Monday, August 20, 2007

Fall is Just Around the Corner

Even though it may not feel like it, it's coming and you know what that means, don't you? Two things: Hunting and Football. Both of these activities have become more and more consuming in this house since the boys have gotten older. Richard has always hunted, but until last year, he always went by himself. Now, he has all three of them begging him to take them. I am not a hunter, but I love that the boys love to do it with their dad. It gives them such a special time to be together. So there are many preparations to be made before hunting season. Number 1 priority: Get some meat on Braden's bones! Braden begged and begged Richard to buy him a bow to use this year. Richard was happy to, but Braden is so scrawny, he can hardly pull it back. Richard is trying to get him to do some push ups and eat a little more to help him out. Yesterday morning we went in the yard and the boys practiced shooting the bow. They did pretty good, but we all starting dying laughing at this last shot Braden made. Now you know, he couldn't hit that nose again if he tried!

So then it was Bryce's turn. He did well. It was the first time he had ever shot a bow. Here he is with his shots:

If you know me at all, you know that I wasn't about to let those boys think they were better than me, so, yes, that is me.

I kicked their buts too!! I heard Braden say, "Man, and she's a girl". I love that. My boys will never think that girls can't kick their buts!! (At least until they get bigger than me!)
So, on to the football. Braden and Cade have been wanting to play tackle football for a couple of years. I wouldn't let them play because the program here by our house is all consuming for about three months. I can't do that. I found a program that is a little more laid back, and we decided to sign them up. Friday night we got all the equipment they will need. So yesterday Richard promised to play football with them. The problem was that by the time he got around to it, it had started raining. Oh, well, you can play football in the rain. Here they are looking too cute:

I love this one. Cade is mapping out a play on Richard's belly. Richard said to be sure I told you that he was intentionally poking his belly out, so Cade would have more room to write. OK, Honey, whatever you say!!

And here's the best one of all:

So what was Bryce doing during the football game?

Building a fort with the boxes I am packing with, of course. Bryce thinks that anyone who is going to play a game where they know they are going to get hit, is CRAZY! I have to say, he has a point.


Jewels of My Heart said...

Thank you for your sweet comment. You have a beautiful family.
Thanks again for visiting.
God's Speed

Lori said...

LOVE these pictures!! They're so "manly"! (except yours!) You go girl, show them how to do it! :)
Yea, love football season!

Nancy said...

Boys with bare chests and feet playing in the rain. Imagine that!

redmaryjanes said...

Our families are so similar. Tyler just got a new bow this summer and went practicing at the hunting club with Tim last weekend. He's our only bow hunter though, the rest shoot guns.

mommy24treasures said...

its fun to come to your blog after reading all the blogs I read about little girls from China! I love your testosterone filled blog!

sheryl said...

Your boys are so fun and ALL boy. LOL I LOVE that you showed them up with the bow! You go girl! said...

Oh, I see so many friends here..... hee hee... I love that your boys love hanging with their daddy. I hate the thought of killing "Bambi" but I do understand about population control.... I personally find deer to be so beautiful. we have them in our backyard.

Steffie B. said...

Good luck......I can handle the football, but I don't have any hunters in the house. I have several girlfriends that do.....boy.... EVRYTHING revolves around it! I think that would drive me bonkers! lol

Life With All Boys said...

There is a lot of this going on over here too. Well, the bow shooting anyway. Not the football. My middle son is getting VERY interested in football, but me and hubby aren't sure we want him to play. Ever. Around here they work these kids so hard (even the little guys) in such extreme heat, every day, and take it just so serious. A friend of ours took her son out after his coach kept cursing at the boys. When she tried to complain the board told her it's a part of football, get used to it or take her son out.

deanna_boe said...

I LOVE the football pictures. Ya'll will be very busy again this season.

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