Thursday, September 8, 2011


I have some everyday life pics I've been wanting to post. We've been very busy around here this week, just with life. Between football, band, school and 3 yr. olds...we're booked! Life is good though, and everything seems to be settling down perfectly. Here's a picture of Gracie the other night when she got her dumplings :) We actually all went to that Chinese restaurant last night and thoroughly enjoyed it. This place just opened and I am thrilled to have a neighborhood place to go! The owner, Michelle, is from Beijing and she was a sweet as could be. She loved the girls and tried to get Gracie to talk to luck. I just wonder what Gracie thinks, all of a sudden seeing someone who is Chinese and speaking her language. I expected a different reaction from her because she's so friendly, but think it's normal and healthy for her to not be interrested.  I have a feeling we will be regulars at our new find! Sept 7 (8 of 16)

The girls got their hair cut yesterday.  Wesleigh has loved the Salon from day one and I think Gracie enjoyed it too!  I had originally thought I would cut their hair in cute bobs, but Gracie's hair has a mind of its own and I have a feeling that would have been a disaster!
 Sept 7 (9 of 16) Sept 7 (10 of 16)

Gracie's hair before...her hair is actually very wavy!
Sept 7 (11 of 16) Sept 7 (12 of 16) Sept 7 (13 of 16)

All done.  She sat there and flipped her hair a few times in the mirror :)
Sept 7 (14 of 16)

So cute!
Sept 7 (15 of 16)

These girls have been busy getting their brothers to do all sorts of things for them!  Wesleigh wanted to hook the bike trailer on the bike and go for a ride.  I didn't know how to get it on so the girls waited patiently (yeah, right!) for Bryce to get home from school.  He was sweet enough to hook it up and take them for a ride.  Do you see what Wesleigh has started doing???  Yes...instead of Gracie not putting her fingers up...Wesleigh has started doing it too!!!   UGH!!!
Sept 7 (5 of 16) DSC_7133

I could hear them squealing and giggling all the way down the street.  I asked Bryce if they did it the whole time, and they did!  So funny!!  They love this bike trailer, but they are so heavy that it's hard to take them for far!!  I'm glad Bryce is such a good sport!

They talked Cade into chasing frogs for them :)  There was a frog on the window and the girls were fascinated with it.  Cade tried to appease them from inside first, but no such luck!
Sept 7 (1 of 16) Sept 7 (2 of 16)

They squealed like little girls when he caught that frog!  So funny!  Please excuse the dirty housekeeper (aka: me) SUCKS!!  Also, I know these pictures are awful...I didn't have time to fool with them.
Sept 7 (3 of 16)

And because I just couldn't leave you on such an awful's another dose of cuteness!!
 Sept 6 (22 of 30)

Guess what???  The girls are starting preschool tomorrow!!!!  We are all very excited!!  Whoo Hoo!!


snekcip said...

Love the girls new do's!!! They look soooo adorable!! Your boys are such good brothers! I love the way they interact w/the girls!! I had to do a double take on how TALL Bryce is!! Oh my goodness!!

The girls are gonna LOVE preschool!! My grandson who is 3 goes 3days a week. He loves it! Bre is an OLD PRO, however, this is her first year of public preschool! I can't wait to see pics of their "first day"!

Paige said...

So very happy for you! They are precious together! I love their hair cuts. Madeline's hair is like Gracie's, she has alot of wave, sure is easy to braid!

Puttin' On The GRITS said...

I could just eat them up!! You have such a beautiful family.

redmaryjanes said...

So so cute! Sophia just went in to have her hair and nails for kindergarten. I love having a girl!

Lori said...

Love the new doo's!!!! Sporting them some MJ!!! Love it!
They are ADORABLE!!! Can't wait to see pics from preschool...they will love it! Yay for mommy getting a little break! Enjoy your Mommy time...:):)

Have a Great day!

Anonymous said...

Wish I was that cute, after leaving the salon :) Hope they have a wonderful first day of school:) Aw..thank God for great big brothers :)
Lynette in Laf.

The 5 Bickies said...

I love the haircuts! I just bought the MJ dress and leggings they are wearing in the haircut pic for my daughter. Her first MJ. Finally ran into a trunk show in the northeast and knew I needed to get it for her before she gets too old and had more of an opinion. I hope she loves it! Bought the turquoise leggings and wonder if I should have gotten gray stripes.

As for the windows....your post was titled life and dirty windows are party of many of our lives. Don't sweat it!

DiJo said...

OK - TOO FUNNY!!!!!! All of it just cracks me up!!!!! And, you are doing sooooo great!!!! Thank God for your sense of humor!! I think their hair looks beautiful!! i LOVE Gracie's that way!!!! And as for the cuteness shot.. Are you sure that one on the right is not my little bean? Wow they remind me of each other!!! The dresses are ADORABLE!! I can't wait to hear about the duo at school tomorrow. It's going to be so great for both of them!! And, Mom too!!!! Enjoy your coffee around 9:11!!!!


j-chin said...

Wow, I like that picture of Wesleigh and Gracie together after the haircut. Well, actually, I like all their pictures together, but this one just stood out. Gracie looking stunningly beautiful and Wesleigh is just sweet beyond words.
And hurray for loving big brothers. I wish I have big brothers too!

Maria said... I had to comment because Gracie looks just like me at that age...and I'm the only Chinese girl I know who has to blow my hair straight in the morning, otherwise it's a super-wavy mess! My grandparents are actually also from Hunan province, so that could explain it...

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