Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A February Pick Me Up!!

Whoo Hoo!! Other than waking up to tropical weather this morning, I can't think of anything that would have lifted my spirits as much as a bloggy makeover! Since the tropical weather is nowhere to be found, I'll just sit and stare at my new look!!

You'll notice that the name has changed, as well. This is the name that's in my URL and I thought it was time to make things simpler. I guess that might be the theme..."simple". I'm loving the new, clean look. Of course, I'm sure it won't take long for me to get bored and I'll want my bling back!!!

Keisha is responsible for my new look, so if you're looking for a makeover too, give her a shout!!

Just to make sure you understand that baseball and bows aren't necessarily mutually exclusive...


Check out that swing!! This was a couple of weeks ago on a warmer day. She can actually hit the ball more than she misses!! We're so proud ;)


Tina Michelle said...

Love the new look!!

Wendy said...

I love love the new look! I was laughing at your comment on my blog, as my oldest always loves to tell me that I was a very young Mom for my first and now a very old one for my second! Also Congrats on your next addition I cannot wait to follow you back to China! I follow your friend Diana's blog as well so excited for her too! I will have to send you the email to our China Play date that we have every 3rd Saturday in Mandeville.


Sammons said...

I love the new look!!!! Its so fresh, makes me want to go back and see all the old posts in the "new", .....but I think I'd better go hop in the shower before L.J wakes up instead. Our high will be 71 today, kind of tropical? Then back in the low 60's tomorrow :) Only Arizona! Have a wonderful week!

Stacy said...

I LOVE this! I'm waiting on mine to get a new look, too.
I can't wait for that!

You aren't getting any good weather either?
We are at a whopping 1 degree right now!! : )
Wanna come visit? You might think you WERE in the tropics then.

Have a great day!!

Deborah said...

Love the new fresh look. Fairly new to your blog and excited for you and your on your new journey.

Lindy said...

Look how color coordinated she looks... pink bow, pink ball; gray shirt, gray bat. With three brothers, how could she NOT love baseball. It looks like she is having lots of fun.

snekcip said...

Okay I love this new look!! The headliner pics are too awesome!! Wesleigh pictures *batting the ball in a bow* goes perfectly with the blog name I love the simplicity of it all and yes its easier on the eyes!!

Also love, love, love the easier way to comment!! Heck, you almost make me wanna startup my blog!

Anonymous said...

Love the new look:) Only problem is I can't get it up on Google chrome? It may just be me - but I had to come onto windows explorer to send this.

I can see the blog for a few seconds then the whole webpage goes white.

Elizabeth said...

Your blog will ONLY open with windows explorer (which I hate). Is anyone else having this problem? Firefox and Chrome won't open it anymore. Maybe it is because of the new layout because I have never had this problem on this blog before. Or maybe it is just me.

snekcip said...

@Anon/Elizabeth...the same thing happened when I first opened it here at work *I know...bad employee* tee-hee, only the wording appeared minus the picture, then I refreshed and slowly the picture of Wesleigh came up! Hope I dont encounter the problem when I get home! *keeping fingers/toes crossed* that it doesnt!

*okay how do you make the word verification go away* HA!! just kidding!!

Keisha said...

Elizabeth.. sorry you are having trouble viewing this blog. I use Windows Explorer 8. I have tried to find a solution to your problem but, I can't find one. It seems that Google Chrome has been having these types of issues.. & I found several links were people are having trouble viewing blogs that they once had access to.
I will contiue to trouble shoot .. but, I believe you will have to view this blog (since it is supported/created in Windows 8) in Windows Explorer.

Keisha Walker
Blogs for Babies

Mission To Macie said...

Looks great! Keisha is the bomb-diggity!!!!

DiJo said...

LOVE the make over!!!!! I love seeing your gorgeous children on top! I can't wait to see #5 up their soon!!!!

Wow - Tea Cup has a mean swing. And, I love her face!!! How cute is she? I can't believe she is almost 3!!!!

OK - I am ready for a February Pick Me Up... Like finger print appointments!!!! We need some "noise" around here!!! Oh, and one referral please!!!


Holli said...

I absolutely LOVE your blog! My heart melts over adoption. What a blessing Wesleigh is!

Anonymous said...

love, love the bloggy makeover! the header is adorable with all 4 kiddos. and all the hot pink....a little bit jealous over here...that's why I painted my laundry room pink!

Debbie said...

Hi.have been following your blog forever and love you fresh new look..plus I could never comment before? D

Lauren McG said...

Great job, Jenn! The new simple theme is agreeable to these aging eyes. The photos at the top are breath-taking...continue to share your world with us as we await BatterGirl's sissy!! Love you.

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