Monday, April 26, 2010

Just the Way I Like It!

A backyard full of boys!! These are actually from last weekend. We were in a ball tournament and ended up with a couple extra teamates and neighbors. Richard had gone to the LSU baseball game that evening so it was me and Wesleigh with 6 stinky boys. They played backyard baseball until I forced them to come in around 7:00. This is after they played 2 baseball games that day. Crazy boys...I love 'em!!
This first picture cracks me up because Braden is mid-air trying to peg Cole with the ball. Can you see that HUGE smile on his face? So cute. (I think he got him, but can't quite remember)

And Miss Cheerleader...she LOVES these boys! She cheers right along with me! She traded in her bow for more appropriate headgear ;)
I have to say, I cracked myself up when I looked out and two of the boys had gone home. I thought, "Oh, good...I only have 5 kids now"!
We did take our pictures Saturday evening. You can't even imagine the hoops we had to jump through just to get there. Between baseball, the horrible storms, etc. I really thought we would have to cancel. I am so excited that we didn't though!! Mackenzie does some amazing things and I can't wait to see the pics! She took over 700 so surely some of them are great. Can't wait to share them.


Anonymous said...

I would just love all those stinky boys in my yard! Simple pleasures! Miss W looks sassy in her ball cap. You should pin a bow to the brim of the cap, silly mama!! Lauren M

Kim said...

I soooo LOVE the boys...they are great... Wesleigh is tooo cute..
can't wait to see the photos..
Have a great week..

Lindy said...

What a great backyard for baseball! WJ looks so cute in that cap. She's a doll!!

Kim said...

OK, I just clicked on the blog and saw your pictures- they are amazing! I wish she were closer to me! We had some great pictures taken a couple months after we brought Cate home but the photographer moved to AZ. I am in search for another to capture sweet Cai! Love, Kim

Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

I went over and took a peek at your pictures!!! WOW!!! She did an amazing job!! You all look great!! I hope you are sleeping better now that it is over !! ha

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