Sunday, January 17, 2010

Packing Away!

Did anyone recognize the stencils on Wesleigh's wall? You might have seen them here. Miss Kate's nursery was my inspiration, and Kim (Kate's mom) was a huge help to me She even found the stencil online for me and helped me with the colors via email. She also sent me Kate's crib to use for Wesleigh. I love it and it is so sweet that Miss Kate used it too!

Thanks for all your sweet comments. I have dreamed of doing this room for years, and am glad I waited until I had her referral. It kept me very busy at a time when I could have gone crazy! I am very happy with the way it turned out. Now we just need Wesleigh!

Today the boys are out of school, but we are having our own school here at home. My mom is here helping me get all their work done that they will miss while we're gone. We might not get it all done, but we'll have most of it. I am thankful to have the day to work on it. It will be much easier to do it now than it would be after we get back!
Here's what my bedroom looks like! I'm thankful to have the space to have it all spread out! We're getting there!


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

LOVE the stencils... great job on the room... LOVE IT...
Glad you have a day to help with getting the boys's work done..that means they can soak up all of the fun with their sister...
You have TONS of room.. and you will be leaving soon..I am sooo excited..
are you going to be posting here...???

Mrs. S. said...

I am so happy and excited for you...been following your blog for some time. We adopted Kate (now 6) from Chongquing in July 2004 and our lives have been so wonderful since. The process is excruciating to say the least (never gave birth, but cannot imagine it being easier...hey...they give you drugs...not for the China process though!) but the process is worth so much in the end. I clearly remember walking into the room where all 16 babies were and just going blank...couldn't believe it was finally here and she was in the same room...finally. Enjoy every moment of this time and cherish it! I will be watching your journey in China and I am sure there will be tears...don't even "know" you but you seem like a wonderful family...this little girl is so lucky! Good luck and our prayers are with you guys! Lynn Schadler Wyomissing, PA

Barbarann said...

I have been following our blog for a while-but I think this is my first time to comment! I was distraught when you posted about the fingerprints expiring and prayed something would work out to read the next day that it had--what a relief! the room is lovely and I have enjoyed seeing all the treasures you are acquiring for Wesliegh (love the name too!!!). We adopted our Ava in Sept of 2004 from Leizhou, Guangdong Prov--she will be 7 in a few months. From the look of the packing, it appears you are taking all the boys--this will be such a wonderful experience--I hope we will be able to follow along on your trip!!! If you haven't packed or purchased them already, I would highly recommend taking a small thermos for hot water and stacking cups--stacking cups were a hit on our trip--and at almost 7 she is still using them in the bathtub!!!! Congratulations!!! We are so happy for you!!! We will be praying for safe travels and a healthy happy Wesleigh!
P.S. LOVE the new blog design!!!

3 Peanuts said...

You are so sweet for the shout out. You did a great job with Weleigh's room. It has inspired me to finally do Kate's here.

I am SO SO SO SO SO excited for you. i dreamt last night that I was on the plane with you. I was FLYING to China with you!!!! I remember everything. My family was on the pane too but I was sitting next to you. We got a little boy (but he was not Chinese) and I was there when you got Wesleigh. I woke up and prayed for my friend Karen who was flying to China last night and for your family as well.

Only one more week!

Football & Fried Rice said...

Oh, Jennifer - I do love that crib AND that stencil ;-) Kim is such a blessing. I love seeing your "process" - it's almost over!

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