Saturday, January 25, 2014

Four Years!!

I cannot believe it's been four years today!
This little girl changed our lives and hearts forever!

Just look at her now!

God is so good!  What a blessing that He hand picked this precious child to be ours.  She makes our lives so much better!

We love you Wesleigh Jane!  We are so thankful that we "gotcha" 4 years ago today!!!

Friday, January 10, 2014

A Special Visit

For whatever reason, our school board decided the kiddos should be out of school 3 weeks for Christmas! I know one thing for sure...whoever made up the schedule does NOT have small children at home!! In all honesty, we have enjoyed our break. The girls have been ready to go back to school since the day after Christmas, but they have been very good. We have seen Frozen 3 times. I don't think we can go back to the theater again because Gracie already knows the songs and sings as loud as she can. I'm sure others don't appreciate it very much ;) They have played school, doctor, princess, bride, pet shop, birthday party, and dance class. I am so thankful that they play so well together!

 One fun thing this extra week allowed us to do is visit the girls' preschool class from last year. We spent the morning there yesterday. The girls thoroughly enjoyed being back in their classroom with their teacher. The weather warmed up just in time for them to get to play outside with their new friends. It was perfect!

Wesleigh is explaining that her kindergarten classroom is right next door to Gracie's :)
 Jan 2014-5988

That amazing preschool music class :)
Jan 2014-6001

And the playground.  They were just a little excited :)
Jan 2014-6038

Jan 2014-6054edit

Jan 2014-6050edit

Our friend, Sara, who came home from India last summer is in this class. We loved spending some time with her!
 Jan 2014-6028edit

 Wesleigh turns 6 in Feb, Sara turns 6 in March and Gracie turns 6 in April :) She's a peanut!! photo (77)

Jan 2014-6060edit

Jan 2014-6055edit

Jan 2014-6024edit

And with that...our Christmas break is over.  I can't believe that we already half-way through the school year!  Bryce has one more semester of high school!!  Time definitely flies!!  I'd better get with it.  I have ALOT to do before May!!!!

Monday, January 6, 2014

Theme for the New Year?

I hope it isn't, but I'm afraid it might be!  I knew Wesleigh's top two teeth are loose.  In fact, I am not happy about it at all!  I have been dreading the inevitable "snaggletooth" phase :(  I told her she has to wait until her birthday (Feb 12) to pull it, but I don't think it's going to stay in that long.

But...that's another story!  The real story here is that Gracie lost her first tooth Friday (Jan. 3)!!  I had wiggled her teeth many times, but none of us knew her bottom teeth were even loose... not even her!  Braden was home with the girls and Gracie walked in crying with her mouth bleeding.  She was biting on a blanket and it came out.  Braden had to call Richard to get him to talk Gracie off the cliff :)  She was not happy at first, but when she realized this meant a visit from the tooth fairy for her...she changed her tune!!

Jan 2014-5719 The tooth fairy came through with a special pixie dust dollar, and a sprinkle of pixie dust on the bed :) Jan 2014-5912 Jan 2014-5914 Jan 2014-5915 I have to say, at 11:00 that night when the tooth fairy remembered she had a special job to do, she was not very happy! But seeing this precious smile makes it so special :) I have a feeling though, that the tooth fairy had better be prepared to make multiple visits to this house this year! She'd better make sure she has a stash of pixie dust dollars on hand!!!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

What a Year!

Personally, 2013 has been great.  For so many years, my life seemed to be consumed with preparing for an adoption or adjusting to an adoption.  While I treasure those times, I feel like I was able to find some sort of "normal" this year (whatever that means!).  I am quite aware that my life has no resemblance to what people consider normal, but for me...I wouldn't have it any other way!

This year brought an amazing trip to China (without an adoption), the start of Bryce's senior year, the beginning of high school for Braden, and the start of kindergarten for the two crazies.  That last fact alone has helped me gain more control of the other areas of my life.  I am not ashamed to admit that the beginning of kindergarten was very welcome :)

The girls and I were able to travel to Florida, Dallas, Minnesota, and Colorado to visit some very special friends and family. untitled-3852 Snow 2013-4180edit

April 2013-4934cwf

July 2013-0179cwf

2013 brought us Trevor...and also took Trevor away from us.  
July 2013-0683cwf

It's hard to believe that all of this happened in the past 12 months!  As I look ahead to 2014, we are anticipating a high school graduation, Braden getting his driver's license, Bryce going to college and an amazing trip for Richard and I to celebrate our 20 year anniversary.  Lots of exciting things on the horizon.
Praise God, from whom all blessings flow!!

I thought I would leave you with some funnies that have happened in the past couple of days.  I try to keep up with all the funny that happen and are said, but I am not doing a good job of that.  I will get better this year.

* I'm laying down with the girls the other night and Gracie says, "Let's get some shut up eye"
*  Wesleigh sees a commercial for a pillow that keeps your head cool...she immediately says, "Oh, I need that!"  She has talked about that thing over and over!
*  Wesleigh woke up on Christmas Eve, thinking Santa had come.  When she discovered there were no toys, she was heartbroken because she thought Christmas had been cancelled.  She said, "But I've been counting the days everyday!"
*  Out of the blue, Wesleigh has started calling Gracie "Grace" and Gracie has started calling Wesleigh "Wes".
*  Wesleigh saw this picture a couple days ago.  Her comment, "Why is Gracie so dark?  She looks like Tiana, except for the curly hair" lol...  She also asked the names of the "two white girls".

*  Wesleigh is very jealous of the girlfriends.  She loves that they're around, but gets very upset when they spend time with the brothers instead of them.  We have had many tears and a few statements such as:
"Why are they just lubbin' each other?"  (They were holding hands!!)
"Branen just takes Karleigh away from us every time"
"Why does Bice just want Alexandra to play wiff him and not us?"
"I'm tired of Bice lubbin' on Alexandra.  All he wants to do is lub her."

I can't help but laugh every time she gets started.  It's usually when she's tired and there's really no good way to calm her down.  She keeps going on and on until I can get her to bed.

Dating is definitely a different experience when there are littles in the house!

*One more fun fact...the boys are all within 1 inch and 5 pounds of each other!  There has been alot of stealing out of closets lately and because they all wear a size 12 shoe, there has been lots of shoe sharing.  In fact, there is one pair of size 12 sperrys that have no real owner.  Whoever needs them, wears them :)  Braden and Cade are both going to need to start shaving soon!!!!

Look at this pic.  Now look closer....see Braden and Cade's feet?  They are each trying to make themselves taller than the other.  They actually tattled on each other after this was shot :)

I have to wear some massive stilts to be even close to their height :)  Love my tall boys!!

Praying for a blessed and happy 2014 for us all!!
Happy New Year!
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