Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Bed Head

Since Braden has been letting his hair grow long, he wakes up with some really scary hair! I took this picture because it represents what every morning looks like for Braden. He is freezing when he gets out of bed (we keep it really cold at night) so he wraps up in a blanket. I guess he thinks that makes more sense than putting on a shirt?? He is the skinniest of the three - I swear you can count his ribs, not at all how he was when he was a baby (I'll find a picture to post). He sure is a sweetie though - full of hugs and kisses for his mama!! I sure love that bed head.

Can you see all the mess? The boxes behind Braden and the house plans on the table? This is what my whole house looks like! My parents are buying this house when we move to the new one. They, however, have already sold their house and are moving into an apartment until we are ready to move. So, they have moved a few things into our house and shop already to store for a couple of months. To make room for that, I have started boxing up some of my stuff. I am glad I'm not one of those people who has to have everything in its place because I have a feeling that won't be happening for quite a while!! I would show you pictures of the rest of the house, but it's just too embarrassing!!


Denise said...

My Mitch loves the long hair also so the bed head happens most mornings. He also always has his blanket wrapped around him in the morning while he eats his breakfast! said...

I love the hair and he is a-dor-able!! Cutie.

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