Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I Never Thought I'd See the Day...

...when my 13 yr. old would be riding a pink tricycle around the driveway!
DSC_4639 You gotta love a brother that will ride his little sister around on a pink tricycle!!
I love it!!

Wesleigh and I went to my dad's office to meet the people he works with. I've known them all for years, so it was fun to introduce them to Miss W. They had a gift for her...the awesome pink tricycle!! I LOVE it!! It is the cutest stinkin' thing I've ever seen. She was super excited about it. She's not quite big enough to reach the pedals which is why Bryce was giving her a hand.
After the bike ride, she decided to dump out the dog's water and spash in it. Here's the difference between a blogger mom and a dad: mom sees it and runs for the camera. Dad comes around the corner and fusses at little girl AND mom. Then he changes the water container to a huge bucket that W can't lift! Geez...where's the fun in that? LOL... That's alright...I got my pics!!
I had some wonderful visitors today that I will post about tomorrow!
Hope you're having a great week!!


Everyday Mom Designs said...

That tricycle is too cute! Love the dog water pic! :)

carolinagirl said...

how cute are they??? love miss w's dress! precious!

Serving the King said...

Another darling dress AND a pink tricycle? Girl, we have discussed this! Sheesh!....I wonder if it's too late for a home study change? LOL

Lindy said...

What a sweet present!! Can you put blocks on the wheels so she can ride it? Love her dress and her hair... it is growing in so nicely.

Courtney said...

Love the adorable pictures. What a sweet gift. Her dress is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Bryce! What else is a girl suppose to do with a dish of water??? Go, Miss W!

Kim said...

Tricycle is toooo CUTE..
Love it..
Love the water ..
Have a great week.

Marcy said...

I'm so glad she liked the bike! From keeping up with your posts I knew she needed her own! I wish she could reach the pedals but it looks like Bryce is handling it!! LOL! We enjoyed your visit too. I've forward this on to the others so they could see the cute pictures.

Jodee Leader said...

That tricycle rocks! Cute pictures!

Denise said...

Love the pink bike...and aren't big brothers the best?

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