Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Sneak Peek!!!!

*Please see below for a question from Jen, and comment if you can!

OK, I'm sending you a sneak peek of what Miss W has on today! One because I'm stuck in the room for a couple of hours while the guides go to my consulate appt. for me. Two because there's no guarantee she'll have this on for the whole day!! We're going to try to keep the poop in the diaper today!! She and I have already had a talk about it ;) Madelyn, do you see that she has the dress you sent her for Christmas on? It fits her perfectly. And I have to say...It's super cute!! I'm also adding a cute smile shot from yesterday. Thank the Lord the smiles come freely these days!

I have been teasing the boys because I catch them singing "Hickory Dickory Dock" or "One Two Buckle my Shoe" to themselves at the craziest times. I think it's hysterical. They've been playing with her so much and those songs are playing constantly, so who can blame them...but it's pretty funny!

I thought I'd list some things I'm looking forward to when we get home:
*my soft bed!!
*some good Louisiana food!
*MY HAIR DRYER!! We never made it back to a care4, and at this point, I'll just deal with it.
*Ice in my Coke
*drawers that hold our clothes. There are no drawers in any of the rooms so unpacking means putting everything in stacks all over the room.
*my washing machine! (never thought I'd say that!)

I'm sure there are many more, but that's all I can think of right now. I'll post about our day tonight!!

*I woke up to a request from Jen. One of their travel group families adopted a precious little girl with a cleft pallate. They are having a difficult time cleaning it. Does anyone who has BTDT have any helpful suggestions for these new parents. Thank!!*


Anonymous said...


I love sneak peeks! As usual - a darling outfit, a darling bow and obviously a precious girl!!

So wonderful to see her so smiley. I just want you to know it is such an honor to see your family as you have journeyed to Miss Wesleigh Jane. Your family radiates love and faith - what an inspiration. Praying for a continued safe trip!

Blessings, Ashley

Linda said...

Looks like Miss W likes the camera! And she's quite photogenic. She'll fit right into your family that way. Now that I've seen her sweet face, I can go to bed and wake up to the story of another day.

Marcy said...
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Marcy said...

Oh Jennifer! Every time my RSS feed alerts me I have a new post from you I get so excited and tonight was no exception. How completely adorable is that baby girl! I love seeing her smile. She looks like she just belongs in your family...after all SHE DOES!!! I can't wait to meet her and see you chasing after her at the ball park!! Oh, and eating the mandatory ballpark meal of hotdogs and/or nachos! LOL! You will continue to be in my prayers!!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Love the sneak peaks.. and she is toooo CUTE..
LOVE the outfit..
Tooo cute..
Glad things are goind sooo well
I will remember to take my hairdryer..

Anonymous said...

Just what I needed before heading to school tomorrow morning! She is simply beautiful. It has been an amazing journey to witness, and I'm so thankful you've let us all share in it. We love and miss you all!!! Lauren McGowan

Stephanie said...

I tell you I'm so jealous! You're foing crazy without a hair dryer and I think you look fabulous!!!!!!

Colleen said...

She is adorable!!! Love her little shoes : ) I remember when I got home all I wanted was a warm shower with out smelly water and ice ice ice!!!! I wanted LOT'S of ice LOL
I didn't bring a blow dryer either and the one at the White Swan was awful...I could of dried my hair faster if I had my son blow on my hair (I have very thick hair) I sported a lovely ponytail the entire trip...I was quite the site...: )

Anonymous said...

She wins Best Dressed Award, that's for SURE!
The pics are having more smiles with each post, it seems. She looks so sweet.
I know you are ready for home. Enjoy the rest of this adventure!

ww said...

Love those smiles! You're right - what gorgeous lashes! Miss Wesleigh looks so stylish and adorable in all her beautiful outfits and bows. Thanks for posting often, Wendy

TanyaLea said...

Yep...I would have to agree with the others on the 'best dressed' award! She is ADORABLE in all of her outfits...just darling! And your previous post with her cute boots again...I still can't get over those boots that she came to you with...they are just style'in!! The monogrammed dress is fab, too! Love the sneak-peaks...thanks for sharing!!

Have a blessed'll be in your own bed and back to those loads of laundry before ya know it! ;)


Deanna said...

Love to see her smiling face. Too cute! You are almost home to enjoy all the comforts you have there. Y'all have a great day and enjoy the little bit of time you have left there. Love the outfits!

DiJo said...

I was thinking how wonderful this has really gone... She has attached slowly, and on her own time.... Truly like a beautiful flower, her petals have slowly opened.... Her smile in this post is just lighting up your very special blog! I am just smiling thinking about all the happiness she has already brought you already, and what lies ahead... I wish I could be at the airport when you come home. And, that I could bring you a meal, and share a cup of coffee when you get back into your new "normal." The precious "Tea Cup" is well... truly precious! And, I am so thankful that you listened to God's voice as He said, "Yes.. that's your daughter!" Answered prayer!

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Hey Jen, About the baby with a cleft palate, have they tried a medicine dropper or a syringe? They can squirt some water up onto the roof of her mouth with that, but otherwise I'm not sure that there is anything special they should have to do. Email me if you want me to check my cleft palate clinic buddies with any more specific questions. Have a great day! Fran

Blogs For Babies said...

Jennifer.. I can tell you are having a BALL dressing Wesleigh! Don'tcha love it?!!! LOL! She is a little HAM too! Just beautiful!
You hang tough about those BOWS girlfriend! LOL!!! Us Southern gurls gotta stick together! ;)

Football & Fried Rice said...

I LOVE the light in her eyes in the first picture!! OF COURSE, the outfits are darling - but I love how her eyes are matching that big smile - it's happening!! WJ is warming up & letting down her guard! Woo-Hoo!!

Yes, you will have piles of dirty laundry & dirty dishes soon enough! Sheets to wash, beds to make, furniture to dust - it's all waiting for you. BUT- you'll get to keep your flip flops on AND brush your teeth in the sink :)

Somewhere In The Sun said...

The dress is so the pleats!! I sent our laundry out while we were there. They did a wonderful job on everything and I am highly picky about how my clothes are laundered!


3 Peanuts said...

I wrote a long comment and it disappeared.....
Wesligh is so beautiful!!!!!
I love the way that she has opened up in the last few days. There is a light in her eyes and a joy on her face that was not there before and that is because of all of your family's LOVE! So beautiful to witness.

I had to chuckle at the things you miss...I too would miss all of those things...especially ICE and a blow dryer!

Karen told me you ran into each other today:) I know you were at tables right next to each other at Lucys yesterday ...what a small world!

I cannot wait for you to come home....I miss our little phone chats.

Anonymous said...

Each post just get cuter, funnier and filled w/more smiles! It's amazing how we can ALL feel the joy through each post!!! Toast to more BLOW OUTS, BLOW DRYERS, and BLOWING KISSES to a BOW headed cutie!!!


Katie said...

I love following your family and beautiful Wesleigh. I wanted to give my BTDT advice on cleft palates. Our son had a bilateral cleft lip and palate when we adopted him from China at 18 mnths. The most useful things I found were Q-tips and a suction bulb. Squirting water into the cleft or into the nose could possibly force food/debris into the child's sinus' and cause an infection. I totally understand wanting to clean it out because, well, it can look nasty, and that's what good mom's do but our little guy didn't want it messed with and I didn't want him scared of us and he would sneeze food out when it got to be too much. I found that our time in China was setting a precious baseline of trust, when we got home we really started to get some cleaning done. If the family has any questions we would love to be able to help, just email me. God's blessings and grace to all of you.


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