Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Magical 3rd Day!

We are about to start our 3rd day. Most mom's who have traveled this road before me say that the 3rd day is the breakthrough day. I have been praying that is the case for us. She is doing good, but definitely is not comfortable with either of us. She totally enjoyed the stroller last night as we walked around town. She would hold her hand up for Cade to hold as we walked. It was totally adorable. We went into a department store and rode the escalators up to the 6th floor. Every time we got on, she would get so excited and make some very sweet sounds. We found another pink phone there since the first one stopped beeping after it got dropped. She hadn't let it out of her sight, so we needed another one. When it stopped making noise, she would hold it up to me and go "uhh". So cute. What i wouldn't have given to be able to fix that stinkin' phone!

We are supposed to go sightseeing today, but it might rain, so who knows. I think, even though she loved the stroller, I might use the carrier instead to have a little more contact.. Our guide keeps telling me "children spoil easy...do not spoil her".. Well, I've got a different opinion than that one, so hopefully we can agree to disagree ;) I am also going to get the boys to pay more attention to their dad than doting on her all day. I want her to see how much they love their dad and that she can trust him to. They will do good with that job. They seem to be willing to do whatever I ask them for her.

Here are a few pics to tide you over...The little boots are what she came in. Are they not the cutest things ever? I love them. Mom...they kind of remind me of the little red and white boots I had when I was little. Also, mom...I wished I had read your comment BEFORE I had makeup on!! Thanks for all the support.

I'll post again tonight and let you know how the day went!


Linda said...

Wow! Another post already! Love the boots - oh how I loved you in the little red and white boots - I hope I still have them. Love the picture of Cade holding her hand. I asked Facebook people who are reading the blog to comment so Wesleigh will have a record of all the prayers and support. Love all of the family of six!

a Tonggu Momma said...

Smiling here... the boots are so precious. And so is your new daughter. I love the shot of her and Cade holding hands. Blessings to you during this time - we're all praying for all of you, most especially Wesleigh.

3 Peanuts said...

They are THE CUTEST boots and I LOVE that she is holding Cade's hand. The carrier might be good. Dave tried to wear KAte as much as he could. I do think it helps with the bonding and luckily WJ is so little.

I am off to read your Mom's comment now. Thank you for the extra post. I love coming over her and getting my fix:)

3 Peanuts said...

Okay...your Mom made me cry. She is so sweet. I want to met her next time I am in LA. AND I can totally see that you are a baby whisperer. What a wonderful God-given gift. Enjoy day 3!

midnight said...

I'm so pleased things are continuing to go well! Have you heard if you are getting to visit the SWI yet?? Wesleigh is going to just blossom in your family! She obviously is going into a family with a lot of love and support! I'll keep the prayers coming! You keep the pictures and the posts coming!! I'm "blog stalking!!!!"


Anonymous said...

what a sweet picture of Cade and his baby sister. it has been so amazing watching all of you on this journey. I'm with you about baby wearing. I don't see how in the world that could spoil her. It will keep her close to you and maybe ease the adjustment. sending tons of love and prayers! Kristy Otts

Courtney said...

The boots are adorable. I love the picture of her holding her big brothers hand. Have a great day!

The Byrd's Nest said...

Things are going so well....I am so happy for you. The holding hands with Cade is so precious. In our experience, don't worry too much about her not responding to her Daddy yet. Lottie wouldn't have anything to do with Greg....I mean he couldn't even come near her for three months and then the wall just came down over those three months. I know....three months sounds like a long time...he is a better person than I because it would have killed me! She'll come around.....I just feel only peace when I pray for all of you.

Leah Mei said...

Looks like Wesleigh has 3 doting brothers. Too cute! The carrier is a good idea. We took 2 and were unable to use them because Leah was too big.

mackenzie said...

I'm so happy for y'all, Jennifer!. Welcome, miss wesleigh. I know your cousins Hayden and Madelyn are dying to meet you =)

Colleen said...

look at that sweet picture of her holding her brothers hand...my son Tyler (who was 15 at the time) traveled with me to China...my daughter is now 4 years old (she was only 8 months at Gotcha) and she has the most incredible bond with Tyler...I have 4 boys, Tyler was the only one that traveled with me...my Addison always says "Tyler I love you most because you brought me home from China". My daughter actually preferred the stroller to the carrier...not sure why? She loved viewing all the new sites. Looks like your sweet baby girl is doing beautifully!!!!!!!!!! {{{{hug}}}}

Anonymous said...

