Monday, April 5, 2010

Two Months Home!


Oh my...I can't believe we've only been home 2 months! That trip to China seems like a lifetime ago. I've been working on a photo book of the trip, but I'm afraid I'll forget all the details before I can get them written down! There just isn't enough time in the day. If only I didn't need sleep! Oh, but I love thee!!! By the time I get the kids down I am spent, done, kaput. I've been a mother long enough to know that this season will pass quickly, and to tell you the truth, I'm not praying that it does. I'm trying to enjoy every minute and trying to make up for the 2 years of Wesleigh's life I missed. It is so odd to have a child that you have no idea what their life was like for 2 whole years. I keep trying to imagine her with her friends and nannys in the orphanage and wonder if she was as full of personality there...and if anyone noticed.

We seem to have fallen into a pretty good routine. I still can't get used to the fact that I have 4 children! I have counted 3 for so long that it is very odd to now have 4. She seems to fallen right into place and has been a joy. Here are some of the things she can do now:

dances to music

fusses for us to turn the DVD on in the car ( sure beats the screaming!!)

doesn't cry in the carseat anymore (we haven't taken any trips, though)

has to give everyone night night kisses before bed

still gives us trouble at bedtime and naptime

Has started to use her words appropriately. She went to the high chair and said, "eat".

She actually tattled on Bryce today! (more later)

She loves to read books. I can actually get to the end of a couple now.

If you have a phone (especially an iph0ne) that you'll let her hold, she'll be your best friend.

She is still very leary of all men and very friendly to most women.

She tools around on her own now, and doesn't need me sitting there watching her.

She knows that the boys will give her whatever she wants, especially food.

She is very easy going and does ok without a nap. She gets tired, but not too cranky.

She gives the whole baseball team knuckles before each game. It is REALLY cute!

She will repeat "Wesleigh Jane", but not "Wesleigh". Have no idea why because we don't call her Wesleigh Jane.

She can repeat anything you say. The funniest was when she repeated, "For crying out loud". You couldn't understand her words, but could tell from the intonation what she was saying.

She loves to see photos. I just ordered some of her today. She will get a big kick out of them.
Her favorite show is Sesame Street.
She blows kisses.
She waves and blows kisses to everyone, be it Walmrt or church.
I would write a list of words she's saying, but the truth is, she will repeat almost anything if you ask her to. We are working on using those words instead of saying, "uh uh" for everything.
She is a true joy and lights up our life. We have been so blessed!



Kim said...

WOW,.... can't believe it has been 2 months,.,.
Seems like I was trying to wake up early to see you guys in China...
Love the Easter dress.. and Wesleighs smile is tooooo cute..
Love it..
Have a great week..

DiJo said...

Oh, I could just eat her up in that dress and bow!!!!! What a blessed Easter you must have had with "The Tea Cup" spicing in up!!!! Jen, I can't believe you have been home two months either. In some ways, it does seem like WJ has been with you forever... I don't know how I will ever get to a photo book or a video edit of Sienna. I know where you are coming from... But, as you said, it is a season!!! We are so blessed!


Everyday Mom Designs said...

Beautiful pictures... she is an absolute beauty.. :)

Serving the King said...

Incredibly cute!! Diggin the dress!!! -sigh- call me jealous!

Shay Ankerich said...

She is beautiful and I can't believe it's been 2 months either! Love all that she is doing now. What a doll!!! You are very blessed and so thankful you all are home and getting into a routine!!! Praying you get lots of rest!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Oh, Jennifer... I am so happy for y'all. Sounds like Miss Wesleigh Jane is settling in beautifully with the love and care y'all are showering her with. And I know what you mean about wondering what life was like for her before... it's something that I have found eases a bit when you reach that magic day - the day she's been a part of your family longer than she was absent from it.

snekcip said...

She is gorgeous in her BUNNY DRESS!! Love it!!!

Lindy said...

Wesleigh has just blossomed with your love and care. I hardly recognize the girl she was when you met her in that orange snowsuit. She is full of personality indeed!!

Journey To Our China Doll said...

PRE-CIOUS!!!! :0)

BrOwN CiRcUs said...

She is just a doll! We are just about a month ahead of you with our Gotcha day and loving every minute!

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