Sunday, January 31, 2010

Hooray For Shopping!!!!

We had a really fun day today. We spent the morning shopping in Guangzhou and then ate lunch at Lucy's. It was lots of fun! We bought all kinds of goodies, but of course, my favorite part was the squeeky shoes! I told Richard I came to China for 2 things: my baby and squeeky shoes! He started to balk at the number of shoes I was getting, but seriously, how can you not!! In fact, I've decided that I need more, so will be going back tomorrow for round 2!! Wesleigh is still coming more and more out of her shell. We had our first belly laughs tonight. She is supposed to be sleeping but she keeps smiling so sweetly at us from her crib that we can't help but get her out! I finally just turned out all the lights in hopes that she will fall asleep, but she's in her crib talking to a baby doll!! How cute is that? This is the most I've heard come out of her mouth ever. The pics of her in the crib were taken just a couple of minutes ago.

Richard is making his way into her heart slowly but surely. She actually reached up to him to get out of her crib earlier today. Of course, she wasn't thrilled after he did, but any progress is welcome. When I got back from the paperwork, she was sitting on the bed surrounded by snacks, toys and boys. She looked like the queen ruling her subjects. I wish I had a picture of it.

We had an eventful lunch at Lucy's. The food was pretty good, but when we got up to run to the bus (because we were about to miss it), Miss Wesleigh had made a HUGE mess in her pants! That cute turquoise dress did not make it through the day!! I was laughing so hard I hardly knew what to do. The couple we were eating with took the boys and ran to the bus to tell them we were coming while I carried her (arms stretched way out) to an area where people were not eating. I had to strip her half way down and bring her to the bus. Those of you who have been here know what a hit that was with the locals... running through the street with a half naked Chinese child. She might have been half naked but she still had her bow on her head! By the time we made it on the bus we gave everyone quite a laugh. It's been a LONG time since I've had to deal with blowouts!! This is the second day in a row!!

Tomorrow we have to stay in the room during the morning while our guides go to the consulate's office for us. We'll then head back for some more shopping in the afternoon. YAY!! I wonder what the chances are that Wesleigh will like her stroller tomorrow? My hips are killing me!!! Oh well, we shall see!!


Anonymous said...

3 words, baby: Bows, shoes, and monogramming!! What more could a girl want? --You go, girl, accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!!
Have FUN!

Linda said...

She's so HAPPY! And so are you! We're smiling here too! So when you say running with a half naked Chinese baby was a hit on the street.... a LOL hit? or a disapproving stare hit? Counting down the days.... Love you all!

3 Peanuts said...

You and my friend, Karen are at all the same places and the same time!!!! You both went to worship in Beijing last SUnday and you BOTH had lunch at Lucy's yesterday!!!! I am going to email you her photo. Look for her! She has blonde hair too and has two toddlers form China (3 and 4).

You look like you are in HEAVEN shopping (as I imagine I would be too). Love the photo of you in all the shoes. Wesleigh's little face looks more open and trusting each and everyday. And you look SO happy Jen!

I can just picture you arms outstretched running down the street:) At elast she is getting all cleaned out!!!!

I am laughing about the squeaky shoes... I wanted a lot too! Dave bought a bunch too and in bigger sizes but Kate did not wear them much once she got home. Yesterday she found the last pair in her closet (coincidentally) and squeezed her feet into them (they are way too small) and walked around the house squeaking away. It was so funny and cute. But after about 5 minutes...the sound really grates on everyone in our house.

Make sure you buy some traditional Chinese dresses and outfits in bigger sizes. Dave bought about 5-6 but there are some gaps in sizes. kate wears hers the week of Chinese New Year every Year to school She LOVES them. This year we went to China town because we did not have any from China that fit her. You will have a much better selection there and much better prices too. My boys each have a traditional outfit too and they love them.

Have fun shopping!!! Love,

Little Rylan Cooper said...

It looks like she is doing well and having a fun time. Each day her smile gets bigger and bigger!

Anonymous said...

What a blessed Sunday! Sadie beat me to the computer this morning and had me stop washing dishes to come see the photos in "ShoeLand". I don't know what the heck squeaky shoes are, but I have a good idea now. Make sure Cade doesn't come to school with any squeaky shoes!!! lol... His teacher's nerves are less tolerant these days. Miss Wesleigh looks SO happy. You, Jenn, look most beautiful. I'm so glad yall are having the experience of a lifetime. I'm so glad the boys are there unforgettable, unrepeatable experience. Sloppy kisses to all and an extra for Cade from his classmates. Lauren McGowan

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

OMW... I LOVE the photos..
Love the monogrammed outfits.. I sooo am going to have to invest in TONS of these.. and the bows are my favorite.. you know me all about the hair accessories...
I am laughing about the blow-out.. tooo funny...can only imagine..
Have a great day tomorrow.. can't wait to read more..
Wesleigh is toooo cute.
sounds like things are going well...

Julie (brown eyed belle) said...

I love the picture of you all in the shoes!! How much fun! Wesleigh's smile gets brighter everyday! I'm glad things are going so well!!

Denise said...

Oh how I wish that I had gotten more squeaky shoes! Maggie doesn't have any left...bummer. I also wish that I had gotten more Chinese outfits too, so shop away. You will be coming home soon!!! Just in time for the Super Bowl~

a Tonggu Momma said...

