Thursday, February 10, 2011


OK...All of you from the north can flame me for being such a wimp. I can take it!! I am miserable!!! I'm from the south! I do 100 plus temps with 90% humidity!! I don't always enjoy it, but I do it! This cold, wet weather is just about enough to do me in!! I want to get the mail without freezing...I want to wear my flipflops!...I want to see my kids with that warm glow from spending time outside...I want to sit on the beach!!! I know...I'm making it worse. What can I say...I'm a southern girl!

We have a couple of baseball tournaments at the end of this month and I know we're going to freeze! It's always this way in February. The spring/summer clothes are out. If we're buying them...we should be able to wear them! Am I right?

OK...I'll stop my whining...oh, one more thing: Richard has the flu! He can't take the flu shot because he's allergic to chicken. Did you know that they cure the flu shot in chickens? Yep....pretty disgusting!! I have to say, as gross as that is...I'm happy to have taken the chicken flu shot and not be the one in the bed :)

This weekend, Cade is celebrating his birthday a month early. Cade totally got the shaft last year. His birthday was about a month after we got home from China, and I was not in the party mood. He was sweet enough to celebrate his when we had a little party for Wesleigh, but he definitely got the short end of the stick. This year, he decided he wanted to go to the Globetrotters for his bday. They are in town tomorrow so Richard and another dad are bring 6 boys to see the game. I know they are going to have a great time. I am secretly thrilled that they are doing that instead of a party somewhere...although they are all staying the I might regret that decision!!!

Miss Wesleigh turns 3 on Saturday!!!! Yay!!!! Leaving the 2's behind!! Not that the 2's were a bad year for Miss W :) We are having a small family party for her, but I did order a really cute cake. I'll have lots of pictures to share!

Today...however...there no new pictures to share. I have not even thought to pull out my camera. I guess I'll torture us all with this one:
Ahhh....sun-kissed children.....


Sammons said...

Praying this morning that Richard's flu is gone in time to celebrate big with Cade tomorrow! Come on down to AZ for a little warm up, we're expecting 68 for our high today! I never tire of those beautiful beach shots, look how much Sweet W has changed and grown up in just 6 mos!!

snekcip said...

Just left a comment and blogger totally kicked me out! Not once but 3x's!! Ughhhh!! Okay, here's the shorter version!

First off, hoping Richard is feeling better soon! Poor guy! I'm not a "flu shot" recipient because I'm allergic to chicken...its' more like I'm TOO CHICKEN to take the shot, so I take my chances! Sad isnt it.

IN OTHER HEADLINES: Early birthday wishes to Ms Wesleigh"! 3 is such a fun age!! Watch how her "vocabulary" and "personality" really just manifest within a month or so!!

ROUNDING OUT MY COMMENT: My granddaughter will celebrate her 7th birthday on the same day as Wesleigh! However, hers will be mixture of BEIBER fever and Hello Kitty mania! YIKES! We're having an awesome cake made for her MINUS the JUSTIN dud...I mean dude! HA!

FLIPPING THE SCRIPT....hoping warmer weather hits your area, because it's COLD here now, but we are expecting temps in the 60's by Saturday!! CRAZY!!!!

*I know...your thinking..."if this is the shorter version, I can only imagine the LONG version* Okay...zipping my lip and pulling away from the computer!

Football and Fried Rice said...

TORTURE!!!! I almost thought to take a picture of our mounds of snow today :-) Cause it will be around until April!! ugggh!! Wish WE were sporting bikinis and suntans :) Nope, not so much!

Hope Richard feels better SOON - that stinks.

Football and Fried Rice said...

and THREE!?!?!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!??!?!

SUCH a fun, fun age - can't wait!!!

And the globetrotters are fun! The boys will like that :) have lots of popcorn, cookies, and gatorade ready for when they get home!

The Oswalds said...

right there with you! so ready for spring!

Anonymous said...

You have my full sympathy...I am a Northern girl and hate winter....but I am used to it. Its so much harder if you aren't used to the cold. So go ahead and complain. This northern girl is not going to criticize. I agree with you 100%.

