Thursday, February 24, 2011



I wanted to write down some of the funny things Wesleigh is saying right now. I know that if I don't write them as it happens, I will forget. I added this picture because it makes me smile. She got some puzzles for her birthday and loves them. This is how I found her the other day. She doesn't squat so much anymore, but it's super cute when she does ;)

When she wakes up in the morning, she calls for me in a variety of ways. Here are some examples of what she might say,"
"Mommy, Where are you?"
"Mommy, it's morning!"
"Mommy, come here!"
It's really cute. She says it over and over until I go in there.

Yesterday, Cade and Wesleigh were in the laudry room. He was doing something to aggrevate her and she picked up a walkie talkie, put it to her ear and said, "STOP! I gonna call Mommy!!" She yelled it and we all heard her. We just cracked up. Cade came out laughing and asked if we heard what she said...too cute! I'm thinking she might have heard that before somewhere ;) lol...

When she wants to watch a movie she says, "how 'bout....Rella (Cinderella)?" or "Belle" or "Rora" (Aurora) or Ariel.

She says "I doddy" (I'm sorry) all the time. It makes me feel a little bad, but I haven't made her do that. If we bump into each other, I drop something, she drops something, it can be anything and she says she's sorry. Super sweet.

I was taking something from her yesterday that she wasn't supposed to have and she put it behind her back and told me to say "please". :)

I'm still trying to take some sweet pictures so I can do a "3 yr. old" post. The weather has been warm but super cloudy. Hoping I can get it done soon.


Christy said...

Oh Jen-- PA??? Oh goodness-- please share as soon as you can!!I am so excited for you and want to know all the details. I will tell you, you are going to love having 2 girls. They are wild and crazy and my girls strip off their clothes at the drop of a hat, but they love eachother and entertain eachother and it is a joy to watch these two little ones tied by their homeland. I am so excited for you-- share if you can:)

Sharon Ankerich said...

SO adorable!!! Love all the cute things you wrote!!! Love the squat~ both mine still do it too!!! :)

Number 6 and no more counting! said...

I sure wish I could do that kind of pose! so cute.

Jealous of your weather.


DiJo said...

Hi! I am using Jeffs iPad and listening to Chris Tomlin and checking your blog!!! So fun already!!! Love this post! Did you lol when she asked you to say please? Hysterical!!!!


3 Peanuts said...

I love all the little funnies. She has a sweet sweet personality:)

Sammons said...

What a cutie! I love to blog the cute sayings and doings too, my memory is .... not so good! Love the squat shot :)

Stacy said...

She cracks me up with tellling on Cade!
So funny!

Wish we could see you guys.

Shannon said...

So sweet, but the making you say please made me laugh out loud. She is too funny! I wish I could squat like that. If I got down, I'd definitely need help getting back up. :)


She knows how to work it. Hannah fakes getting boo boo's so she can go get her boo boo bear from the freezer. She also works her brothers even when they aren't picking on her(which is most of the time), just to get them in trouble.

Football and Fried Rice said... you got a few letters...wheres the intro!?!?

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