Monday, September 1, 2014

First Game Day!

There are lots of firsts happening to Bryce these days!  This weekend was his first college gameday!  The Tigers traveled to Houston for their season opener.  Richard and I could not miss it, so we took off and joined in the fun.  We spent the weekend with Richard's dad, brother and sister.  SO fun!

I really don't usually take selfies all the time but I have a whole collection this weekend!  I kept sending them to Bryce and he would send me one back of what they were doing.  SO funny.  Houston was fun, but the transit situation was awful!  We were stuck on the trolley thing for at least 20 minutes while more and more people crammed in.  This was better than trying to get home, though!  That is a story all in itself.  It does include a strange man, 15 drunk LSU fans(that we didn't know) and the back of a pick up truck :) lol...

My aunt and uncle were not going to use their tickets so they gifted them to us.  They were perfect seats to watch the game...and the band!

I'm telling you...we were those crazy stalker parents!!!

A selfie in front of the buses where the band waited to go in the stadium.  lol...  Bryce was watching us from the buses.  I'm sure he was NOT claiming us!!!

We claim him, though!  Seriously?  How much do I love this picture.  Just pure excitement to be sitting there with that uniform on.

Bryce's friend, Willie is sitting behind him.  They graduated together and are having a great time doing this together!

Not every band member gets to march pre-game.  You have to tryout and make it.  Bryce made pregame!!  It was like playing "where's waldo" all night!  I did find him, but never could keep track of him :)

If you happened to watch the LSU game, you know that the first half was awful, and the second half was a lot of fun :)  The band is playing the alma mater while the football players stand at the student section.

The final thing the band does is put their instruments down and sing the alma mater arm in arm.  I never even knew they did this :)
We got up Sunday morning and drove home.  Bryce was on the buses with the band, but came home for the night.  It was so awesome to have all my kiddos in the same house again!!  I think he enjoyed being in his own bed too!  I cooked for him, washed his clothes and prayed over every piece of laundry I folded.  I've never been so happy to do laundry!! 
So...he's back on campus and we have a short week!  Just 5 more days and we get to do it all again...  Only at LSU!!

First Day of College Selfie

Since Bryce is living on campus, I wasn't there to take a 1st day of school pic.  He humored his mama and sent a selfie on his way to his first class :)

I absolutely love it!!
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