Thursday, August 30, 2007

Oh, To Be a Fly on the Wall

A great perk to volunteering at the boys' school from time to time is that I have gotten to know all the teachers and staff very well. They tell me all sorts of fun stuff my boys do at school that I would never know about otherwise. Today, the vice principal, who happens to be a good friend told me about an exchange between her and my 6 year old, Cade.

Mrs. D sees Cade in the morning getting hit with a booksack. Evidently the perpetrator is a little, punk boy who bugs everyone. Students and teachers alike. She fusses at the child, and then had this conversation with Cade:

Mrs. D: Cade, the next time he does that to you, you punch him in the nose.

Cade: Punch him?

Mrs. D: Yes, he bullys everyone around here and the next time, you punch him.

Cade: And I won't get in trouble?

Mrs. D: No, you won't get in trouble.

Cade: OK

That afternoon, Cade comes up to Mrs D.

Cade: That wasn't such a good idea.

Mrs. D: Why?

Cade: Because I told him "Do you want a knuckle sandwich (while he's holding his fist up)?" And he gave me one!

Mrs. D: He punched you?

Cade: Yes, I don't think that was a very good idea.

I have laughed and laughed about this all day. Cade is so much bigger than all the other kids that everyone assumes he is the tough guy. And believe me, around here, he would have no qualms about punching someone. At school, though, he just can't do it.

Please don't get me wrong. We don't teach our kids to punch, but Bryce has been a child who has been picked on quite a bit. He has such a tender heart, though, that he could never do anything about it. I am all about my children taking up for themselves.

I also know, that if Cade would hit or push this child just once, he would never bother him and possibly the other kids again. I can't stand those little punk kids who take up all the class time acting out and making everyone else miserable. They need a taste of their own medicine! (OK, sorry, soapbox moment)

I also admit, that since Cade is my third boy, I am much more relaxed as a mom than I was when Bryce was little. I don't think that's necessarily a bad thing.

I don't want you to think the wrong thing about this teacher either. She has been a wonderful teacher for many years and has 5 children of her own. I think she has great wisdom when dealing with these children. She knew where I stood on this issue, so she tried to get Cade to take care of it.

My sweet little bruiser. (This was taken this summer. He was playing around)
Cade just turned 6 at the end of March. He is 4'4" and weighs 70lbs. I don't know where his size came from, but I can't wait to see how big he turns out to be.


redmaryjanes said...

I have dealt with these types of issues too. There is a code among boys and men. I don't necessarily understand it as a woman but I am sure that delivering a well deserved knuckle sandwitch is one of the bylaws.

Mission to Macie said...

Knock'um out Cade!

I can't stand bad kids!!!

I'll come punch him.........LOL

Jill (climbing off soapbox too)


Nancy said...

Man, I thought my 6 year old was big. He was 6 in November and in the spring he was just 4 foot and 52 pounds.

Dawn and Dale said...

Hello Jennifer!!

I wanted to stop in to say thank you for visiting our blog and for commenting there!

I was especially excited today to realize I've now found a new blog to follow of a family with all boys!!!

Aren't they just amazing??!!

I'm looking forward to following alone in your journey to China as well!!

BC Canada!

Dawn and Dale said...

Oh...and I think it's very cool that my 6 yr old boys name is Caden!! :)


I am so with you on this one. I am a teacher and I wish that a few of mine had been "punched" when they were beginning their antics as a bully and maybe they wouldn't be such hellions as a teenager. Granted, in a Latin class, I get one a year, but still, I would love for someone to punch them out, now, and I can assure you that I wouldn't see a thing. ;-) said...

I say let him kick his arse! No, I don't really mean that. Well, no, yes. I'd hate it if my kids were being picked on. I'm afraid I might want to kick someones butt. Lol.

mommy24treasures said...

I am sorry he got a knuckle sandwich!
He is so cute.

Dawn said...

I agree with you, I cannot stand those kind of kids either!! One day this little boy will get what's due, it might or might not :) be from Cade, but he'll get his. I think you have brought out the Momma Bear protecting her cubs in all of us! lol

sheryl said...

Oh that sweet little face couldn't harm a fly!

That little bully will get what's coming to him sooner or later. We have had our experiences with bullies here too, I know where you are coming from. Unfortunately, our bully also happens to be a neighbor too, which makes it even more complicated! Lucky for us, we have switched schools and don't see him much these days.

Come on over, I just tagged you for a meme!


that is hilarious ... my jeremiah is 9 and is 4"8" (weighs 90) ... i think he is so big, and such a tender heart too .. the one thing he has going for him at school is his daddy ... lol ... he is the biggest daddy their (6"4")and eats lunch with jeremiah bout 3 times a week .... that sweet cade will let that bully have one day ... i don't like bullies either ... they ruin school and life for so many ...

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