Thursday, August 9, 2007

Survivor Man!

We had a small, spur of the moment birthday party for Bryce when he got back from camp Tues. night. (My mom has those pictures because I was too busy playing with my new nephew. I'll post them when I get them.) My brother and SIL gave Bryce this survival backpack filled with all sorts of crazy stuff. Food rations, water, shelter, pocket tool (his favorite), etc., etc. I don't even know what else. All I know is that my brother was so excited about it, I think I might find him one for Christmas! Bryce LOVES it! Last night, this is what he was watching on TV:

Survivorman! All the boys in my house love Survivorman. I think anyone who intentionally gets himself lost and has to do all that stuff is crazy. Can you say 5 star?? Watching the show wasn't a surprise, but this is how I found him:

With his backpack, pulling out things that he could use as Survivorman was finding his way. Too funny! We have always thought Bryce looks like Joel. We realize now, they're more alike than we thought.
Here they are together at the beach this year:

Thanks Uncle Joel! He loves it!

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surviviorman ?? never heard of it ...does sound like a crazy show ...hoping none of your boys tries to imitate the show .... lol

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