Friday, February 4, 2011

Something to Share!

I have an amazing story to share with you!!!! Actually, I'm going to let my new friend share it with you. Go here to check it out! Be sure to leave a note and welcome her to the bloggy world!!

I am humbled that God would use this blog to bring another precious child home. I know, years ago, God used Diana's travel blog to Ruby to push us to take the plunge. I didn't personally "meet" Diana until a couple of years later, but she played a key role in Wesleigh coming into our family. It is amazing how the stories of these precious girls coming home strikes a cord with those who's hearts are open. I love it! And I love the bond it creates between us moms and our daughters...a red thread, indeed.

On another "sharing" note...My niece, Auden, came to play for a little while this morning. Let's just say that Miss W isn't too keen on the whole "sharing" idea. Wesleigh was so excited for Auden to come over, but when she realized Auden was going to play with her things, things changed a bit. Bottom line, they adore each other and are so sweet, but Wesleigh has alot of work to do before she's going to be ready to share with a sister!! I might be calling the preschool she will attend next year and see if they would happen to have an opening on their mother's day out program for the rest of this year!


This picture is so sweet and looks like they are "sharing" Bryce. What you don't see is the fit Wesleigh had when Auden climbed up in Bryce's lap!! There was NO way she was sharing her Bryce!! (These are not the shoes she would normally wear with this outfit! Auden came in squeeky shoes and Wesleigh just had to have a pair on herself ;)

The boys are home today because of the threat of icy roads this morning. It is one gloomy, yucky, cold day and I'm glad to still be in my pjs and have them all home!!

Hope you're all staying warm and dry!!


Deanna said...

So sweet, I love to see them both together! I'll bet MDO would help prepare her for a sister :) I promise birthday prizes will be in the mail soon!!

Lindy said...

Well, Bryce should be use to girls fighting over him by now! Mothers Day Out sounds like a good start for Wesleigh Jane. It's hard to learn to share when your are the only little one in the house. Your niece is adorable.

Sammons said...

I think having sibblings that aren't interested in your ~stuff~ makes the sharing dilema a little more intense!! We have gone through the same exact thing, with both toys and "my sister", "my brother"! But we planned lots of play dates and just pressed on and I think we are almost there now! Have a wonderful time at the FCC Chinese New Year! Can't wait to see pictures! Mary

Sharon Ankerich said...

Wesleigh is very normal~ my EK did NOT like sharing with her cousin Max either but since SJ has been home, EK has done a 180. She still has her little moments but having a sister has made her a better person in SO many ways!!! I know Wesleigh will be too!!! She's a precious doll!!!
Joy to you!

Football and Fried Rice said...

When is Wesleigh's birthday? And she will turn three? Or is she already three? I can't remember! I LOVE the look she is giving Auden at the table :) She will learn to share quickly, I promise!

snekcip said...

I think Wesleigh will do great in MDO! Bree had to learn to share her things as well, being in daycare has taught her alot of tolerance and sharing. Although she has come along way...she still does not share her beloved stuffed FROG with anyone!! You would swear the "admiring party" was about to "fry the frog legs" or something! She goes ballistic!

Debbie said...

We have a real problem with Darci sharing as well. She is the only sibling at home and it can be real tough sometime. We went and spent some time with a travel mate who is from the same province as Darci and they had a blast and no spats were to be had. MDO would be a huge benefit. BTW - I love her kitchen set. What kind is it??

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