Jennifer, I'm so glad you are posting for us. Not a day has gone by without someone asking me about "The Doughtys" and do they have Wesleigh yet? I have to wait to read your posts after I get home because the tears flow everytime I see the pictures and read your letters. Wesleigh is so blessed to be part of your family. We miss you all, can't wait to meet Miss Wesleigh. Love Melodie (LVE)

Canada to China and back! said...

I love the picture of her holding your sons hand, so sweet! The boots are super cute! Hope you have a wonderful day bonding!

DiJo said...

I just love the "Tea Cup's" Go-Go Boots!!! Clearly someone with style was loving your girl while she was waiting for you!!!! As I told you in my email, your Mom's comment was so incredibly special. (Good thing my make-up was almost a day old!) I too want to meet your very special parents someday.. What a blessing to know they are lifting you up from afar. You are loved my friend! I can't wait until Wesleigh Jane is melting their hearts in Southern, LA!!

I look forward to seeing how Day 3 went!!


Aaron and Erica said...

YAY! A morning post!! Well...afternoon/evening for us :)

I hope your day turned out to be a great day 3. I don't really remember day 3 being a turning point for us but I pray it was for you. It may take longer, and I know you know that. But eventually she will learn to love and trust you guys. Adoption is a beautiful picture of Christ. You chose Wesleigh Jane just as Christ chooses us and you speak a language she does not yet understand just as Christ speaks love to us at first when all we know is sin.

Your mom and dad are killing me with their comments...I've cried every time they have written something. I look forward to seeing pictures of Wesleigh with them in the near future :)

MississippiZen said...

Those have to be the most adorable "Gotcha Day" shoes ever! Lilli didn't even come to us with shoes but the most interesting boy socks :)

Wesleigh can't hold onto things much longer .. she will give in and show her real personality soon! It was the trip to the orphanage when Raegan finally realized that we weren't returning her and that she got to stay with these people with all the fun toys and yummy food :) I know those days are coming for you too!

What a blessing your Mom and Dad are ... I think next time Jill and I come to LA, we need to meet them! I can't wait to hear all about their first meeting with their beloved granddaughter!

Still praying you through and hanging on every word :)

Love from Who Dat land :)


Anonymous said...

Lauren McGowan: Just love the boots! I have to tell you that my girls, Sophie and Sadie, run to the computer frequently to check for updates. This afternoon, I found Sadie returning to her "orange coat" close-up and kissing Wesleigh through the computer screen. It was adorable!! I can only imagine that you want to kiss her cheeks off...I know I would. I'm so happy seeing Cade offering to be the ultimate big brother. You are, indeed, the bomb! Your words...not mine. Love to you and all!!

Anonymous said...

The boots are so cute!!!! Can you get more clothes from there to bring home? Cuz you won't be seeing that same stuff over here!
I can't imagine what must be going thru that precious baby's head right now, so many changes!! But what an awesome family to have!
Have fun SPOILING HER! Babies are for SPOILING! HA
Lori Kaiser

Anonymous said...

Looking at your updates and pictures is the highlight of my day lately!! What an amazing family you have, and what a wonderful adventure to Wesleigh Jane. I can't look at the blog without crying and praying for you all. Wesleigh is one blessed little girl, but I think you are receiving the true blessing in her. I know you are savoring every minute. Can't wait to meet her! Stacey Foretich

Isabella's Mommy and Daddy said...

I hope you have a wonderful day..
LOVE those boots..
and the picture of Cade holding her hand is priceless..
I would put her in the carrier to get her to bond with you more..
love ya.. hugs..

TanyaLea said...

Your photos and these posts are just precious!...the one of Wesleigh holding Cade's hand is priceless!!

And how CUTE are those boots!? ...seriously, what a fun and stylish keepsake!!

Di is doing an amazing job keeping this blog up for you, and Kim has been giving some shout-outs on her blog for you, too! Your whole family is sure to be wrapped in prayer!! Praying for more trust and breakthroughs to unvail in the days ahead. She's one beautiful little hunny, that's for sure!! <><

~ Tanya

Felicia said...

The third day -- it is amazing! I love how she wanted to hold Cade's hand...that is the sweetest photo!!

Glad you were able to get another pink phone. I know you're just soaking her up. God Bless!

Everyday Mom Designs said...

She is just too sweet! I love her already! I hope today goes well for you all!

Anonymous said...

A-dorable boots! It is truly an honor to see you family all together and bonding as a family of 6!!

Blessings, Ashley

Lori said...

Jennifer and family~
Congratulations on your sweet baby girl, she is so precious!!! You all seem to be doing so well and things are progressing beautifully! Keep enjoying each and every special moment while in China...you will be home before long!
Please know you all are in my thoughts and also in my prayers. What an absolute blessing Miss Wesleigh is to your family!! SO HAPPY for you all!! :)

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