Monday, September 19, 2011

More Football :)

I am happy to report that everyone was much happier at Cade's football game this weekend!  The game was at 9:00, so I knew we had a better chance of success.  The girls did great...and boy did Cade put on a show!!!  They played "the other team in town" and Cade had been hearing lots of smack at school the entire week.  We won 30-6!!  Oh that boy fun to watch on the football field?!?!  I know he's my child...and I really shouldn't brag, but I just can't help it!  Even Richard is still talking about it!! 

The last two games have been at the high school field.  It's easy to get lots of pictures from the stands.  I have 190 from Saturday...and that's after I got rid of duplicates!  Like I said...there was lots to take pics of this game!!

These first two are of him running in the 2 pt. conversion.
DSC_7604 pandora DSC_7606 pandora

Cade had 3 touchdown passes in this game (and 1 for a 2-pt. conversion), but he runs the ball too.  My favorite play (don't have a picture) was when he handed the ball off to another player.  That player was met with enough defenders to stop him in his tracks.  When Cade saw that he wasn't going anywere, he just gave him a shove from behind to push him through.  So funny!
DSC_7615 pandora

One of the reasons Cade has been so successful is this little boy.  Derek catches anything Cade can get close to him.  This was him receiving a pass for a touchdown.  Cade says that Derek makes him look good :)  He's right!!
southside vs pandora

A few reasons the game was much better:  Maw Maw, Munchies, Paw Paw and stickers!
DSC_7667 DSC_7749

Hopefully I'll get some pics of Braden on Thursday.  His games are in the evening, so it's not as easy to take pics.

The next post will be answering more of the questions you've had.  If there's something you want to know...ask now!!  :)


Football and Fried Rice said...

Your parents ROCK!!

I love seeing your boy on the field...great teamwork!

QuailMonster said...

Excellent pics! Cade sounds like quite the little superstar. :) Glad this game went a little better for you.

I've been wondering...clearly your boys are crazy about their little sisters, but are there ever any jealousy issues? What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of having kids so far apart in age?

How is Gracie's English coming along? Is she getting used to American food yet?

Anonymous said...

Love the photos of Cade in action and the girls with their grandparents! Okay - questions since you are allowing us (hope these don't come across as too personal or are taken the wrong way - mainly want to know for future reference for those of us considering adopting older children):
-How is the bonding/attachment going with an older child who has a virtual twin - any tips?
-Does Gracie speak to Wesleigh in Mandarin and does Wesleigh remember any Mandarin? Is there any way for Gracie to maintain her Mandarin?
-Since Gracie is older, does she tell you a lot about her life in China - does she have any friends from before that she is able to keep in touch with?
-Gracie looks so happy and integrated - did she go through a lot of grieving - do you have tips on how to integrate an older child so well?
-Hope school is going better for Gracie and hope your mom is fully recovered.
Thank you! Annmarie

Martha said...

My questions is from yesterday's post? where do you get the Got Love? Adopt t shirts! I NEED one...just love it!

Kate said...

We are traveling this fall to bring home our 3 year old. If you could give us one piece of advice about ANYTHING...what would it be???


Shannon said...

Love to see your boys in actions!!

I'm also curious about how Gracie's English is coming along. Also, do each of the girls have a "favorite" they tend to go to if all 3 of them are in the room? If so, what is it about that brother that makes him the chosen one?

DiJo said...

So awesome!!! I want to come to a game!!!!!!

Shout out to the best Grandparents on the planet!!!!


snekcip said...

First, I would like to say: Thank you for allowing us a peek inside your life. It takes much dedication to maintain a household, 3boys fully involved in sports,2pre-schoolers and maintain such a wondeful blog!! My hats off to you! You do this with style, grace and southern charm. I think you have done a wonderful job of covering most things probably most of us have wondered about. However, you may have answered these questions in past post, if so please forgive me!!

*Do you and Richard plan on revisiting the girls birth places when they are older?

*What type camera/lens do you use? What settings do you use to catch those "action shots" of the boys?

*After following a few adoption blogs I have noticed that some AP's get bombarded with really prying and rude questions by absolute strangers while in public places? Have you had any of these occurrences? If so, how have you handled it?

*If you could change one thing about international adoption, what would it be?

Debbie said...


Julie said...

What kind of camera and lens do you use? I enjoy reading your blog.

Shelley said...

I am trying to post this for the 3rd time. I love your blog-your family is beautiful. My dream is to adopt internationally but don't know if I will ever be able to fulfill this dream.
I have an adoption question. I know that you mentioned that you first saw Gracie on a certain blog. How hard was it to access her file? More specifically, do certain agencies only get certain files or can they access a child's if you request it?

Thanks again for sharing!
Ontario, Canada

3 Peanuts said...

LOve Mawmaw and Paw paw:) And yeah Cade!!!

Lucky Mama said...

Hi Jen

I have been following your blog since you returned home with Wesleigh. I love your sense of humor, you make me laugh!

Here's my question...
You seem to have great skin. What is your skincare regimen?

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