Saturday, September 24, 2011

"Ballerina Class"...Finally!

I am almost finished with my next questions and answers post, but that will have to wait! The girls had their first dance class Friday afternoon.  Oh my!!  Can you say, "ADORABLE"!!!  I could hardly stand it.  I have to say that I'm a bit surprised at how excited I was.  Of course, part of that is because Wesleigh has been talking about "ballerina" class forever and she was thrilled.  Gracie gets excited about anything we're excited about, so it was ballerina explosion at our house.

1st dance class (1 of 93)polllyanna

She was so intent on learning how to fasten her taps by herself.  She got it too!
1st dance class (14 of 93)pollyanna 1st dance class (25 of 93)pollyanna 1st dance class (27 of 93)pollyanna

My first shots with the girls since the airport.
1st dance class (51 of 93)envy
1st dance class (42 of 93)envy

Cade took this!  It is much better than the pics I've been getting of the two together!!!
1st dance class (35 of 93)

Wesleigh's ballet slippers are SO tiny!  They are the cutest things ever!  I might have to put them in a shadow box when she's done with them.
1st dance class (15 of 93) 1st dance class (29 of 93)

Cade was showing the girls how I was trying to get them to pose.  He's so cute!
1st dance class (7 of 93) 1st dance class (6 of 93)

I was able to watch the whole class through mirrored windows around the room. The girls had no idea we could see them, so that was awesome. They were both great. Gracie was a little distracted at times. If they had to wait for anything, she would take off to another part of the room. The teacher was great, though, so it will get better. As each girl gets used to the way things go, there won't be so much down time and that will cut down on Gracie's boredom. Overall, I think the class went great, and they were so excited!

Tap was first, and Gracie was all about that.  You see she's the only one in the class doing exactly what the teacher (in yellow) is doing.
1st dance class (65 of 93) 1st dance class (63 of 93)

Ballet was next, and this was Wesleigh's cup of tea.  She loved it.
1st dance class (80 of 93)

Yep....Gracie decided to sprawl out on the floor....yay!
1st dance class (58 of 93)

They finish with tumbling.  They were both so cute, but I have a feeling that Gracie is going to find herself in gymnastics before too long :)
1st dance class (90 of 93)

Gracie had this huge smile on her face the entire time.  (She couldn't see me there...she was just happy)
1st dance class (88 of 93)

There is a father/daughter dance at the recital that I am so excited about. I found out yesterday, that Richard will be taking dance class with the girls beginning in March or April! They actually have to dance! I thought they would just have to stand there or something. Oh my word...I cannot wait to see that! Cade wanted to be the second "dad", but I don't think he'll be able to miss baseball practice for dance class every Friday afternoon :) I think PawPaw is going to be the man for the job! My husband, dad and two little cuties all taking dance at the same's almost more than this mom can stand! I can't wait 'till next Friday!


DiJo said...

I can't stand it and I am just a long distance "Auntie!"
These are just precious Jennifer!!!!! I LOVE the close ups of them.. And, look at Miss Gracie Joy in the straddle splits!!!! Can Ruby have a little of that flexibility please? What a fun thing for you to do with them.. Perhaps this blog will become "Baseball and Ballet Slippers!" one day!!!

I need that recital date.. I don't think I can stay away from seeing Richard and Paw Paw on stage with their sweet girls!!!!


DiJo said...

P.S: Cade rocks!!! And, I think that horizontal pic of you should be in the "Cherished" frame. It is really special!

Terri said...

So sweet!

ashia said...

oh my, this post makes me SO happy! :) i took ballet until i was 18, so i hope and PRAY that my girls are into it! this makes me ready to buy ballet slippers, but we still have to wait 1 more year!

and i LOVE the photo of the 3 of you laughing... SO sweet!

Ani said...

so cute!
i meant to ask you, where did you get the girls' gray and yellow matching dresses (i think they wore them when y'all arrived home with Gracie)? I love, love, love that fabric and would like to get something for our youngest in that combination :)

Anonymous said...

Priceless photos...all of them made me smile :)
Lynette in Laf.

3 Peanuts said...

Oh this is so CUTE!!!!! The father-daughter dance sounds amazing

carolinagirl said...

these photos are just so sweet!!! emma decided she wanted to take dance again so we are two weeks in and she loves it.

did you upgrade your camera after lisa's class? what do you use??? the photos are just so fabulous!!!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

This is the cutest thing I have seen in a long! CUTEST, cutest and more cutest! Seriously cute! LOL!

thanks for sharing.


The Gutmans' said...

Oh my goodness, they are too adorable for words!!!!! Love the picture of the 3 of you, priceless.

Paige said...

I LOVE this!!! The pics are awesome and Cade is the coolest brother ever!!

Deanna said...

LOVE these!! How fun to be able to document them taking dance!! And what blessing that you can give them that opportunity! I love seeing them from so far away! They are beauties. I love seeing them so happy.

Melody Lietzau said...

This post made me smile for so many reasons. I love seeing you with both girls and oh my goodness ballet just too cute. Can't wait to see pics of the father daughter recital. This made me want to sign Hannah up for ballet.

TanyaLea said...

I loved everything about this post... I will have to show it to Khloe tomorrow... she is SO into dance! How neat that you got to be a 'bug on the wall' without the girls knowing you were there. That is just PRICELESS!

And Cade ...what a sweetie he is! I love how he 'helped' with the photo session ~ from stand-in-photographer to modeling poses for the girls! Such a TROOPER!! :)

Oh, and I completely agree with Di... I love the idea of your blog being named "Baseball and Ballet Slippers!" fitting!

God bless! <><

Sammons said...

So precious!! Sounds so much like L's studio. I need to know how you were able to get those shots through the one way window. We have it too and its just too dark and too much glare to get any shots. If we turn the light out where we are standing we can see in well but it is too dark to get a shot and with the light on it has a bad glare and is fuzzy gray! Anyway, the girls look so sweet and like they are having the best time! The shot of you and the 2 girls just took my breath away. Love seeing you 3 together! I will look forward to seeing a video of that recital with Daddy and Paw Paw.

redmaryjanes said...

They are absolutely precious! I would love for Tim to be able to dance with Sophia. I think that would be such a sweet experience for both of them.
I have never seen the white tap shoes. Love them :)

Jennifer said...

Could they be ANY cuter!? I love the 2nd pic of you with the girls....that needs to be framed! And those tiny little ballerina shoes...precious!

Lori said...

They look ADORABLE!!! Something special for them to enjoy together!
Great pics of you and the girls!!!


Shannon said...

Tutu cute!!! :) Love all the pics! My niece's dance studio does the father daughter dance too and it is absolutely precious! Can't wait to see pics AND video of that.

April said...

So cute! My three year old just started dance too, and I saw the cutest idea on Pinterest. In a shadow box frame put a picture of your little dancer along with the first pair of ballet shoes. I plan to do it--thought you might like it too. :-)

quilt-n-mama said...

Amazing pictures! What beautiful little ballerinas you have! I love the tiny slippers! Looks like they both loved their first class. Thinking of you all!

snekcip said...

Nothing more precious than little girls in tutu's!! We "did the dance" thing last year, but this year she is in her ZONE!! Gymnastics is my girls niche!

Tera said...

They are both so stinkin cute!! Love it!

Sharon said...

Adorable! You guys are going to have so much fun!

Sara said...

What beautiful ballerinas!!!
Sara :)

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