Saturday, July 28, 2007

What's missing?

Can you tell? During the week of baseball camp, Cade lost 3 teeth! Three out of the five days, he went to his coach holding a tooth that he had pulled out. The coach said, he was beginning to think there was something wrong with him. I knew his teeth were loose when he left for the week, but never guessed he'd pull them all during baseball camp. He lost both his top teeth and one on the bottom. I haven't gotten that perfect picture of his toothless grin yet, but this one will do.


Steffie B. said...

That's pretty first thought when I began reading was that he got hit in the mouth. At least that wasn't the that tooth fairy and to drop some buckage! lol


oh my 3 teeth ... that is my one weakness as a mom ... i don't do teeth ... i don't pull, help loosen, or even touch a wiggly tooth ... hope he made a lot of dough for all those teeth ... hee hee

Kimber said...

He is So cute! Even with the missing teeth!

Kimber said...


I just tagged you for a meme. See my post "five things"

Kim said...

I think he looks adorable. I hope my kids teeth all fall out at camp too! Something about "wiggly" teeth makes me dizzy. Seriously. It grosses me out. Like vomit.

On the bright side, he can start saving for college with all the loot he's going to rake in!

Nancy said...

My children are pretty self sufficient in the teeth pulling area. I pulled out my oldest's first tooth. My second son discovered he had a loose tooth on the day of his 6th birthday party, and before the party was over, he had it out. My youngest son had his older brother pull out his tooth. We were at an adoption meeting at the time.

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