Thursday, April 8, 2010

Miss Tattle Tale?

A couple of days ago Bryce, Cade and Reid spent the afternoon making up games to play in the sprinkler. They had a great time with this old toy and a bunch of Easter eggs. Wesleigh decided to get a little brave, but changed her mind when the water hit her. (She has no bow because I didn't want it to get wet ;)


This is my imaginative child. His mind is always thinking. He has always been able to entertain himself. He drives his brothers crazy because he is always humming...either something from the band or something from a movie. Wesleigh, however, loves it and now hums along! I think it's super sweet!
He did get in trouble with Miss Wesleigh, though! We've been working with Wesleigh on using the words she knows in context instead of saying "uh uh" when she wants something. We're making progress, but there are only a handful of times that she has said something to me without repeating. This day, I ran inside to get something while Bryce was riding her on the little bike. Next thing I know, Wesleigh appears in the kitchen. She points to the door and says, "By". (that's Wesleigh for Bryce) It was very clear that she was trying to tell me something about Bryce. I went outside and said, "Bryce, I think Wesleigh just tattled on you...what did you do?" He laughed and said that he took her off the bike when she still wanted to ride. I about died. Go figure, she'll figure out the words to tattle!!


On her perch. She went in the garage and got this bucket to sit on. She sees her daddy sit on the ball bucket all the time. This one looks like it was made just for her!


The same evening, Bryce was doing his weekly Bible study with Paw Paw and Wesleigh decided she would listen in. It took her 3 trips to get everything just right....blanket, baby, etc. She climbed up here and started sucking her finger. So stinkin cute!


OK, even though this was a "non bow" post, don't forget to leave us some love on facebook! We're still winning, but a couple are gaining on us :) The contest ends tomorrow!

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Deanna said...

Love, love, love this post!! It's great to see her interactions with the boys, even just hanging out like the last pic. We are still praying, I love seeing her flourish where she was meant to be.

snekcip said...

Bow...or No Bow...she is adorable!! Hey can we vote TWICE?

Everyday Mom Designs said...

She's sooo cute! Love the tattling.. Leala tattled on me the other day... not cool.. haha

Lindy said...

Nothing wrong with tattling... especially since she is so much younger than her brothers. I love seeing her sit on the bucket like her dad. Also love the picture of her snuggled up to Bryce with her blanket and dolly.

Kim said...

sounds like Wesleigh is fitting right in.. baby sisters always do the tattling.. ask KyLee..
Have a great weekend..

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