Friday, January 29, 2010

Yay!!! We are in Guangzhou!

Today has been amazing. We spent the morning in the room packing and getting ready for our flight. Wesleigh became more and more vocal as the day progressed. She loved playing with her toys which she had ignored before now. She even walked across the room by herself to get something the boys were eating! That is progress!!

The plane ride was SO good. She used those 2 hours to really come out of her shell. She started babbling and laughing. Our seats were separated, and I had Bryce by me. He was very helpful and played alot with her. The biggest hit was anempty water bottle. She drank the water and then started to put the top on and off. She is actually very good at screwing the cap the way it needed to go. She would take the cap off and pretend to pour some water in Bryce's cup. He would pretend to drink it and she got a big kick out of that! We had our very first tea party right there on the plane! She has been playing with that bottle ever since. She will now "pour water" into all the boys' hands and they drink it right up! Her little voice is so sweet. She's not really saying words but more like "ooohhh". Unbelievably cute!!

We are in Guangzhou! The humidity was so bad getting off the plane, I felt right at home! I'm pulling out the flip flops tomorrow!! We have our clinic visit tomorrow morning, so that should be fun. I think Richard's just going to stay here with the boys instead of all of us going. It will be easier. The hotel we're in is not on the island, which I hate, but the rooms are great! I have the air conditioner kickin' and there is plenty of room to spread out. I'm off to bed!

By the way, one of the pics is of Richard and the boys practicing baseball in the hall of the hotel during Wesleigh's nap. Don't worry Rays, just because Braden isn't there practicing with you, doesn't mean he's here doing nothing ;)


Aaron and Erica said...

What a great way to begin my morning...with a little Wesleigh cuteness! Each day seems to be getting better doesn't it? I'm so glad. I love the description of the tea party on the plane :) We bought an expensive tea pot set in GZ to give to YouYou when she is older (with fish on it b/c her birth town was a sea port city) but we also bought a nice but not so expensive set for her to play with in her room. It's her favorite toy really, she loves tea parties.

Anonymous said...

Seems like Wesleigh has total control over the boys. She looks really happy playing with Bryce and Bryce looks pretty happy also. Only 6 more days until we see her in "real life" - can't wait.


Denise said... are in the final stretch girl! You can just see the change in Wesleigh's face...praise God! Enjoy this time of bonding with the other families and buying squeaky shoes!!

Linda said...

Special request for commenters: Is there anything that you wish the grandparents and extended family had understood? Any tips to help us be the support we need to be? Jennifer's mom

Trish said...

I just came across your blog a few days ago. Your new girl is just amazing. I love all of her oh so cute outfits!

I think you should change the name of your blog to....My three sons and my little China Doll!

cause sure looks like precious!

MississippiZen said...

YAY! So glad the flight went well and Wesleigh keeps inching out of her shell :) LOVE the outfit today! Have fun in Guangzhou and don't forget, if you have time to call Ann to take you shopping :)

Also, if you can, make sure to make a trip to the pedestrian street ... lots of interesting people and shops there! If you go, find the dept. store across from Papa John's and ride the escalator to the third floor .. that is a Children's store with lots of neat clothing and toys!

Praying the medical goes well today!

Lots of love from MS,


Somewhere In The Sun said...

Hooray for a wonderful day! She sounds simply precious. I love that your boys are having tea parties. They are special big brothers! Love her cute outfit too!

Linda, I'm so impressed that you asked for suggestions. The fact that you asked shows me that you are going to be a fantastic Grandma for Wesleigh. We should all be blessed to have someone like that for our little ones! My biggest suggestion would be to just honor mom and dad's wishes even when you don't understand them. Attachment can be difficult for those who haven't adopted to understand. Adopted children cannot be treated exactly like birth children and lots of well meaning people can make it difficult for the parents. Your support will be invaluable. I know you can't wait to get your hands on your sweet girl!!


3 Peanuts said...

Oh Praise the Lord...little Miss Wesleigh looks like she is really opening up and coming out of her shell. She is dressed to the nines!

Isn't it sad that humidity makes us feel at home? I get what you mean though after living in the South, cold becomes intolerable.

