. I have to say, it is one of the most hysterical things I have ever seen. Cade and I did not get in the water. We stood on the green and collected the balls that the boys would throw from the water. There were hundreds! Final count from this one night was 1300 golf balls! Can you believe it? All together, we have about 2,500 golf balls in our garage.

There were a couple of scares when we were out there. A car looked like it was coming our way, so I told Cade to get down. While we were crouched on the green, the sprinkler started spraying water all over us. Of course, I was holding the camera so I had to run to keep it dry. The boys thought that was hysterical. Then a neighbor who lives close to the lake we were in, started shining a big light to see what was going on. We tried to hide, but it was useless. Thank goodness, I have at least met these neighbors because Richard was hiding in the water! They left me there to take all the heat. They didn't come out until they saw it was a "friendly" visit. I could have killed them!

So, here are the pictures:
Here are the 3 boys and 2 dads going into the water. No, it's not the safest thing they could be doing on a Saturday night, but they will never be able to say they had a boring childhood!

Here are the three big boys. They were squating down. The water only came up to their knees right there, but they were cold.

Here is a shot of the green as they were throwing the balls up. This wasn't even close to all of them. Cade and I ran around collecting them in a net. We had to dodge the balls because they were throwing them so fast.

Here is some of the group with the "loot". That entire garbage can is filled to the top (plus what's on top). 1300 balls!

Here's Braden the next day. We were dying to know how many golf balls fit into that garbage can, so the boys counted them all. They are now washing them and dividing them into groups. There will be $1 balls, $.50 balls, and $.25 balls. They will actually make a good bit of money this summer doing this!

Truth is, I'm a little embarrassed to show you all this post because I am sure you think we're crazy. Truth is, we are, and we love it that way!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hope You Didn't Have a Tee Time

Hope you weren't planning on playing some golf in my neck of the woods today. We had some VERY severe weather yesterday evening through the morning and our golf course was flooded. The weather was so bad, the schools were closed today. I can't say I was disappointed to sleep in with the rainy weather. The sun is out, but the water isn't going anywhere. Braden and I rode our bikes around and took some pictures:

Can you see the tee box in the middle of the water by the fountain?

This is the ninth hole. Look how deep the water is!

So what do you think my boys have been doing all day? Yep. They're banned from the house right now because they're soaking wet. Gotta love the boys (and the outside shower)!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bryce's Big Night and a Special Thank You

Bryce had his last band concert of the year. They all did a great job, and sounded great! Here are a few pictures from the night:

Bryce and my dad (PawPaw)

Bryce and Richard's mom (Mama Bec). She drove in from Houston just to see the concert.

I also got a special surprise tonight. My friend, Marcy, sent me this special treat:

Is it not the cutest? The top pacifier says "sweetheart" in Chinese! The bottom one says sweetheart in English. She was so sweet to send it to me. Thanks Marcy!!

Look Close

If you look real close, you can see the laces from the baseball on Cade's chin. He didn't cry, but he was sure to catch the next one with his glove!
Cade's personality seems to only get bigger as time passes. The things that come out of this child's mouth are hysterical. Yesterday, he told me I was a peach. Where does that come from? I'm sure I don't know, but not a day goes by that Richard and I don't look at each other and just crack up at this kid. What a blessing he is.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Saying Goodbye to "the Box"

Alex Box Stadium is where the LSU Tigers play baseball. At least, it was. Today was the last game that will be played in this stadium because it is being replaced. Although everyone is excited about the new stadium, it's hard to see this one go. It holds so many memories for so many. It is special to Richard because he was able to play here when he was at LSU. Many of his best friends date back to his baseball days. Even the boys have great memories of playing baseball at the box during summer baseball camp. We took the boys to the game Friday night and had a great time. The wind was blowing out, so the Tigers hit lots of home runs!

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to all of the mothers out there, both current and future!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Are You A Mom or a Non-Mom?

Apparently, I would be considered a mom, but also a soon to be non-mom.

NBC and Teleflora are holding a contest to salute moms. Unfortunately, they consider adoptive moms to be "non-moms". Are you freakin' kidding me?!? I am shocked that people, in this day, would even consider that this would be appropriate. But, no worries, it's not just adoptive moms who are "non-moms". "The non-mom moms: Grandparent, stepmom, or mom to adopted children, each one raising and loving a child. A priceless gift for everybody."

