Monday, August 25, 2014

First Soccer Game

I can't even tell you how funny it was to watch these two on the soccer field!  They have never even seen a soccer game!  Believe it or not, Wesleigh was actually much more aggressive than Gracie with the ball.  Gracie would run after it, but didn't really want to kick it.  She also never quite got the concept that it's not good when the other team scores :) lol...

These next 3 pics are a series I caught.  I don't even remember what happened right before this exchange, but Wesleigh decided she needed to give Gracie some pointers.  lol...  Gracie looks sad in the second pic, but she wasn't.  She's used to Wesleigh telling her what to do :)

They are such a pair.  They belong together and always have.  God knew they needed each other all along.

Yes...their game was going on. was not happening over there!!
This is my absolute favorite image of the day!  The girls have watched their brothers drink Gatorade's for years.  They were thrilled to have their own!  It was noon, and SO hot!!  As we established in the last post, this one isn't thrilled with the sweating.  She's trying to cool herself off here.  SO cute!!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Soccer just got alot cuter!

So...we are doing things a little differently around here this year.  We decided to take the year off from dance so we could try out some other activities.  First!  I have to say, it has been absolutely hysterical!  Any time they get ready for practice, they call themselves "tough girls".  Of course, they pronounce it "tough gurls".  In fact, I had to make them wear the bows.  They said tough girls don't wear bows.  I assured them they could be tough and still be cute! :)  These are some pics before their first practice:

On the way home from an especially sweaty practice, here were a few comments I heard:
W:  "Our coach made us do a lot of things today."  Did he want us to sweat?  I there a weason he wanted us to sweat?"
G:  "I don't want to play soccur anymore...these shin guards are a fashion no no!"

I can assure you, in all the years I've been driving to and from all kinds of practices, I have NEVER had conversations like these!!  SO funny!!!

I will post pics from their first game next.  Hysterical!!

Unbelievable Week!

I never felt like Bryce going to LSU was part of family tradition, although we have a long line of family members who have.  But this week, we found out that he is now a member of the LSU marching band!!  I knew I would be excited, but when that text came that said, "made it", I thought I would come out of my skin.  He has worked so hard for this and to see this dream become a reality is so very exciting.  As a mom, I do not think I could be prouder! 

Band camp ended Saturday by practicing marching down Victory Hill.  Every home game the band marches through part of campus and down the hill to the stadium.  They stop at the bottom and play a little bit before continuing on.  It is tradition.  And as I watched my baby boy march down that hill yesterday, it was one of the proudest mom moments of my life.  It didn't really have anything to do with LSU, it was watching him fulfill a dream.  Pure joy!!

Monday, August 18, 2014

Back to School

Ok...Well they've actually been back to school since the 7th!  I'm a little late...oh well :)
Braden starts 10th grade and Cade starts 8th.  I have to post the series because they make me laugh!  These two are exactly the same height - 5'11"

And of course the girls!  They are both in the 1st grade and so excited to be back in school.

Oh happy day!  Judge me if you want, but I was thrilled when the bus pulled up.  LOVE my kiddos but also love cleaning the kitchen in the morning and it still being clean at 3:00!!  :)

Sunday, August 17, 2014


Today was a big day for our family!  I haven't even posted back to school pics of the other 4 kiddos but I just had to post these today.  It's official!  Bryce is a college student and now lives on campus!
I was a little concerned that I would boo hoo, but the truth is...I'm just so excited for him that I can't be sad!  (not to mention, he's only 30 minutes away!)  He moved in a few days early to start band camp this afternoon!  We will know in a few days whether he will be a part of the marching Tiger Band!

Boys are SO easy!  We saw all kinds of girl accessories being moved in today.  Truth is, Bryce never even saw his bedding until we unpacked it today :)  He couldn't care less.  And he's not bothered one bit that there are no matching curtains! lol...

I was also a little concerned that the girls would fall apart when we left him there.  They have been dreading this day, but they rallied to the occasion and were just fine.

Anyone who knows Bryce, will think this is hysterical.  He has always loved tents, secret rooms and hiding places.  I wouldn't be surprised at all if he spends some of his time down there!  lol...

Saying goodbye.  She said this morning that she had a plan .  It was to hide and stay at college with Bryce.  At dinner the other night she actually said "Oh..NO... you go...I go!"  lol...

Bryce promised the girls that he would let them sleep with him one night before he left.  Last night was that night.  He had something on campus and when his friends asked him to stay after, he told them, "This is going to sound very wrong, but I have to home and sleep with my sisters".  When they questioned him, he told them "because I promised they could sleep with me before I move and they're 6."  When he got home, he carried 2 sleeping girls upstairs to his room and ended up sleeping on the floor because they took up the whole bed.  I just don't know many brothers who would do that.  What a blessing he is to us.  I am so proud of him and can't wait to see what the future holds.  And I certainly can't wait to see him march down that hill in his band uniform playing "Geaux Tigers!!"

Friday, August 15, 2014

3 years!!

Three years.
It's been three years today that Richard and I met Gracie Joy in China. 
Hard to believe.
What a little firecracker...then, and now. 
Here are a few pics we took last night to document this day.  This is her Elsa nightgown.  She LOVES this nightgown, although she really uses it to dress up instead of sleep :)  She told me yesterday that I should have named her "little Elsa" lol...  I think a "real" Elsa dress might be on the Christmas list this year!

 Gracie Joy...we are so thankful that God chose us to be your family.  We would not know what to do without you!

I walked in my room yesterday and this is what I found :)  This is our sweet new addition Hazel!  I have not posted about her yet, but I will.  She is such an amazing dog.  She lets these girls do all sorts of things.  Yesterday...she was Princess Hazel :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

End of Kindergarten

Figured I should get this post up before they start 1st grade in two days!!!!

Both girls had great teachers this year, and enjoyed every bit of their year.  They ended the year by putting on a program for the parents.







I have to say...I was a little concerned about what teacher Gracie would have.  Gracie takes a little extra patience sometimes.  Mrs. Leger was amazing for her!  She was a new teacher to our school and she fell in love with Gracie.  She was so patient and kind to her.  I am so grateful to her for making kindergarten great for Gracie!

Mrs. McClanahan is a friend of mine.  Wesleigh adores her and loved every second in kindergarten in her class.  What a blessing to know that your children are in classes where they are truly loved!


I think Gracie must be in half the kindergartener's pictures.  Any time she saw kiddos posing for a pic, she would run up to them and pose :)


These 4 are quite a group.  I am great friends with these two mothers.  In fact, the blonde is John Ashley's brother (in the last post).  I hope they stay together for a long time!!


Looking at these pics makes me miss those baby teeth!!!!!!  :(
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