Sunday, January 3, 2010

Will This Weekend EVER End?!?!

I know most of you are enjoying this long holiday weekend (2nd in as many weeks, I might add). For me, however, this is TORTURE! There are quite a few reasons I am anxious for Monday to get here:

* I NEED my TA!!

* There's a wall decal for Wesleigh's room I've been waiting on for over a month, and it should be here Monday

* Ann from Red Thread received an update on Wesleigh Friday but couldn't open the pictures! She has to wait until Monday to contact the orphanage and have them resend the pics...TORTURE!!

* I have some returns that need to be taken care of, but I've been waiting for the boys to go back to school. Which leads me to:

* It is time for the boys to go back to school! I've enjoyed having them home and REALLY enjoyed sleeping late, but I've had an average of 5 boys here every day and some nights, so it's getting old.

I've been pretty good about keeping myself busy and being productive. I've painted a dresser for Wesleigh's room. It is absolutely adorable, by the way. I've also taken down all the Christmas decor, mopped the wood floors (huge job), started working on a digital scrapbook to document our journey to Wesleigh, and made a very cute piece of art with an old window.

Here are a few pics of what I've been up to:

Richard and Braden left Christmas night for a hunt in Kansas. That left me and the other two boys for the entire week between Christmas and New Years. I started taking the Christmas decorations down but didn't know what to do with the tree. It was huge and the base was filled with nasty water. I thought I could leave it there and wait for Richard, but couldn't stand it. Bryce and I chopped all the branches off of it and then hauled it out! I have to say, I'm pretty proud of myself for getting it out of there!

I found this old window in the antique district here in town. I paid $15 for it.

This is what I did with it. I LOVE it. There are lots of sparkles on it that don't really come through in the photo.

I'm so mad at myself for not taking a photo of the dresser before I painted it. This is the best I could find. It gives you an idea of what it looked like. It was actually Richard's grandmothers. I was going to get rid of it, but a friend suggested I paint it. I am so glad she did!
This is what Richard's garage bay looked like while he was gone. I spent lots of time in here.

And, here is the finished product! I absolutely LOVE it, and it matches the room perfectly!! All I'm waiting for now is a wall decal and the chandelier to come in. It won't be long!!

Hope you're enjoying your Sunday. COME ON MONDAY!!!


Everyday Mom Designs said...

I just love reading posts! The dresser looks amazing! And I absolutely love the window idea! I hope your Sunday goes by as quickly as possible!

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

LOVE the window and the dresser.. I soo cannot wait to see her room complete.. you are doing a wonderful job...
Have a fast day..

carolinagirl said...

I love your projects!!!! I know you are so anxious to get that little one. I am sooooo ready to send my two rambunctious kids back to school. they are so bored, and they are driving me crazy. combine that with the fact that it's 29 degrees outside, and i'm nuts!

Football & Fried Rice said...

I know the wait is torture - but you have been VERY creative and such a good blogger in this wait :) I can't believe you have an update WAITING for you!! Grab your coffee early in the morning and sit back & wait for it - I am sure it will be worth it, seeing your precious girl!!

i LOVE your window pane project - I can't wait to see it in Wesleigh's room and her dresser is gorgeous too - I am so excited to see it all completed - AND having a little girl sleeping in it!!

Let's go Monday!

Felicia said...

I understand...sometimes too much togethernesss, well enough said.

You are getting your craft on. That dresser is almost identical to the one in our master bedroom.

Hoping the wait is over soon!!!

Deanna said...

LOVE all of your projects.
I can't wait to hear news with you!!

Anonymous said...

Love how you transformed the window and dresser! You are very talented! If you haven't already done so, please check if your pretty wood blinds are included in the "recall" to get a free kit.

Carey said...

Monday's almost here! Praying for your TA. Try to enjoy the "ride" there (easier said than done when you just want your sweet baby girl home). Looks like you have some beautiful projects going one!

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh, Jennifer! I see your baby girl on your blog :)!!! And I see you are naming her Jane in part :). OH MY GOSH, I am so happy for you! I had a referral for Jane on Feb 1 2007. I will never foregt the sheer joy of it.

I still have to pinch myself, and thank God daily for her!

My warmest congrats. I have missed you. Just can't keep up with all the blogs, but do try hard. Thanks for coming by and thereby reminding me to pop in! So glad I did.

DiJo said...

The dresser is gorgeous!!! And, the window! I need your craftiness up here to help me! You and Kim both inspire me to get creative!!! I can't wait to see that precious girl home with you and all those boys!!!

YAY - When you wake up, it is Monday!! WOOHOO

Keisha said...

The dresser is LOVELY!!
I LOL.. when I read that you chopped the branches of!!!! I waited ALL day for Matt to get home to take our tree off. He came in and said.. "What .. you can't get that outta here.. LOL"
I wanted to slap him! Thanks for the idea.. I'll do that next year! ;)

I think I'm hanging on pins and needles with you on this TA! Praying for you!
ps.. send me a pic of Wesleigh Jane, so I can add to your blog. I told Jill.. we could go all PINK if you want! LOL!

3 Peanuts said...

The dresser looks GORGEOUS jennifer!!! LOVE IT!! I also love the window. The room is going to be stunning!!!!

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