Your Mom and Dad are so sweet Jennifer1

To your Mom, Linda---I think it is so incredibly self-less that you ask that question. I would echo what Lynn said above. I know that our family all wanted to hold and feed Kate and the attachment specialist recommended to us that no one but me and my husband do that for a long while. I know that was hard on people. I did let my Mom feed Kate a bottle when she had been home 2 moths ( and let several people hold her --it was her Baptism and 1st b-day) and we had a major regression. I wish I had not done that. She was not read and it confused her. So we had to go back to no one holding and feeding her for several months. Every one is different though. I am not sure what will be right for your family. But the best thing you can do is respect whatever that is. These lil ones come with a lot of baggage and sometimes it takes a while to figure out what it is. Kate was so happy in the beginning..her issues came out a few months down the road.
I can tell that you and Jen's Dad will pray and be extremely supportive parents though. that is so clear.

Football & Fried Rice said...

Oh, Jennifer - I love hearing the pep in your voice - welcome, humidity!! I found an outfit at a local department store yesterday that SCREAMED Wesleigh and after seeing the one she's on today, it's confirmed! I love it!! I can't wait to see the boys out enjoying GZ and sweet Wesleigh Jane coming more and more out of her shell. Bring the empty water bottles on the flight home :)

Football & Fried Rice said...

Oh, and after reading the comments, I have to agree for Linda what Kim said - if you wait, it will be so much easier & quicker to have a great relationship with Wesleigh (instead of having any regression) There are plenty of ways that you can be a great Grandma without the "hands on" contact. I also think that one of the greatest ways to win Wesleigh's heart is through her brothers - when she sees how much THEY love you, it's all over from there! What you want is GENUINE relationship though and not indiscriminate friendliness. You can have lots of touchy feely moments, but they may not stem from genuine emotion right away - it's so good when it's real!! You are going to be an awesome Grammy to this baby girl from China!

snekcip said...

Wonderful update indeed! It warmed my heart to hear your "guys" having a "teaparty" w/Wesleigh! I can tell you...there is gonna be LOTS of that down the road!! :0)!

Anonymous said...

These pics just make me smile!!! And how much luggage did it take for umpteen bows for every outfit, AND, a most adorable outfit or two for EACH DAY!!! And a room full of toys!! She definitely has to be the best dressed little girl there!! And will be here,too!! HOW FUN IS THAT?? I know you are enjoying pink and bows and frills, there is nothing like that when you've only had boys!
The water bottle sounds so fun and cute!!
Enjoy your time in the new WARM spot!
And we'll all be waiting here for more pics! :)
Lori Kaiser

Colleen said...

What a wonderful post!!!! This is such fantastic news to hear that your sweet little princess is coming out of her shell more and more...I always said their like little flowers...slowly opening one little petal at a time...Just the best news!!! Enjoy the Island...I love it there. Lucy's has pretty good mac and cheese : )

To are a very special Grandmother. One who already get's it!!! My parents were very respectful when we first came home with both of our girls. I would say that the best thing you can do is see how Wesleigh reacts once home. Because Wesleigh is spending 2 weeks with her entire immediate family they are already bonding. It's not like my daughter who came home and had to get to know her daddy, sister and 3 brothers. We pretty much didn't let anyone visit for 2 weeks until she was secure with her immediate family. Wesleigh will have lots of new sounds, smells and surroundings to get used to once home...she may adjust really quick!!! My girls (China and Korea) both bonding really fast to us and after the two weeks we did have visitors..keeping in mind we had high school boys at the time and I couldn't keep their friends away who were dying to cuddle up to my sweet girls..but in our case we had no issues. Every child is different and I would say just wait and see how things go once may have to move in love to those boys and before you know it, Wesleigh will saying "Hey Grandma, I'm over about a cuddle". : )
Congrats to you Linda on your new granddaughter...she sure is beautiful!!!

Deanna said...

Love, love, love the outfit!! She looks so HAPPY! I'm enjoying the posts so much. So glad you guys are a little more comfortable in your new hotel.

Ms. Linda you and Mr. Ralph are too precious for words.

Jennifer, you are one skinny mama ;)

The Oswalds said...

Congratulations! I have been following your blog, linked to 3peanuts and 1st a pearl then 2 rubies. Wesleigh is beautiful! Love her outfit here! Actually have loved all of them. Happy to hear your days are getting better & better. It does take a little time, but soon you will look back and be amazed at how she & everyone has adjusted so well!


