Friday, July 20, 2007

Baseball at the Box!

Here in LSU country, people LOVE their LSU football, and they LOVE their LSU baseball. When Richard was in college, he played baseball for the Tigers, so it has always been a big deal in our family. This week, Braden and Cade got to experience what it is like to play baseball at "the box". They went to the LSU baseball camp this week, and had a blast. They divide all the kids into teams and then they play games and a tournament throughout the week. Today was the championship game, and we won!! They were so excited that they jumped in a dog pile (Braden now knows that you don't want to be on the bottom). Of course, we were there cheering them on the whole time. Not that we're competitive or anything, but we wanted them to kick their buts!!! So if that wasn't exciting enough, then they gave awards out to the whole group (about 100 kids in their age group). They picked Braden as the baseball camp player of the week!! Boy was I proud. I was beaming ear to ear. (Braden was a little excited too). So here are some great pics I got of the whole day. Nothing like playing baseball outside in the South Louisiana heat and humidity. It was HOT! I don't know how they did it all week.

Here they are sitting in the first base duggout

Cade sliding into home

Giving Paw Paw a high five

The dog pile, Braden in on the bottom looking for help.

Braden getting high fives from his team when he won the award.

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Boys and baseball....

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