Here's the link if you want to check it out:

After the serious outrage this has caused, Teleflora has now sent out this apology:

Teleflora is immediately changing the name of our "Non-Mom" category to "Adopting Moms". After closer examination, we can see how this may have been offensive to moms who have adopted children -- moms who are indeed real moms to their children in every sense of the word. In fact, many of us at Teleflora are “adopting” parents ourselves, including our president and owner. The essence of this category still focuses on a grandparent, neighbor, step mom, or mom to adopted or foster children, each one raising and loving a child. This show of insensitivity on our part was in no way intended and we deeply apologize for any concern or distress we may have caused. It was always our intent to salute and celebrate all moms.

I have emailed NBC at . I can't say it was the nicest email I have ever sent. Let's just say, I am sure there is no question on where I stand on this.

They messed with the wrong people: mothers who passionately love and care for their children, no matter what path brought them together.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Happy Mother's Day Weekend

Happy Mother's Day to all of you, current and future mothers. Mine started today when the boys came home from school. Braden just couldn't wait to give me the present he made in school. He had a cookbook, a bouquet of coupon flowers (good for taking out the trash, laundry help, etc), and a little glass dish to hold my jewelry. What special treasures.

Tonight, we are heading to Alex Box for the LSU baseball game. This is the last series to be played in Alex Box. Next year, the new stadium will be finished. I think there are alot of old players who are remembering "the good old days". I am just happy to be doing something with my little family. It seems to be few and far between these days when we are doing anything other than toting kids from one field to another. Tonight will be a welcome break, of course, it still involves baseball, but that suits me just fine!

Tomorrow, Cade has two baseball games. I am looking forward to that. I have yet to take any pictures of his team, so I will playing "mamaratzi". Bryce has a big party to go to Sat. night. It's sure to be a big bash, and he is so excited. There have been other parties this year, but he wasn't invited to any of them. I don't even know if he realized it or not, but I was very thankful he recieved an invitation to this one.

Sunday, we don't have a big day planned. Just hanging out at my mom and dad's house. Hope you all have a special weekend!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Eleven is the Number of the Day!

I can't even believe it, we only have 11 more days of school! For Bryce, it will probably be much less than that. He'll find out Monday how many exams he gets to miss (it should be all of them!). They are all counting down the days, and so am I. I am REALLY ready to sleep late!! I remember a couple of years ago when the boys learned to sleep later than 7:00 - oh what a glorious summer! It is also 11 days until we head back to the beach. This time with the whole crew. I can't wait!

Another "eleven" today is our ticker. We hit eleven months since our LID. For some reason, that 10 seemed to stay on that ticker for a year! I didn't think we'd ever hit eleven.
You all keep asking for pictures of my girls weekend, but there aren't any. I really mean it when I say it was very laid back. I did bring the camera, but didn't even take it out. I figure we'll get tons of pictures when we go back.
It's Teacher Appreciation Week at our school, so I spent all of today serving food to our teachers. I am happy to do it, but I feel like I am behind on other things. I will be working hard to catch up for the rest of the week. We have 9 baseball games in the next 11 days, and I didn't even count the practices. I really do love baseball season, but wouldn't mind if it weren't quite so busy. No chance of that, so I might as well sit back and enjoy it!
Hope you are all having a great week!

Monday, May 5, 2008


Does anyone know where I can find one of these mirrors?

Is that not the funniest? I thought it was timely with the coming of swimsuit season. I had a great time at the beach this weekend. The weather wasn't great, but we did get some time in the sun. We also had lots of time to go shopping. It was very laid back - just what we needed.

Do you know how much food we brought to the condo? ( I was going to take a picture, but I didn't) We had one loaf of bread, one container of lunch meat, mayo, cokes, water, and coffee. We just laughed because we'll be back in a couple of weeks with all the kids (7 of them), and it will be a much different story.

Hope you're having a great week!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Off To The Beach!

So, it's not exactly this beach, but I don't care! A girlfriend and I are leaving the husbands, kids, ballgames, carpool lines, dirty clothes and dishes behind and heading for the coast! I can't wait. I wanted to visit you all before I left, but I didn't get the chance. Have a great weekend, and I'll catch you when I get back!!
Don't be too jealous!!

A Great Day!

Cade and I got to go on the best field trip ever yesterday. I did this trip twice with Braden, so I knew it would be great. There is a farm about an hour away that teaches the kids about all the animals and plants. It even concluded with the teachers kissing a piglet. It didn't hurt that the weather was gorgeous either. Here are some pictures I took on the trip:

If any of you moms ever used a breast pump, you should be able to relate to this one! I know I could!

And, of course, the pig.

A good friend of mine who teaches 2nd grade told me that Cade came up to her and said, "Mrs. Smith, next year, me and my friend Collin are coming your way." When he said "coming your way", he snapped his fingers and pointed both of them at her. This child never stops making me laugh. I don't know how he got such a big personality. I love it!!

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