Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year!! seems I have a little Chinese girl, who knew Chinese.....who is learning English.....who likes to use Spanish from Dora!!! LOL...

Wesleigh has started using the word "Abre" (open) all the time, and she uses it correctly!! Absolutely cracks me up!!


I'm posting this picture again, because I just LOVE it!! (and I haven't taken any cute pics lately!!) I took this pic and Diana fixed it up in PS for me. I will be getting PS very soon! It totally took my "good pics" into the portrait range. Thanks Di!! (If you've been living in a cave and haven't heard Diana's should go check it out!! So exciting!)

I have some exciting things coming up...Saturday, we are attending a FCC Chinese New Year celebration! I am so excited to go. We went two years ago before we had Wesleigh and had so much fun. Last year, we had only been home for about a week and Wesleigh was still screaming in the carseat. There was no way we could drive a couple of hours to it. I am so looking forward to seeing these amazing families. Wesleigh is wearing one of her silks from China and I had a super cute bow made to match!! I can't wait!

I'm also getting Wesleigh's summer clothes from last year out to sell. I'll be posting them before long.

My blog will have a new look soon! You know when you get to the point that you think you'll just throw the computer if you have to see the same old "blog" one more time?...yep...I'm there!! Hopefully, it will be up soon!

Two of my boys are home from school today. I know all of you in the north will laugh, but they're home because there's a risk of "wintery mix" today. :) People go nuts here when there's even the chance of snow/sleet! Kind of funny. I'm happy to have them home, though. Braden is in a different school system so he had to go :(

Hope you all have a great day. I'm excited because I can go to the grocery store alone because the boys are here! LOL... they're going to be excited that there might be some food in the house again!


snekcip said...

Too funny! Oh how I love this picture of her!! I love it even more in PS!! Diana is awesome isnt she!!

I had to laugh, because Bree loves to "speak" Spanish (Dora) and Chinese (Kai lan) and will sometimes argue that Dora is saying a certain word that Kai lan pronounces differently in Chinese!! She tells me "Momma....Dora said that wrong! Poor Kid is confused to say the least!!

We have some school closures here as well *eye roll*!! Luckily its not OUR district NOR Bree's school *since it adheres to our school district schedule* Tomorrow may be a different story since we are have "BLIZZARD" flurries! HA!!!

BTW>>> I gotta figure out how to setup my blog to sell Bree's clothes! She has tons of nice clothes/shoes that I need to get rid of!!

Tina Michelle said...

that is a super cute pic. Cannot wait to see the blog makeover. I hope you have fun at the celebration!

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

you are so right! That picture is adorable.

Happy New Year


Melody Lietzau said...

Happy chinese new year. What size are the clothes?

Ani said...

She is a cutie... Can't wait for the summer clothes post! Ms W is always so well dressed :-)

Lori said...

Happy CNY! That picture is SO precious!!

DiJo said...

You know what I think about your wimpy southern peeps!! :)

I LOVED doing these pics of TeaCup.. You took them my friend.. I just dressed them up a bit!!!!

Happy Year of the Rabbit!!!! Can't wait to really celebrate soon!


Stacy said...

Happy Chinese New Year!!
Lucky! You get to go to a FCC New Year Celebration!!

That has got to be the ONLY bad thing about living in the middle of nowhere. : )

Guess what I got today?!
Fingerprint appointments.

Not only did I get them on Chinese New Year! But, our appointments are on Valentines Day!! Both of them!
So, we will celebrate the New Year and Valentines together. : )

Love ya!!


You're right, I did laugh when I heard why the boys were home. If you want to see a wintry mix you just look up here in upstate NY my dear. We had two snow days in a row, that's how bad it was up here.

Sharon Ankerich said...

PRECIOUS photo and happy CNY to you all too!!!

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