Mission To Macie said...

ok... could her outfit be any cuter?!!! love the smiles!!! i just want to know how you keep the headbands on her....when I put one on Macie it just slides up the back of her head!! LOL

Jill :)

Julie (brown eyed belle) said...

Miss Wesleigh looks so happy in these pictures! Her smile is so sweet, I love seeing her with the boys :) And that outfit is ridiculous! I love it!! And her bows are precious! I hope the trip continues to go well, I love your daily updates!

DiJo said...

Jen & Richard,
PTL that the blooms are slowly unfolding on WJ!!! The "Tea Cup" is absolutely ADORABLE in Thursday's outfit!! I do think teal/turqoise just may be one of her signature colors!!! And, I love the photo where she is with her big brother by the bed.. She looks so happy!! And, so tiny too!! I believe I have picked the perfect nickname for her! :) I look forward to hearing what you think of GZ!

To Linda and Jen's Daddy: First of all I have already told Jen what a blessing it is to see your hearts in your comments. That alone shows us that you will be amazing Grandparents to your new Granddaughter. You are doing the most important thing you can, praying her home!
Please know that when they get home they will be exhausted... It sounds like Wesleigh is a sleeper. Hopefully, Jen can get her on a consistent nap and bedtime schedule quickly. I have never been so tired in my life... I am sure you and your network are already taking care of meals when they get home. Next to prayer, I can't think of a bigger blessing! (OK - maybe laundry too! :)) And, like everyone has said, you just have to respect the boundaries that Jen & Richard set. It really is hard to understand, but in the long run you will all benefit from a well adjusted, trusting and happy child. And of course, every child is different. So, hopefully she will adjust quickly! There are signs to grieving, and many of our kids go through this at night during that first year home... So, the key to success long term is love, and prayer! And it is clear you have a great deal of both to share! Wesleigh Jane is going to bless you beyond your wildest dreams.. There is just something very unique and special about meeting a child that God has so clearly hand picked for you family!

As one of Jen's friends, thank you for asking! You truly have inspired me by your hearts for Christ, and your love for your daughter!


Anonymous said...

Is she going to be a lefty like her mom? It looked like she was writing with her left hand on that magna doodle. I'm so happy that ya'll had such a great day! It sounds like she's a great sleeper, which is important. Sending prayers for a great doctor visit and an even better day tomorrow! love, kristy otts

Anonymous said...

Yeah - warmer weather for you and your family!!! I know those new outfits of Miss Wesleigh's will be worth a 1,000 pictures - although today's outfit with those pants was over the top awesome - great tastes!!!

Continuing to pray you along your journey!! And to your parents - wow - what wonderful gifts you are to your children and grandchildren!!

Blessings, Ashley

carolinagirl said...

first, i love miss wesleigh's outfit...and second, i know first-hand how excited you are to be dressing her up!

so happy you made it safely!

girl, we are right in the path of a major snow storm in NC...supposed to get about 8-10 inches of snow (very uncommon)...I am wishing for warm temps!

Christy said...

So wonderful. I am just thrilled she is opening up!! What a cutie.

Shelley said...

We LOVE the smile she has on her face playing with Bryce...she looks SO happy!! Yay!

Can't wait to see her and all of you!

Love, The Greenes

Tricia said...

Where are you staying in Guangzhou? Also, wanted to second the comment about having meals prepared for them. It will be exhausting the first two weeks. Sometimes it will also be helpful to just have the person bringing the meals to set it in front of the door so Jen doesn't feel she has to visit and entertain them. Bringing over paper goods is a nice touch so they don't have to deal with a lot of dishes during those first weeks home. I know it isn't very green, but it is a thought.

ww said...

So glad to hear Miss Wesleigh is starting to come out of her shell. What an adorable outfit! Love the photos!

E said...

What a joy it has been to watch Wesleigh slowly come out of herself and blossom with your family. It is such a miracle and amazing to watch the day by day transformation.

Melinda said...

I am so happy to hear you are all getting to see some of Wesleigh's little personality! What a sweet girl she is! Enjoy your time in Guangzhou! It was one of my favorite parts of our trip!

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