Sunday, August 26, 2007

What a Sunday!

When we showed up at church this morning and realized there was a guest speaker, I have to admit we were a little disappointed. Not because we knew him, but just because we love our pastor. Ends up, he preached such a powerful sermon that we were sitting there with our mouths hanging open! He talked about the judgement of the saints and how believers will be judged on what they've done in this world. What we've done will be compared to what we were called to do. It was so powerful. I just kept thinking about China. I have to admit that even though we've already submitted all our paperwork, we have wavered a bit because of the wait. We have been second guessing ourselves. Well, today renewed our faith in the fact that this is what we were called to do. I told Richard a while back, before the paperwork process started, that we had a daughter in China. We either go get her or we let her grow up in an orphanage. So, no more wavering. We are going to get our girl, we are just frustrated more than ever at the timeframe we are looking at. We know that God is in control, and he is bigger than the CCAA.

By the way, Adele at A Mei Mei for Mallory wrote the sweetest post the other day about the stuffed owl that sat in her daughter's crib in the orphanage. It has truly blessed me this weekend. If you get a chance, go check it out.


mommy24treasures said...

Oh I am so glad your dream was refreshed today! The Lord is so good to refresh and renew our vision/calling.
Prasie the Lord. What a wonderful Sunday.
What a wonderful blessing awaits in your future as well! Enjoy the journey, even the wait and preparation part.

MississippiZen said...

Isn't God just delightful :) ... He knows EXACTLY what we need WHEN we need it!

(By the way, We love our pastor too and always have that momentary disappointment when we have a guest pastor)

sheryl said...

God is so awesome to always give us exactly what we need when we need it the most. Keep on waiting, hoping, dreaming and believing. As impossible as it seems right now, it will all make sense in the end. God knows who your daughter is and when the time is right, He will lead you to her.

Life With All Boys said...

I never knew how long it took to adopt from China until I started reading your blog. I have no idea how you stumbled across my blog, but I'm glad you did. I can't wait to one day see YOUR daughter's face.

Nancy said...

We decided, despite the wait, that we are sticking with China. We are expecting the worst(in terms of wait time), and hoping for the best.
We know there is a little girl waiting for us, and we cannot turn our back on her and condemn her to a life in the orphanage because of a long wait.

Linda Boe' said...

We know that if we ask anything in His name according to His will, He will do it. Now that it is even more clear that this is what you are called to do, we must all join in praying about when and how it comes about! Last week I felt I should pray more seriously about the children who are to be a part of our family--expecting results. I will do so.

Ralph said...

Yielding to God's call is where we find His peace. I'm glad He re-confirmed His calling for you and Richard.


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