Thursday, September 1, 2011

Chinese-Mexican Shredded Chicken :)

Gracie has been hard to feed since she's gotten home. She does not care for American food! Even in China, she was picky...smelling everything and picking parts of the meal out of the bowl. I made Mexican shredded chicken the other night. We eat it on tortillas with the fixin's. I knew there was no chance Gracie would put that tortilla in her mouth, so I added a little Chinese flair to it :) We traded the tortilla for rice (only for the girls). She initially started taking the chicken out of it, and walked away but she was hungry so she came back. After one bite of chicken, she said "yummy" and started taking the chicken out to put in her mouth. Yay! That is success...a meal eaten that does not include Ramen noodles!!!
August 31 (3 of 20)

I put alot of these pics because I think they're so funny. We had smoke in the air yesterday because of a marsh fire a ways away, so they're a little hazy. And again, I had about 60 seconds to take these or we would have been late. We had Gracie's pediatrician appt. It was successful in the sense that I didn't lose one of them, and the doctor did get to look at Gracie...even though she was screaming and Wesleigh was crying hanging onto my legs because Gracie was getting attention. Fun times!
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The did grab hands all on their own. They both instinctively know that they're supposed to, at least, look like they love each other for pics :)
August 31 (8 of 20)

Look at their feet! Gracie wears a 9 and Wesleigh wears a 7. Their hands are just as different!
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I made my life easier and bought 2 new baby strollers. We had one that was falling apart, and it was the main thing they would fight over. It helped but they still fight over who's is who's! UGH!! I love this picture though. So funny.
August 31 (17 of 20)

Yesterday was better. I had been putting Gracie down for a nap but not Wesleigh because I needed them to both go to sleep at night. However, Wesleigh was so crabby I couldn't stand it. So yesterday, I decided that Wesleigh was going to nap. It worked. She was SO much better yesterday afternoon. It still took her a while to go to sleep, but I just slept in there with it doesn't matter what time she went to sleep (I fell asleep first).

In the afternoon, I had Bryce take them outside while I helped the other two with homework. It was a nice touch of "normal".

Here is the second video of Gracie and Sam. She will sit in front of the computer and watch these over and over. I have been touched by your comments about your children remembering the songs and enjoying them. this one is so funny because you see some of Gracie's "high energy"...aka: naughtiness). Last time, I forgot to warn those who are not used to the way children travel in China that she was in the front seat :) Sam had never even heard of carseats for children...they just don't use them...ever! Gracie was usually in the back with us, but Sam bringing her up there with him was such a sweet gesture, I couldn't say "no". It also allowed me to get these videos that are invaluable to me. "It's the Chinese Way!"

I was asked where I found these flowers. Both the pink in the pictures and the yellow in the video were bought here!


Martha said...

Sweet sister those monogrammed shirts. Makes me want to get some more monongraming done for my girl.

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

these girls and their outfits, shoes and hair are really sweet.


Anonymous said...

These photos are so precious! Hope you are able to keep in touch with Sam!

Sharon Ankerich said...

I am SO glad you found something Gracie would eat~ SO hard. We had that problem with SJ. I don't think she had really had anything other than soup and stewed vegetables. She didn't like anything dairy and is still picky about it. No yogurt or cheese but loves milk now. And I know how it is to get two everywhere you go~ whew... and I get them holding hands on Q. SJ is great at that but EK not so much. LOL LOVE the video!!!

redmaryjanes said...

Oh goodness, my site is getting a lot of hits :) Thank you for the link. I love these new photos. Your girls are my new covergirls.

It sounds like things are working themselves out between the girls. Your description of the doctors visit has me really feeling for you though. Hang in there.

Teresa M. said...

Adorable, beautiful, pretty, cute, precious, sweet--not sure what other words to use!!! Thanks for sharing! Love their hairstyles!!

Sara said...

What beautiful photos of your sweet girls tpgether!! they are so precious! Thank you so much for posting the videos - they were such a blessing to me as I sat and watched and listened with tears in my eyes remembering our time in China! You asked so many words that I have wanted to know too - Thank you!!!
Sara :)

Mary said...

You are such amazing parents and your girls are precious. The videos with Gracie and Sam are adorable. What a great guy he is! Like he said, the songs that Gracie sang are very common children's songs. The first one was "xiao yan zi" (little swallow-the bird). The second one was "liang zhi lao hu" (two tigers). The lyrics of the tiger song are: "Two tigers, two tigers. Run fast, run fast. One doesn't have an ear. One doesn't have a tail. So strange, so strange." If you google either title, you will find youtube videos of these songs and some other popular children's songs. There's one of the second song with four little girls who are really cute. I bet Gracie would love watching the videos and then she could remember them and teach them to Wesleigh. Have fun!

Dawn said...

LOVE your video Jennifer! Gracie acted so much like Lucy while we were in China!! amazing...we still call her "the energizer bunny" and she has the metabolism of a hummingbird! The girls are so cute together!!

Chasing Dreams Photography said...

They are adorable together!!! What sweet pictures : )

Lauren McG said...

Ummm...are we sure that Sam is not adoptable??? He is the BEST! What is his job in China? That video is so fascinating...keep sharing this incredible journey.

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