Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Few Links

Ok...enough of the drama :) Thank you all for your support and sweet/funny comments! You're awesome!!

I have been asked for a couple of links, and haven't shared them here goes:

This first one is just something that I wanted to share. I bought mine locally, but you can find it here. I just though you'd like it. This sticker book is amazing! I bought one for Gracie to take to China and one for Wesleigh to play with while she was here. I think it was the best thing I had for either one of them! They each had a notebook and spent hours taking the stickers and putting them in the notebook. That sticker book lasted us the entire two weeks in China and was even the toy of choice for the flight home! I would definitely recommend this! (There was one for boys too.)  Santa might have to bring us some more!DSC_6840's the baby that everyone has been asking about :)  She is so soft and cuddly...I heart her :)  Gracie seems to love her too.  I got her here
Changsha (1 of 1)blog

I had one more link I wanted to give.  I just recently found this blog.  I love it!  I even just love the name :  Minus 1 Project.  I ordered a shirt from Kelly, which I love.  I love the simple message.  When I opened it, Bryce happened to be standing right there.  His comment: "Did you get me one?".  Boy do I love that!  He's a sophomore in high school, and he wants to take a stand for something he believes in like adoption.  When this shirt came in, he was thrilled.  He has worn it more than any other t-shirt lately, and it has started quite a few conversations with his friends.  Of course, I got him the military green (mine is black).  Go check them out!!
This Minus 1 shirt is his favorite!

And if you haven't been here, you're missing out!!  Zulily is one of my favorite "guilty pleasures".  I just LOVE all the money I have saved!!  :)  I got Gracie an Oopsie Daisy Baby petti for super cheap, and even got a couple of Matilda Jane things a few days ago!  You never know what you'll find!!

I have a feeling there were more things I was asked about...I just forget!  Ask again if I haven't answered you!!


Mary said...

Oh my! I think my Gracie might love those stickers!! could be a fun thing for her to play with in the hotel room -- thank you!!!

Paige said...

scary how fast I ordered 2 sticker books and 2 dolls:)

redmaryjanes said...

I am a Zulily addict too. And everything I have received has been wonderful. I am going to check out the Got Love site. That is a great shirt :)

Teresa M. said...

I looked at you blog when I first got up and looked at the doll on the link--it was like $19.90 and said "only 1 left in stock". I just looked again now (4 hours later) and it is now $25 and surprisingly "3 left in stock". Isn't that something?

Thanks for sharing, though.

Vicki said...

Since you're sharing info, I just want to know where you get all your daughters' beautiful clothes. ;) Between your girls and the Rouse sisters, there's a whole lotta cuteness goin' on!

3 Peanuts said...

Okay Missy...what about those cute polka dot backpacks??? LOVE them! And are they a decent size? Like for a kindergartner? And who did the monogramming? I got Kate a PB one and I am not thrilled with it. The quality is good but it is not too cute and the monogram is barely visible.

Just read the comment above. Cannot believe someone raised the doll price just today...hmmm...

Anonymous said...

I am so sad I missed out on MJ that morning...I was too late :(
Lynette in Laf.

Tera said...

We LOVE that sticker book at our house too. My youngest put a row of multi-racial ballerinas on a paper one day and told me those are all of the girls we will adopt. :) Love it!!

shelley said...

Love the stickers....great in the car. Thanks so much for the link to the her. Hope there is more for Christmas. We love the adopt shirt...we are sporting the tie-dyed ones.

I have been so good to stay off of zulilly this month, my no spending month.

Jennifer said...

Thanks for the tips. I just ordered the sticker book...good price and I know will be worth every cent! I didn't see MJ on Zulily! dangitt!!
And I LOVE the adopt shirt! May have to get one of those, too!!

Teresa M. said...

I check Zulily ALL the time, can't believe they had MJ on there when I missed a couple days!!! Was it the new stuff? Oh well! Funny, too, you said "I just LOVE all the money I have saved"--my husband tells me that I don't save money by spending it!! (It's the accountant in him!)

Stacy said...

Seriously? People are being rude? Geesh!!!!!!!

I LOVE the t-shirt!!!
Gotta get one of those!!

Miss talking to you.
Can't wait to catch up.
The family looks great. You are one blessed mama!

Love you!!

Barb said...

We love the Got love shirts and I love that your son will wear it. I have one the same age and he has no interest :( Maybe he will get there! You have a beautiful family!

Krista said...

I LOVE the t-shirt and LOVE your blog!! I just happened upon your blog a few weeks ago and have really enjoyed it!!
We've been home 3 years now... wow time flies!!
Krista D
Director Gracie's Room Program
XinXiang China

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