Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's A New Day in Nanjing!!!

Well, it's a new day! Wesleigh, once again, slept through the night! Yay! She is definitely a good sleeper. In fact, she's the only one who slept through her dad fumbling around this morning. He is bored...God help us all! LOL... It's a good thing we're changing cities tomorrow because the natives are getting restless!

Mom, this picture is for you. Do you see what she has in her hands? Bryce brought a couple of cars with him and she ended up loving this one ;) She didn't quite get into "playing roads" but I'd assume that will come.

I'm anxious to see what today brings.

To answer a couple of questions:
*Yes, she was sick when we got her. She just has a really wet, yucky sounding cough.. I started her on the amoxil I brought with me on Tuesday. I'm not sure it's helping, though.

*I did use the carrier yesterday, but there was alot of getting on and off the bus. Sitting on the bus with the carrier on was not comfortable so I ended up taking it off. We're going to bring the stroller today, and she loves that so she might not be attached to me, but nobody else will be holding her either.

Does anyone have any tips for getting her to take a bottle? I know she took one in the orphanage, but she wants nothing to do with it. She is eating well, but not drinking much at all.

Thanks for all the sweet comments and encouragement. It's like my adoption friends and face to face friends and familyare all meeting each other. I love it!!

Thanks also to Diana for being such an awesome "scribe" as she puts it.

I'll let you know how it goes!


Linda said...

Love that she likes the car!!! Finally someone to follow in Bryce's footsteps! Praying for the day to go great - many more breakthroughs!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're having a great trip and Wesleigh is having an easy transition so far. We booked our tickets today and leave on Feb 17! I love reading your blog because it gives us a better idea of what we will be seeing there. I thought I saw Hannah Shackelton in one of your pics? Is Shelly there with you? Send her our love! P.S. I think you must be a professional blogger! I love it!

Heather Austin

Colleen said...

I know I told you that my daughter Addison loved the stroller..she did and she attached very nicely. Please don't worry ...she will attached to you.
As for the bottle. You may ask your guide to contact the SWI and ask how she liked her bottle...was it hot and thick? Most of the babies like the bottle hot and the formula thick (yuck I know). Also is the bottle that you are given her different from what she was taking? That can be the issue...and remember she may of been used to drinking sitting you may want to try different positions with her while trying to get her to take the bottle. Has she attached to a blanket or anything? My daughter attached immediately to a blanket (in fact she still sleeps with it today) so when I fed her I bunched that blankie up in her arms to give her something to play with (that comforted her) and she seemed to nuzzle in beautifully....good luck. : )

Anonymous said...

I'm so happy for your family!!! Richard just called David and gave us the news, I was thinking of you all before I went to sleep last night. Sorry she is not feeling very well. She might not be drinking because her throat might be hurting her. Just went through that with Garrison this week. He would eat but could not get him to drink for about 4 days until the antibiotics kicked in. Maybe try some tylenol or motrin and see if that helps. You look so happy, can't wait to meet her!

Tanya and David McElwain

Erin said...

It sounds like everything is a good as you could hope for, Jennifer. Libby wouldn't touch a bottle until we used almost boiling water, made the formula thick, and cut a huge opening in the top. and, for all the worrying I did about attachment in China, I found it to be a process that continued long after we came home. Wesleigh seems to be very happy and I am sure that if you just keep at it, she will continue attaching to you just beautifully.

Anonymous said...

Cade's class sends their love. We "blog" every day and his classmates squeal with delight with every picture of Cade/Wesleigh!!! They, too, are on this journey with him. Flying over the north pole made them quite fascinated as well. Keep it coming as we anxiously await yall's arrival HOME!!

Anonymous said...

Hi. Another Jiangsu girl's Mom checking in. We were in Nanjing in January back in 2004 and stayed at the Jinling Hotel. We got a lovely embroidery at the brocade musuem for the Year of the Sheep and it's been a big hit with her.
The confuscious market/temple was great for outdoor pictures and some shopping. We enjoyed our time there one afternoon.
Our daughter was younger, at 11 months, and wouldn't let me husband hold her/be close to her for probably the first week of our trip. I held her as she really wanted only me though DH could help feed her and play with her as long as I was right there.
Attachment is a slow process and remember Wesleigh has been through alot. Kelly now loves both of us but I am still the one who she turns to for comfort, support etc. It will come, just try to be supportive by not rushing things and trying to keep the mood light--playing, laughing together.
Kelly did like her milk in her bottle on the hot side so getting the right temperature, type of opening in the bottle etc, may be key to getting her to take it.
enjoying the pictures from Nanjing. It brings back great memories.
Theresa in Canada

3 Peanuts said...


Kate refused to drink from a bottle AT ALL for the first few days. We thought she had thrush or was sick (and she was too) but it was a matter of trust. Dave gave her liquids the first few days with a medicine dropper or syringe (not kidding). He even blogged about it too. Finally, one day he snuck that bottle in and she sucked without thinking and it was easy from that day on. Just keep trying if you can because holding her and having that eye contact and giving her the bottle will be good down the road. It might just be too much for her yet. She'll get there. I agree with everyone else here...attachment is a long process most of which will take place after you get home. Do what feels right...she will know she is loved and that is what is important.

