Friday, April 2, 2010

Catch Up

This week has been so crazy that I am behind on everything...laundry, dishes, blogging, etc, etc,..... The weather has been so nice that we haven't wanted to be inside. In fact, Wesleigh has skinned both knees, 1 elbow, and a busted lip. She fits right in ;)

I'm going to attempt to catch up on what's been going on over here. Sweet Cade had his 9th birthday on the 26th. He shared Wesleigh's party earlier in the month so we had a little celebration just for him. Recognize the cake? It's the same on I got Wesleigh on her birthday. She got so excited when she saw it. She knew EXACTLY what to do this time! I think Cade felt like he didn't get the red carpet treatment this year...and he's right. I just don't have it in me to go all out right now. We are so proud of him and love him to death!

The weather this week has been absolutely perfect. We spent one day at the zoo. Wesleigh had a good time and actually enjoyed seeing the animals. My parents brought my nephew Rylan along.

The playground at the zoo. This girl LOVES to slide and her sweet brothers would take turns bringing her up and down.

Rylan holding Wesleigh's hand as we were walking along. So sweet!

We received a sweet gift in the mail this week. The bag that Wesleigh is holding was part of it. The outfit, you'll see here later. It's adorable! Thank you, Ginger!! I should have video'd her opening the package because she gets SO excited. It's adorable.

Daddy has found a new favorite activity. He has dusted off the old buggy and has a new driver. She was so proud of herself and they now go driving around every afternoon.

I came out to find Wesleigh completely dressed the other day. Why I didn't take a picture of Cade's original outfit choice, I'll never know. It was hysterical! She still had her pj's on and then had one of her monogrammed dresses on top of that. He had even chosen a bow that matched and had it on a headband. It was so cute. He was disappointed that I wasn't going to let her stay in it, so I told him he could choose something else. This is what we came up with. So cute. He asked if picking out her clothes could be his job. HA! Not a chance!!! I told him that I had waited long enough to dress a girl and there's not a chance I'm giving that job up!!

Last, but not least, is Bryce and his friend, Reid. This is what they looked like today as they headed out to have an airsoft war in the woods. I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to snap this. So funny!

Spring break will end Tuesday and maybe things will get back to normal...HA! Whatever that is!!! Something tells me that this summer won't be as relaxing as last year. I can't believe that the school year is almost over! Next year I will have one in high school, jr. high, elementary and a 2 year old!!! Lordy!

Happy Easter!!

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!


Courtney said...

Have a great weekend. I can't wait to see Wesleigh's Easter outfit.

Mission To Macie said...

Looks like yall had a fun week! I LOVE Wesleigh's green shorts! Adorable!

Can you believe school is almost over? I feel your pain with the kids spread out all over schools.... August of '12 I will have one in college, one in high school, one in jr high and one in elementary! LOL

Have an awesome Easter!
Jill :)

Football & Fried Rice said...

What a fun update!! You are so funny. I was just thinking - that next year, I will have 3 in 3 different schools - isn't that the way it goes!!! No wonder we put so many miles on the car!

Happy Easter,

Anonymous said...

thanks for taking the time to post! We need our Weleigh fix! I know the weather has been so gorgeous that we have not been inside either. The hammock has received much use this week. My Ohio guests call it "dreamy." May you all have a blessed Easter. Love, Lauren McGowan

Anonymous said...

Glad you got the package. The boys (including Trent) were so excited to see her carring the bag. She's a celebrity in our house!! The boys also helped me pick the outfit. It was so cute because I couldn't decide between two outfits and Mason said "Mom....Wesleigh already has that dress". I knew I hadn't seen it in any of your posts but he was very adamant about it so we chose the other one (which I adore and can't wait to see her in it). It's so fun picking out girl clothes!! I don't blame you for not giving up the job of dressing her every day!!

Hope you guys have a great Easter!!


Christy said...

Great update!! Wesleigh with her skinned knee and fat lip would also fit well into our family! Poor mia is constatly getting knocked around by the boys or the dogs but I love that she is a rough and tumble little girl who can hold her own. We were at the hockey rink today at the boys game and mia was climbing a chain link fence and I was just hanging out- no biggie-- she can handle herself. OH my did I have some woman pissed at me. They were shocked I was allowing her to climb becuase she "may hurt herself"-- may?? What do you mean-- of course she will hurt herself-- she always does. BUT, she also can totally handle herself doing stuff other 3 year olds cant like climbing to the top of a chain link fence. Why stress over everything??

Happy Easter!


Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

Love all the pictures!! My boys like to dress Ava too, the outfits they pick out are hilarious!!

I cant believe I will have 1 high schooler, 2 Jr. High, 2 in elementary and 1 preschooler!! Crazy indeed! ha

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