Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bonus Post!!!!

There are a few things people have asked about that I have just forgotten to put in my post. I thought I'd post a few litte things about Miss W that you may or may not have noticed:

*size: She is VERY skinny but VERY tall. She measured 33 inches and 22 pounds yesterday. The clothes I brought fit, but just barely because of her height. She can wear an 18 mo. if it's a 2 piece and doesn't snap at the crotch. The dress she had on yesterday was a Gap 12-18 months and you can see that it's a little short. She's not unhealthy skinny, just very thin.

*Her hands are the daintiest little things ever. Her fingers are long and skinny, and she likes them clean! She will hold them up to me to clean them if she gets food on them.

*She LOVES noodles and bananas. Richard has been the "maker of the noodles".. Yesterday, she found her bowl and started handing it to me, telling me she wanted some noodles. I took her hand and said, "Let's go tell daddy you want some noodles". She walked with me, carrying her bowl, into the other room and we told Daddy, "I'm hungry, can you make me some noodles?" She watched him make them and then he fed them to her. So cute!

*Her feet are long and skinny too, and she definitely has Boe' toes (basically fingers for toes ;)

*She uses her left and her right hand to write on the magna doodle. The first day, she only used the left and I thought I might finally have a lefty like me. Yesterday, she used her right, so who knows!

*She has the LONGEST eyelashes ever. Nobody in my family has long eyelashes, so this thrills me. The only problem is they point straight down. She's going to need a serious eyelash curler in the future ;)

*She makes the sweetest little "oooohhh" and "ohhhhhhh" sounds. She's just now starting to "say" more than that. Bryce was repeating the sounds she was making last night and she thought that was funny.

*She's a good eater. She has tried everything we've given her. If she doesn't like it, she waits until I put my hand to her mouth before she'll spit it out. I think that's so cute.. We tried broccoli last night and she loved that. Lasagne was a definite no!

* She walks pigeon toed. It's really the funniest thing, and those white boots she's been sporting makes it stand out even worse! No wonder she fell and cut her face ;)

* Her scar is very low on her back. It's pretty long, but You won't be able to see it with a bikini on! From what I've heard, this is good from a medical standpoint too.

* She loves her bath! She will sit and play with the stacking cups as long as you let her.

* She's the most beautiful baby, ever! (Of course, I'm not biased or anything!)

Here's something else for those of you who are soon to follow:

Best packing tip I received:

Put Wesleigh's outfits in ziplocs, together with tights, socks, etc..
Bring duct tape! Our hard case suitcase has a latch that won't stay closed. We'll be looking for a strap, but the tape was good in a pinch.

Worst packing tip I received:

Don't bring a hairdryer! I can't believe I listened to this one. I knew better but was running out of space. They have them here, but they look like a vaccuum cleaner on the wall. They're AWFUL!! Hence the hair in the pony tail everyday!!

We leave in a few hours to go shopping, but if you have any tips...please share!! I forgot to ask last night.


DiJo said...

So fun to hear about "The Tea Cup's" features and personality. I noticed those gorgeous eyelashes Day 1!!!

When you are shopping today get a hairdryer! Walmart, Care4, etc. will have them. AND, it will have the plug you need so you won't need a converter. It will probably be a whopping $10 at the most! And, soooo worth it! I am pretty sure I didn't give you that tip. Leave it behind for the next family... Or send it to me!! :)

She is PRECIOUS, and I can see why you are madly in love with her!!

Have fun today!


Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Sounds like Wesleigh is PERFECT...
Love it..
I will have to have a hairdryer.. I brush my hair that way...LOL>.
Sounds like you are doing well.

Coy Graham said...

She is PERFECT! Aren't girls just more fun;}

We started out with 3 boys and had our bio daughter when the youngest boy was 10. Girls are the best and sooooooo different. She is 6 and we are awaiting TA to go to Nanjing, hopefully before March, to get her 5 year old sister.

We purchased a converter and variuos plugs just to make sure we can bring the hair dryer and shavers. Thanks for the tip!

Are you able to update the Blog from China or are you having to email the updates to the Blog or someone stateside to update?

Stephanie said...

We listened to others too and did not bring a hairdryer. I couldn't take it and we bought a cheap hairdryer in China at Walmart. Worked great!! and did not have to worry about converter/adapter. We left it in hotel when we left. Just a thought just in case you really want a blowdryer that actually blow dries your hair.

ashia said...

i so enjoy reading your updates on wesleigh! i know i have several years to wait, but thinking about all of the china traveling and packing blows my mind. i love reading any tips from anyone!

i saw before when you guys changed your application to special needs, and i saw your mention of a scar. just was wondering what her special need was/is? she looks perfectly healthy! and precious, of course! =) i know y'all are SO in love with her!

and p.s. i LOOOOOVVVEEEEE the big bows! =)

Anonymous said...

Shopping tip...If you see something you really like get it in two sizes.
I got a Made in China shirt and wish I would have gotten bigger sizes. I've noticed this on a few other items to.


The Whitledge Family said...

She is just a doll. Love the outfit she has on in this post. Oh will my day ever come when I can dress a little girl??? Patience....Patience

carolinagirl said...

OMG - you are too funny. my hair was HORRIBLE in Moscow and St Petersburg. I hated it, but no luxury of a Wal-Mart equivalent. :)

miss is so adorable. trust me, she will catch up at home. emma has gained 4 lbs and 2 inches in height in 3 months! unbelievable

love the extra post!

hang in there. almost home!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Awww... glad to hear a little bit more about your gal. She is too cute for words.

Football & Fried Rice said...

You are so funny :) I sure hope it wasn't me that told you not to pack a hairdryer!!

I LOVED hearing more about Miss Wesleigh - and you will LOVE going back to read these posts in a few months, a year - it will be just precious as your unfold your first weeks of getting to know each other. She sounds like an absolute doll who is going to make your family very interesting! In the best way imaginable!!

Anonymous said...

How precious is SHE!!! I have had so much fun just reading your post every day and seeing what new little secrets she is letting ya'll in on today!! All the pics on the last post of her and the boys are beyond words --- ADORABLE! and every pic of you and that baby is like you are beaming!! Tell Richard, I am praying for him too, and that as a true Daddy's girl myself, I promise him that she is slowly and tightly wrapping herself around his heart and him around her's! Love you and am thrilled to see your journey unfolding!! Fran

3 Peanuts said...

I love hearing all the little details and quirks of MIss Wesleigh Jane. She looks so tiny. It is good that she is tall. Y'all are tall. Tall and skinny ...there is NOTHING wrong with that!

Her eyelashes are beautiful and she seems to have a great personality. Have fun shopping. That seems to be so much fun in GZ. It is probably good I did not go...I have no will power when it comes to shopping.

Thanks for the bonus post. Your fan club at home (me) appreciates it.

Leah Mei said...

This brought back terrible hair memories! I packed the blow dryer but left my round brush. Since apparently curly hair in China doesn't exist I couldn't find one and spent 15 days drying my hair without it and looking like a freak 15 minutes later once the heat a humidity saw me coming.

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