Enjoy your last day in Nanjing. I hope Wesleigh does well in the flight to GZ.

Lots of love,

Anonymous said...

She is such a CUTIE PATOOTIE!!! How do you spell that? HA
Hope you have a great day, and find lots to keep those men busy, especially the oldest!!!
Lori Kaiser

Stephanie said...

I just love to read your posts right now. I can feel your happiness as though I'm right next to you.

I hope her cough gets better and the medicine starts working quickly!

And that the new city suits Daddy better so he will have things to keep him busy :)

Anonymous said...

I would not worry about attachment right now. It is a long process that grows over time. Emmalyn loved her stroller as well and she is perfectly attached to us. Ryan was 4 and too old for a stroller and he is perfectly attached to us now. Although we did have some rough going at times. Your doing a great job. She looks happy and seems to be accepting everyone...Thanks for the update.


Anonymous said...

I can't wait to meet my second girl cousin! She seems so sweet. I hope she attaches to me. She is so cute. I will see you in February. I can't wait to play dolls with Wesleigh.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE WESLEIGH! It's funny, but I'm learning about China in school right now. I hope you like football, Wesleigh.

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

Love that photo..
Sounds like things are going pretty well..
Safe travels..

a Tonggu Momma said...

Your posts just make me smile. And ditto to what Colleen said about the bottle. Our Tongginator would only take it hot and thick with rice flakes. She would also only take the Chinese bottles and nipples rather than the ones we brought from home.

Teresa said...

Hi Jennifer ~

I came to your blog from my friend Denises blog:) Sometimes the bottles in China resemble more of our sippy cups so that may help with the bottle issue if you have sippy cup. The other thing we have been told (we are traveling to bring Gabriella home next month) is that if she won't take her bottle to make it hotter and add some sugar to it and that will usually do the trick:) I hope it may help:) We're enjoying following along! We too have three boys and will have our baby girl very, very soon:) Please know we are praying for your entire family:)

DiJo said...

Forgot to say that I am beyond happy for you that "Tea Cup" loves to sleep! God just knew you needed a girl who appreciated her bed. Just wait until she snuggles into her beautiful room that her Mommy worked so hard on. She will sleep like the princess that she was born to be!

And, I am also so happy that soon you will be re-united with your group. The extra support you will get, and that you can give will be a blessing! I think you will enjoy Guangzhou!

I continue to pray for your precious girl to have a sense of peace as she snuggles that raven head into your shoulder today. You softly telling her that you love her is such a beautiful picture!

And remember, He called you to this! And, therefore you are not alone!

Love ya, Diana

Carey said...

How beautiful she is "in person"! And how beautiful to see you all together!!!! Yay!!! What a blessing!!!

Jaden refused the bottle as soon as we got home from China. He refused most drink in general. I panicked that he would be dehydrated!! I could have destroyed our relationship trying to get him to drink (or started drinking myself!). FINALLY, he wouldn't drink out of a sippy or a bottle, but he would drink out of a sippy type straw cup. He also would only drink a pedialyte nutrapals. I was so grateful a friend recommended it! So keep trying (once you're home with more options), her ideal is out there!

Praying for you!!

awaitingmissemily said...

Hi!! Congrats, she is a beauty!! Love the BIG bows!! I agree with 3 peanuts on the bottle issue. Emily refused a bottle for 3 days, and I accounted it as a greiving thing. And the fact that us Americans had no idea how to make a Chinese bottle!! We just fixed her a bottle at every feeding time and acted like we didn't even notice tht she wouldn't drink it. Finally after the 3 day she took the bottle!!
And what a lucky little girl to have 3 adoring brothers!!

Felicia said...

When we got Ava she slept alot and refused liquids. Considering she only wanted to eat goldfish and cheerios, we really needed to get the liquids in her. I think it was the way she grieved. We too, gave Ava water via medicine droppers. She did eventually take the bottle and that really helped with the bonding. God can move mountains!! Hang in there, sending hugs and prayers!

Joanne said...

Oh your girl is just soooo precious :) I am really enjoying reading about your first days with your daughter! I just wanted to let you know that our daughter, Mia (who was 19 mos. at the time) one day just would not drink her bottle either! I believe there were SO many changes and things out of her control...that she was controlling this?! For a few days, we had to give her water by plugging it in a straw and she'd sip it out of the other end. Eventually she ended up using a sippy cup. I would keep on trying like Kim (3 peanuts) mentioned though! Good luck ~

The Nethery's said...

She is just sooooooooo cute!!! Dawson and I love reading this everyday. Whan he wakes up he gets on the computer to see how everyone is doing. I can't wait to see her in person. She looks like a baby doll. God Bless you all and looking forward to you all coming home.

Football & Fried Rice said...

Oh, I do love the advice that everyone has - and they are right, Wesleigh will know that she is loved beyond all else - and everything else will come. She already sounds like she is showing you more of personality every day (the car!?) Too adorable! I always joke that Mya CAN play with CARS, as long as she is in a dress :) ((not really!))

I am glad that you persisted with the bottle and I think this is a HUGE wall -crumbler on Wesleigh's part - she has given in to you at least in this area - PRAISE GOD!

Hang in there Momma-Bear!


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