Saturday, July 28, 2007

What a Funk!

Well, we made it back. It turned out to be a very interesting week. I'll have to elaborate on that later. Fresh on the brain today is all the laundry that I am trying to dig out of today. My first mission was to unpack, especially Bryce's bag because who knows what is in it! Well, you have never smelled "funk" until you get a wiff of this bag. I immediately started gagging!! It was BAD. He had his wet swimsuit and wet towels in there with all the stinky clothes. I thought I would fuss, but then I just thanked God that I was not one of the counselors that had to smell all those kids for the week! When asked if he used deodorant this week, he said, "sometimes". Translation: nope! I am working on disposable clothes for next year.

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