Thanks for sharing the picture. I dream for temperatures like that (even in the summer) nice.

CTG from RQ

Debbie said...

I so understand your not liking cold weather. I do not either!!! I grew up in IL and when we moved to OK I was loving the HOT weather. Well today we have been out of school for 8 days and tomorrow will make 9 days in a row. We had 21" of snow last week and another 8" this week. We are burried!!! Our little town does not have the equipment to clear all the roads so they concentrate on just the main ones and our subdivisions only get the main street cleared. I wish I was on a beach somewhere!!! =)

DiJo said...

Oh my gosh... Look at Teacup!!! Look at her hair. She has really grown up!! Three is going to look so darn cute on her!!!

As for you, my wimpy southern friend!!! Go get some sweet tea and dream about warmer days.... I on the other hand will get some hot tea and dream about what it will look like when we have green grass again. -39 at the cabin today.. Seriously? I do prefer melted water to the kind you can drive your SUV on!! Enough already. Let's go to Guangzhou!


3 Peanuts said...

I am SO with you Southern friend. I am so sick of shivering.

I sure hope Richard feels better so that he can go to the game (and just so he feels BETTER too). UGH...the chicken thing SO grosses me out. Only Dave got the shot this year. The rest of us did not so I am hoping we don't get it.

I hope Cade and Wesleigh have awesome birthdays this week:)

And I love your new look!!! I love simple and clean:) I need one too. I redid my photo blog (similar header to this) but 3 peanuts needs a new look too.

Jennifer said...

I feel the same way! I will never again complain about our 110 degree Texas summers again!
Looks like you've got a little ball player on your hands...too cute!

Canada to China and back! said...

I totally feel your pain! Although we usually don't have hope for warmer weather until....May! Yes I said May! We were planning a trip to Florida for two weeks at the end of April so we had some heat to look forward to....but everything is in the air with Addison and her treatment! So I bought a totally cute summer outfit that just hit the floor yesterday. Sigh....summer how I miss you! Hoping you see warmer weather soon!


Mission To Macie said...

I'm with you sister....ready for the flip-flops and capri pants!

Get well soon Richard!

and I totally can't wait to see Wesleigh's birthday pics!

Stay warm...tomorrow is gonna be cooolllddd!

Jill :0

Anonymous said...

A remmdy for any illness without medication was passed to me and has been successful with the flu virus.Cut an onion in half and place the two halves in dishes in the same room as the patient.It is said that it absorbs the virus.Maybe worth a try?

Lori said...

Yay,, I can finally view your blog again! Your header looks great and I am so with you on the cold weather thing!
Happy Birthday to your babies!
Have a great weekend!

Shannon said...

Happy Birthday Miss W!! Hope you have a fabulous day!.

Don't mean to rub it in, but we are looking at a 70 degree weekend here in Dallas. We deserve it though after the two weeks of severe winter we've head...3 days last week stuck inside due to an ice storm, then the snow came, then another ice storm this week with record low temperatures. Can you say CABIN FEVER?!!!

Summer and the humidity will be here before you know it. Hang in there!


Oh Jennifer,
Try -11 degrees. I hate NY winters but I hate Southern summers. I don't like humidity either. I used to live in Galveston Texas. I need to be one of those people who live in NY in the summers and Fla. in the winters or maybe even California. I hope Richard is feeling better. Cody had some type of flu for about 3 days and miraculously Hannah didn't get it even though she was constantly eating on his utensils before I could stop her.

Kat Shank said...

I'm there with ya, woman. I moved down south to get AWAY from this cold (and snow). 26 years in Buffalo was enough for me! Little did I know that 10 years later, Buffalo would finally find me. :P

Enjoy your coming birthday with the kids, and I'll look forward to seeing the pictures! Hope Richard starts feeling better soon... although I will say I wish I didn't have to get the flu shot myself. Don't like it, but that's just personal preference. Make him go see a doctor if he hasn't already! They can at least easy his suffering!

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