Friday, September 2, 2011

They Played!

Our afternoons have been going better, mainly because of this:
August 31 (1 of 18)

August 31 (4 of 18)
I have started putting Wesleigh down for a nap again. She just can't handle things in the afternoon if she hasn't napped. She is having some trouble falling asleep at night because of it, so I'm finally going to take your advice and get some Melatonin. I think I will do that today!

Most of the time lately, I feel like (as Richard says) I'm hearding cats! Most of the time, they are going in different directions and I'm just trying to make sure everyone stays indoors, downstairs and off the kitchen table :) Yesterday, though, I was on the phone and when I looked over...they were playing... together!! They were getting blocks from their room, building together and knocking over together! They were even talking to each other!! I didn't even go for my camera because I didn't want to interrupt the moment. It was a glimpse into what things can be like....It was wonderful!

These were taken the other day. I got these skirts at Target for $10! They are precious and the girls do not want to take them off. I have had to hide them in my closet!

They were not getting along as well as it looks like. They were actually competing for the spotlight. They were funny though. Their poses are completely on their direction from me.
August 31 (7 of 18)

She got these "props" all by herself :)
August 31 (8 of 18)

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August 31 (11 of 18)

August 31 (12 of 18)

I love these individual shots. They were really hamming it up.
August 31 (14 of 18)

August 31 (15 of 18)

I swear, Gracie looked like she had modeled before! She did both of these poses completely on her own! She would even give that model "stare"!
August 31 (16 of 18)

August 31 (17 of 18) to start the day! Praying there's some more playtime today!!


Sharon Ankerich said...

So so sweet that they are making their way to each other. Saw those skirts at Target~ cute! Hope you have a great day with your two princesses!

Deanna said...

Aww, I hope you have a fabulous day. Love the new pictures, love their modeling :) I'm glad Wesleigh taking a nap again, you need that time and they need the rest. Thanks for posting, I needed the 'fix.' Wesleigh looks so tiny and Gracie looks so happy. Praying for you guys!!

snekcip said...

Somebody just get the side dishes! Obviously we already(2) hams!!! LOL!!!

They are a hoot!!! Gracie crackes me up w/that "peace sign" pose"!!!

I bpught that skirt for Bre as well! We got it in both pink/purple! She loves anything that twirls!!! Don't you just LOVE "TAR-JAY"!! There fall collection is just precious!! I love the VINTAGE sweater dresses!

So glad to hear the girls are "napping" and are "playing" together nicely! Naps are a necessity! Naps have become quite the "extinct" thing in my house, since she is in pre-k during the week, however, once she is home, she pretty much starts to "crash" about 7-7:30. It's a win-win for us both. She gets "plenty of rest" and I get "plenty of ME time"! :)

Wishing you a great weekend!!

Sharon said...

They are so stinkin cute! Wesleigh looks like a movie star with her shades on!

Ani said...

Those girls are so adorable! Ms Gracie looks like she was born to be in front of the camera :)

Kristi said...

Beautiful girls!! Hang in there's got to only get better, right? :-)

Stephanie said...

Oh, goodness! I feel as though I could write these same words about my two daughters (3 yrs. and 22 months). In fact, I'm sure I have on my blog at one point or another! The brief moments they actually play nicely together...well, I hardly dare breathe! :) I keep hoping that as the 22 month old gets a bit older and is more into playing together, that things will improve. :) Herding cats - ha! - that's even the title I used on my Easter post. SO TRUE!
Your girls are beautiful.

Pink Velvet Mommy said...

I just bought that skirt too....thought it would be cute for Halloween time. I hid it before H could even try that bugger on.

We started the melatonin this summer for when we travel to the beach(west coast) and the time change just makes the first few days there and home a total mess. So I gave in and it does help. I give H half the dose it says....I think our girls are about the same size; H is 35 1/2 inches 26 lbs. But the nap thing is still the struggle here too. H needs the nap, but it affects bedtime and her ability to go to sleep. The melatonin has helped a little. I think the sun going down earlier will help.....please fall come soon:)

It won't be long and those two girls will be inseparable and LOVE playing together!!!

Football and Fried Rice said...

Imagine - it is hard enough getting two 3 olds who speak the same language to play together and to play nicely. Add to that everything both Gracie and Wesleigh have been through and I'd say they are baby rockstars! And darling ones at that! Thankful for you for the naps and for the helpful big brothers!

Jennifer said...

Hang tough, things will start getting better, sounds like 2 normal little girls to me. I love their skirts, so precious! ~Jennifer~

Shannon said...

Absolutely adorable!! Both of your china dolls could be models. Have a great Labor Day weekend with your hubs and all your kiddos. Can't wait to see more some of the boys with BOTH of their sisters. They are so amazing with Wesleigh, I can't wait to see them with both of them. Maybe you should adopt a third so each brother has a sister. LOL

Dawn said...

Love the pictures!! Wesleigh and Gracie are just beautiful!!I have to ask, where did you purchase the doll that you can see in the above picture? I think it is the same doll that you gave Gracie while still in China. I would love to purchase one for my daughter!



Jennifer said...

You have some little models on your hands! Precious!!
Naps are the answer to everything at our house! :) So glad everybody's adjusting so well!

Lindy D. said...

First off, I LOVE the two tone pink monograms. I've never seen that done before. Is that from your clever sister-in-law? I see Gracie has become attached to the dolly and blanket you gave her... so sweet. Wesleigh is a hoot with her shades and bling. They sound like a handful but are SO adorable! You are so blessed.

Do said...

Your little daughters are gorgeous, and Gracie is so photogenic.

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