What I would have given to see that! Heh. Hope you remained relatively clean. *grin*

Anonymous said...

I hope Sherri's Place gave you a bargain for all the shoes you bought. We got our fair share there too.

Mission To Macie said...

great pics! looks like y'all are having a blast!
shop shop shop....that is my biggest regret! I did not get everything I should have while in China! makes me sad! If you think you want it get it....unless you are adopting from China again! :)

have fun during round 2!!!

Jill :)

Felicia said...

Her little personality is just shining through. Isn't the shopping in Guangzho great? Everything is so inexpensive. I had to chuckle at your blowout story...yes, I bet the locals were running up to you wanting to cover Wesleigh up. So cute to see her in her monogrammed clothes and glad you all had a fun day!!

Ruby's Fairy Godmother said...

Jennifer, Wesleigh is so stinkin cute! Oh my dress her so cute! I am checking everyday to see how much she opens up and to see what she is wearing, haha.
My cousins arrived in their daughters city today and they get her tomorrow the we are getting very close and we are so excited!
Have a wonderful 2nd day shopping!

Anonymous said...

What adorable photos - and I love the turquoise dress - sorry it didn't quite make it through the day:)

Glad that Wesleigh is opening up a bit more to Richard - you all continue to be in my prayers!

Happy shopping!!!

Blessings, Ashley

Somewhere In The Sun said...

Love the picture with the shoes!! I bought 15 pair and it really was not enough. I also bought the silk dresses for Olivia in every size up to a 16. The best thing I bought for her was the wedding jewelry box. It is traditional for the parents to give the bride jewelry in a jewelry box. In the box is a special drawer for rice, for good luck. I got it at Jordan's. Also, the arts and crafs shop (on the corner directly across from Starbucks) has porcelin figurines of Chinese girls from the different provinces. I love Olivia's! They packaged it up really well for traveling.
Happy shopping!


Football & Fried Rice said...

We have a department store here that sells squeaky shoes (for about $30!) - so YES< buy as many as you can!! I like the older kid leather shoes that look like the pedipeds that are ridiculously expensive here too :) Tell Richard to "chillax" ((borrowed word from my kids!))

You are HILARIOUS with your stories - it is good to see you are taking things in stride and still looking beautiful, though you are without a hair dryer and are cleaning up messes - such Grace.

I can TOTALLY tell by Wesleigh's face that each day gets better & better. She is so pretty and sweet!

Anonymous said...

Lucy's has the best grilled cheese sandwitches!

Half Gaelic, Half Garlic! said...

OH My goodness.....she is just too cute for words!! What fun photos.....especially the one of you in the midst of ALL.THOSE.SHOES!!!!

Sounds like things are going well......except for the blowouts of alwayse happens at the worst time in the worst place.



Aaron and Erica said...

You are really "saving" money by buying Wesleigh shoes in China...$5 or $6 in China compared to $25 or $30 (or more) in the US :) I agree w/ everyone will probably wish you bought more. I wish I had bought a few more traditional Chinese dresses too, even though I bought one in each size. I would love to give them as gifts to some of YouYou's friends now and as she gets older b/c every time she wears one people just oooh and ahhh over them. My in-law's bought a nice P*lo suitcase for around $20 to help us bring all of our stuff home...this might be good to know if you run out of room :) Have fun!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my are in shoe heaven!!! Love it!! (I am a closet shoe queen...most of the time, it is put on the backburner due to the fact that the ones I want don't really go with running to Wal-Mart and carrying a 30 lb. man- child around) Wesleigh has changed so much from the day you got is amazing!!! Oh how much does LOVE, SWEET LOVE change the spirit?!!!? You have it documented in pictures, sweetie!!! Her whole personna has changed, her color, even the way she looks!!! Very well done, Doughty family!!!

Be sure and tell Richard I can see it in her eyes, she is a future Daddy's girl. Just give it time. Lucky, all of you are. Especially Miss Wesleigh Jane Doughty. Denham Springs, Louisiana is so looking forward to her!

Mei Mei s and Mayhem said...

Congrats on your new baby girl!! I found your blog through Denise. We have 4 bio sons and traveled to get our china girl summer of 08. We will be traveling again sometime this year for china girl #2.
You have a beautiful family. It is such a blast having a little girl after so many boys!! I love your picture with all the shoes!! My hubby kept shaking his head when I was packing all the squeaky shoes. But how can you not stock up when they are so cute and cheap???!!
Look forward to reading through your journey. Enjoy every second in China and safe travels back home!!!

Colleen said...

I was laughing reading your daughter was the only one in our group of eight that had the runs...the rest were constipated. When we were at Civil affairs finalizing the adoption my sweet baby pooped all over....I had extra clothes...but then she pooped all over again and throw up : ( I had to go in and fill out the paperwork, tell the big guy in charge that yes I wanted my sweet daughter....and all she had on was a diaper and a blanket wrapped around her : 0 I smelled like puke and was awful LOL but they let me keep her LOL
Enjoy your shoe shopping...the shoes are so cute I brought home about 25 pairs LOL

The Byrd's Nest said...

I guess you could look at that at least she is pooping! Lottie was constipated for days and finally had to have an enema in China....not like in the was horrible! I thought she would never trust me again after that:)

I love all the shoe shopping and always wished we would have brought home even more in larger sizes....get as many as you can!

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